How Leaders Recruit Tons of People in Network Marketing to Beat Attrition

How Leaders Recruit a Ton of People in Network Marketing and Beat Attrition

There is attrition in network marketing, and it is big. I am talking about like 80% of the people that do network marketing are eventually gonna quit, and it is nothing to take personally. That’s just what happens because life gets in the way of MLM success. People don’t understand the business of multi-level marketing and direct selling. They want to get paid quicker as affiliates and uplines. 

Or, they have fallen sick, or their job gets in the way or their family gets in the way. Whatever happens happens in the real world. It just takes a lot of work to get a business up and running, and then it’s frustrating when you start to see all that hard, hard work crumble when people leave. 

So I’m going to talk about how you can combat that and keep people from leaving your team. But here’s the number one secret all successful leaders in network marketing do: they keep recruiting. 

So they keep recruiting for several reasons. One of them is because your downline or your team will look at what you do. And if you stop recruiting and go into just management mode by micromanaging your team and telling them what to do, they’re gonna notice that you’re not recruiting anymore. 

They’re gonna see that, and they emulate you, they copy what the leader does. So if you stop recruiting and just go into management mode, guess what they’re gonna do, they’re gonna do the same exact thing. 

So you always have to keep recruiting. Now in the beginning when you start your business you have to generate a lot of leads, and you might not know how to do that. 

So I always say that for one you should start creating content like videos, and they’re gonna take a while to grow so you’re not going to get lots of leads from that in the beginning. 

So the other thing you gotta do is talk to your warm market, aka friends and family. Then, after you exhaust your warm market you have to go into the cold market. 

And that’s basically what I do, I’m a master at cold market Lead Generation because that’s all I’ve done. I didn’t have friends and family to talk to about my business. 

I just went to social media right away when I joined my first network marketing business in 2014. And, it was really hard because I was like, you know I recruit these people and then the next month, they’re gone.  

And so I learned over the years that the more you learn about network marketing, the more you become a leader, just naturally, because you have experience – you’ve learned about it and you have more knowledge about it.

Then if you share that knowledge in the form of videos or tweets on Twitter or Facebook posts or LinkedIn or whatever, people start to see you. And they start to get impressed with your knowledge. 

They’ll start to see that you show up every day – and that you’re knowledgeable, you’re a teacher, you’re a leader. Teachers are usually leaders. Okay, so start teaching your profession, and people will want to follow and want to join you because they want to join someone who knows what they’re doing. 

So the first thing you need to do is, while you’re prospecting is you should learn as much as you can about network marketing. Then the people that you attract their quality will be higher, the more you learn, and they’ll stick around longer because you’ll start learning systems to keep them involved.

The number one thing you gotta do is get them a paycheck as soon as possible. So I always recommend that you teach your team your number one lead generation technique, because a team that generates leads is a team that sticks around – a team that starts getting their own personal reps stick around. 

So, the more you position yourself as a leader and you teach your team the number one lead generation technique, they’ll start to generate their own leads, and ideally get signups, even if they only got paid 50 bucks, they’re more prone to stay in your business. 

So the last thing I want to talk about is how do you keep recruiting. Like I said you got to create content, all leaders create content. They create a lot of content, even people that are huge on social media are still creating content, like, it’s in their blood. 

After a while, if you keep creating content consistently it’s going to get in your blood and you’re not going to want to stop. It’s just what you do. You can promote any business that way. And so, create content and that will keep attracting leads, you’ll generate leads from articles you wrote years ago, you’ll generate leads from videos you did years ago, so keep recruiting.

In the beginning, you might have to do paid advertising to generate leads, but eventually your content will take over and generate more leads for you. I know people that make a lot of money just by using YouTube. 

So think about how you want to talk to the public. And you don’t have to just hype up your business, in fact, that doesn’t work anymore – you want to be real, you want to be vulnerable. People will relate to you more if you’re real. So just be real. 

Add a little value and talk about who you are, what your hobbies are, you know, give them a little background, don’t just go into your business opportunity pitch. Talk about who you are, what you like to do for a living. 

I like to play racquetball, I love the speed of that little blue ball. The sound of it when you hit it really, really hard – sounds like a bullet. It’s really a very fast paced exciting game. I want to get back into it, but there’s just not a lot of racquetball courts here. 

The other thing I like to do is drumming, but I want to switch from playing on a drum set to maybe getting, like some authentic Indian drums and just play those drums down by the river and start getting spiritual, you know, ideally I want to help guys around my age help them with PTSD and their social anxiety, and their introversion because I’m going through those things as well – so align your business with what you are passionate about. 

I told a guy the other day that he should combine his home business with his favorite passion, which is solar energy, and now his videos are very exciting. I can tell he’s excited because he’s finally aligned – a true passion of his with his home business. 

So align your home business with one of your hobbies and what excites you, because I know just trying to be salesy about your business is not going to excite you and it’s not going to give you momentum to keep doing a lot of videos. So find what really makes you passionate and combine it with your home business. 

Like for instance: my wife is an empath, which is kind of like a spiritual term but it means basically that you feel everything from other people. So she’s tying in empath and introvert, and spirituality into her home business and it works. 

I have another lady that loves photography. And so at the end of her photography, her beautiful landscape videos, she’ll say, if you want to do this full time from home – if you want to do your passion full time from home, click the link below this video. And then she has her network marketing business link. 

Because network marketing can basically launch anything you want, any of your hobbies can become full time with the help of the financing from network marketing. 

In fact, I am on a whole new journey now because of network marketing. Network marketing funds my life now. And so it allows me to explore other issues like my social anxiety and my PTSD. I’m unraveling those things because eventually I do want to help, like I said guys my age, or even women, you know, help them overcome their issues. And I couldn’t have done that if I was still working in the restaurant business. You know I was working a lot.