How to Create Massive Residual Income with Network Marketing

85% of my income from network marketing comes from residual income. Passive income is what makes MLM so appealing. Here’s How to Create Massive Residual Income with Network Marketing.

I always say that network marketing is like affiliate marketing on steroids. Why?

You usually only get paid once from affiliate sales.

For instance, if you promoted a product from Amazon and someone bought through your link you would get a one time commission and that would be it, no recurring commissions.

However, when you build a network marketing business, you get paid over and over when your customers and distributors reorder product each month.

If you had a 1000 people reorder each month you would earn roughly $10,000 a month in residual income. You get paid over and over for work you did one time.

Residual income means passive income. That means you get paid whether you work one hour a week or 50 hours a week.

The bottom line is you want to create a snowball of momentum, and you want to grow your team fast.

Here’s the Steps on How to Create Massive Residual Income with Network Marketing

One – You Need a Killer MLM Company on the Rise

By “on the rise” I mean 500% to 1000% growth year after year. The company I’m in grew over 1000% in one year! In 2017 we did $7 million. In 2018 we did $100 million in sales.

Here’s what makes a “killer” company:

  • 50% commissions
  • Built-in autoresponder that emails your leads.
  • A product everyone is getting onboard with.
  • An awesome CEO
  • On the cutting-edge of new technologies

Two – You Need a Built-in Sales Funnel

I’m a busy guy, so I don’t want to be on the phone all day calling strangers that hang up on me. Every MLM i’ve been in has a built-in sales funnel for all the distributors. That means when someone signs up to take a free tour into my business, I get an email that says I got a lead, then the company sends my lead a series of emails daily, urging them to sign up. I’ve recruited over 800 people this way since 2014. I am not a traditional network marketer. I like automated systems to grow my business, and if you’re a busy professional I’m sure you want that also.

Three – Generate Leads Consistently

The best way to get signups is to generate massive leads. I usually generate 20 to 60 leads using blogs, my YouTube channel, and paid advertising. Again, I like automation and I like doing things one time to get paid over and over again, like writing an article that gets me leads years after I wrote it. That’s why leaders create content. When you get hundreds of videos and articles out on the web, they do the prospecting for you.

Four – Teach New Reps Duplication

Now here’s where residual income begins: you build a team that builds their own teams. You might have to recruit a couple of hundred people to find a few good leaders, but it’s worth it. Each leader you recruit can be potentially worth a million dollars. That’s right! You get the right person in, they can recruit a couple hundred people themselves, which turns into a few thousand over the next couple years, that could mean $5,000 to $20,000 a month just from that leader.

So, it’s crucial when you recruit someone new that you teach them your #1 lead generation technique. You want them to get leads and signups, and a paycheck as soon as possible.

Conclusion for Massive Residual Income

Network marketing is a recruiting game. Even the leaders that have been in 20 years keep recruiting, but they usually do it passively through their websites and social media channels.

Massive residual income comes from a lot of people reordering each month. 80% of your income will come from the top 20% of your team. Don’t worry about everyone doing something on your team. Most won’t do anything. That doesn’t matter. Keep recruiting until you find your 3 to 5 rockstars. 3 to 5 rockstars is all you need to make six to seven figures a year. Just learn how to generate leads on a consistent basis for a few years, until your team takes off.

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