How to Automate 95% of Your Network Marketing Business and Make Six Figures

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Want to join a network marketing opportunity, but don’t want to get wrapped up doing rah rah events with your sponsor?

Or do three-way calls all day?

Or talk to everyone around you and get hung up on?

Me neither.


What I’m about to tell you might piss off some old-school network marketers and be a little controversial. . .

I haven’t done any of that stuff (for 5 years now) and I make six figures a year in network marketing.

I don’t even use Facebook.

95% of my network marketing business is automated.

Here’s how it all began in 2014. (quick story, promise)

I was an internet marketer, mainly promoting affiliate marketing products through Clickbank, a digital marketplace where you picked digital products to promote online to earn a commission.

Problem was, there was no recurring income in affiliate marketing. Most of my sales were one time.

Then, I kept hearing these success stories about these network marketing leaders who were making over $100k per month.

I couldn’t believe that was possible. Some were even high-school dropouts making way more than doctors and lawyers.

I wanted in – all in. . .

So, I spent the very last $80 bucks on a credit card to get started.

I didn’t really know how network marketing worked, but I knew it involved people and I was a terrible introvert.

So, I awaited a “sponsor” to call me so I could ignore the call. I then went right to Twitter with my new, company-provided website links and tweeted away.

Then, I found a way to automate a direct message to people who just followed me on Twitter using a software app, called Crowdfire.

The message went something like this:

“We’re looking for success-driven individuals who want to make extra income from home, click HERE.”

The message worked and I got leads whenever someone entered their name and email on the landing page.

I got my first signup a week later, so I increased how many people I followed on Twitter so that they could receive that automated message.

Thus, my MLM automated system was born!

I just had to follow people on Twitter to get leads.

One time, I was bummed out because business was slow and I asked my upline (not my sponsor) what I should do.

He simply said: Generate more leads.

Ahhh! Now, I get it!

More leads equals more upgrades, which equals more income!

So simple.

Over the next couple years the Twitter technique dried up but I got my leads up from 10 a day to 30 to 50 a day with other techniques.

My main objective was generating massive leads so that my company’s autoresponder (series of emails to the prospect) would close them.

That’s all you need to do when you are in an awesome automated network marketing business.

So, here’s the Easiest Formula to Automate Your MLM for Six Figures:

One – Find a network marketing business that has a built-in autoresponder that emails your leads for you, and pays a high commission, like 35 to 50%.

See the Highest Paying MLM HERE.

Two – Master a Lead-Generation technique that can bring you in 20 to 100 leads a day – consistently, doesn’t stop. (I only give my team the secret lead generation mojo)

Three – Teach your new affiliates that join you the same exact system you use to generate those leads.

Four – Repeat.


Of course, you’re going to get a majority of people join your business that do absolutely nothing and that’s normal.

You’re only after the top 3%.

They will make up 80% of your income, so you really only need 3 to 5 rockstars to make you six to seven figures a year.

So, the objective of this MLM game is shucking a lot of oysters to find a couple pearls.

The faster you can shuck the better.

MLM loves speed, which means if you stop building your business just for a week or two it takes a ton of energy to get it moving again.

It’s like a snowball that starts to get bigger as you push it or melts and breaks apart if it sits still.


So, as you can kind of guess what’s going on here – leads are your business.

Get good at generating leads and you will make bank.

Also, make it real easy for your new team members to generate their own leads and so forth.

So, where can you generate automated leads?

Here’s a quick video where you can get clicks to your landing page to generate leads. (If your not in a home business yet, check out our business HERE)

The places I mention in the video are pretty good, but might run you $1.00 a click. That doesn’t even guarantee a lead.

Experiment with different lead sources.

My favorite place to generate leads right now are classified ads online.

I show my team exactly how to run ads to get the most leads and signups.

The biggest leaders on my team run the most ads.

You can’t be afraid of investing in your business.

For people who work from home part-time this could mean a very nice tax write-off, fyi.

If you don’t have a lot of warm market (friends and family) to bring into your business, you have to promote to the cold market, aka strangers.

Your family won’t make you rich in MLM, but strangers will.

You never know who they know. . .

How to Start Your Team (sounds brutal to old-school)

Like I mentioned, I’m not about rah rah parties when I get a new team member.

I don’t do shoutouts for them on Facebook. . .

I don’t get them calling their friends as I hover over them. . .

I don’t make them go to a weekend event when they rather fish. . .

I don’t get them walking around the mall passing out business cards. . .


I get them generating automated leads so they can work one hour a day and spend the rest of their day doing the things they love.

I send all my new members the exact formula to generate leads within the first 10 minutes of them signing up.

The ones who follow the easy instructions start to generate leads within the hour.

MLM is about easy.

I don’t do anything else.

I help my team generate leads and tell them if they get a new signup to send the exact letter I sent them when they signed up.

I don’t call or do anything else after I send the letter.

The new upgrade has to take action.

If they disappear and I don’t hear anything after I send the welcome letter with the technique, then they are gone.

I don’t cry or call them asking what happened.

I only work with those who are working and reach out after the welcome letter.

I get all the new members who are generating leads into my contacts on my phone so I can text.

This gets me off the phone. I hate the phone and am on it less than an hour a day.

That’s why I am the MLM automation king.

I want hands off. I’m sure you want hands off also if you’re a busy like I was working two jobs.

Quick tip:

Get team generating leads and signups ASAP. . .

Get your team a paycheck and they stick around.

Teach complicated systems and more people will quit.

Teach easy systems and get more duplication and people staying in longer!

Duplication creates leveraged income which is nicely summed up by the quote from John D. Rockefellar:

“I would rather earn 1% off of a hundred people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”

This is leveraged income at its finest and is what allows the leaders in network marketing to make astronomical amounts of money, like $150k a month or more – legally.

There’s no income cap in MLM – the sky is the limit, but you have to build up a team before you can sing that song.

But hey, is your job paying you anything close to that?

If so, how many hours a day do you work?

You either have no money and no time, or you have some money and no time.

MLM is the only business where you can keep getting paid over and over for work you did one time – years ago.

How is this possible?

You bring in someone who then builds their own business and brings in a few thousand people over the next few years.

You get a commission for all of their sales, even though you didn’t personally recruit them.

We can get paid down 10 levels in our business.

I get paid on people who bring in people I don’t even know!

Once you get paid a fat residual income check from a team you hardly know it’s rather intoxicating.

Rockstar intoxication without the drugs. . .

Who is Automated MLM For?

Entrepreneurs willing to invest to make 5X Returns in 2 to 3 years.

Busy moms with only one hour a day for business.

Working dads who hate their job.

Old-School network marketers looking for a new hybrid MLM

Social media gurus with large followings. . .

Affiliate marketers looking for residual income

High school dropouts looking for a legit, doctor’s salary

College dropouts and college graduates not happy with their chosen profession. . .

Actors who are waiting tables instead. . .

Math geniuses who are substitute teachers. . .

Artists who understand now why artists are broke.


You get the point. . .

This is a legitimate OUT for you, whatever your situation is. . .

I make MLM simple for you.

You inject your passion and capitol,

And I will make you wealthy!

Click HERE to get Started.




13 thoughts on “How to Automate 95% of Your Network Marketing Business and Make Six Figures”

  1. Hey Erik, AWESOME article!!! This might be the first time I’ve ever commented on any of your articles, but I want you to know that I’ve been a follower for quite some time. More importantly, I’ve not only followed, but actually put into action a lot of YOUR tips and techniques and now I’m living proof this stuff actually works!!! And the real beauty is, you make and keep everything so simple which in turn makes it all very duplicable. But, now I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. So, thanks again Erik for everything you do. We all appreciate you very much. Take care!

  2. Hi Erik, coming from an affiliate marketing background, I share your frustrations with ClickBank and similar vendors. I have the same experience – intermittent sales, but no real consistency, and nothing I can use to accurately forecast my earnings every month.

    Therefore, I suppose my question is ‘does this system work on a regular basis?’

    I don’t mean ‘does it work without any effort?’, because I know that nothing worthwhile does, but it would be great to know if you see daily results from this, or just the odd lead generated here and there?

    1. Hey Liam, our lead-generation does work consistently like a charm. I generate 20 to 60 leads every single day and have so in the last 5 years. Yes, my techniques have changed but the fundamentals are the same: Learn and master one specific lead generation platform, teach new reps the same technique, then get them showing their new recruits the same technique. It has to be really simple to ensure the most duplication on the team, literally copy and paste techniques. Thanks for the comment man.

  3. Hey Erik! Just wanted to stop by and say how spot on this was. The automation makes network marketing EXTREMELY easy to get leads. The hardest part about the automation is occasionally helping those who are not so savvy…get signed up, but that is SUPER easy! I am new to network marketing, but I am super glad the first one chose has everything automated for me 🙂

    – Joel

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joel! See, even a newbie to MLM like yourself is having some good growth with this automated system.

  4. Erik,
    Thanks for sharing this . You truly are the Master at simplified lead generation, prospecting and mlm recruiting. I have been following your techniques and methods with great success. This has given me renewed interest in mlm and I now have a growing successful mlm business. I am reaching for the stars!!

    Thank you,


  5. I have been involved in MLM for 6 years at this point, maybe 6.5 or so. I’ve never used an automated business model before, so learned to build by being aggressive, and a lot of calling people. I did rather okay doing this, getting a lot of people all over the world working with me. The issue I had was not very many people would be open to having to do the things I were doing to build, so duplication never became a benefit of mine.
    What I am seeing in this, is if we can automate the process, show simple lead generation to new people, perhaps the amount of people who can at least do a little bit will be more common than having them do events, cold call, etc.
    Most people I worked with wanted just this, but this was not available at the time. So I truly understand what you are saying in this, and found it to be an eye opener to those in the industry, who either work like myself and need more duplication, or those who are never wanting to do the old school methods and be able to get results.
    My question to you is, if I have been fairly good at generating new leads, this automated email system will work for me at converting the leads to sales and customers? If so, that’s what I need to help me on time and results.

    1. Hey jaye, yes this automated recruiting system is very powerful. In fact, my wife just generates leads and does nothing else and she gets sign up consistently. When she gets a new affiliate she just emails them the same lead generation technique and they’re off and running. The duplication is amazing with this system.

  6. Hey Erik!
    Ok, so you’ve got me close to convinced I should quit my job and hop onboard. My questions remain here – How do you generate leads from people you don’t even know? If your methods are nearly entirely hands off, how do you even gather that sort of following to generate leads to begin with? Maybe that’s the part of the whole getting started can suck portion, but I worry what chance just anyone has at being successful with this. Thoughts?

    1. Hey Lauren!

      I’ve generated 20 to 100 leads every single day for the last 5 years in MLM. Back in 2014, I automated my Twitter so that anyone new who followed me received an automated direct message from my app called Crowdfire. The message went something like this: “We’re looking for success-driven individuals who want to earn extra income from home, click here.” that message only got me over 100 new reps into my business because the company’s autoresponder helped me close them That’s why I’m hooked on MLM companies that have an autoresponder. Today, the concept is still the same although the lead generation platform has changed. I show my team exactly how to generate their own leads with a very simple copy and paste system, anyone can do it. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Erik,

    Great article! With the advent of social media and the power of the internet, MLM has gone a long way from the last company I was involved with more than ten years ago. I totally agree with you, 95% automation network marketing is here and the possibility of creating a sustainable six-figure income is a reality as you have proven it without the tasks required from the traditional MLM. Yes, it is time for me to work hard on this and hopefully, with your guidance create a significant residual income within 2 years. And I hope within that time frame I can leave my stressful 50 hours a week job and would like to replicate your 2 hour a day work schedule and have more freedom. Cheers!

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