Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Afghanistan 2024

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Enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Afghanistan have the option to make massive money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Network marketing allows Afghans to generate multiple streams of revenue, including powerful passive income daily.

The Votes Are In And This Is The Most Popular New MLM Company

But which MLM business should you consider joining if you are an Afghan? There are so many MLM ventures to think about signing up for that it can give you a headache or panic attack! Here are the best MLM companies to think about joining if you are an Afghan in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Afghanistan For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Mannatech

3. Medifast

4. Herbalife

5. Usana

6. Tupperware

7. Avon

8. Nu Skin

9. Mary Kay

10. Nature’s Sunshine Products

There are other top MLMs in Afghanistan to consider joining such as Sisel, Arieyl, Young Living, Total Life Changes, ACN, Longrich, List Infinity, OLSP, DXN, Gano Excel, Organo Gold, Forever Living, Tiens, Coway, and Youngevity.

Anyone Can Make Money With MLM

So I recently found out that I have some health issues. And I want to talk about how I recruited over 550 people in a few network marketing businesses in the last six years. 

So it has been very interesting because I always wondered why I didn’t want to build network marketing like other people. And I was frustrated when I found out that people in Afghanistan were really hands on with the business. 

I didn’t understand why people did three way calls in the Middle East. I didn’t understand why Middle Eastern people would be on the phone all day, or on Facebook all day, recruiting people. I just didn’t get it with network marketing in Afghanistan. And I was pretty hard on myself, but I always stuck to my theory. My philosophy is building a MLM business basically on autopilot.

I was very excited about automation, and I learned how to do it to the point where I recruited a lot of people, and so it is possible to do network marketing if you have Asperger’s and I’m going to share in this video/article how I did it. 

Back in 2014, when I joined network marketing, I was very introverted and reclusive. I just got sober and I didn’t have any friends and my wife and I moved to the Austin area and we were living in a converted school bus and all I had was my computer and didn’t have a job, but I had to pay my bills.

So I started to look into network marketing. I knew that it was an extroverted industry, let’s just put it that way. I knew it was very hands on and a lot of people were kind of pushy and salesy, and so it had kind of a bad connotation to it – bad stereotype because of that pushiness. 

I remember my dad told me one time that people tricked him into going to an Amway house party. He didn’t know what it was, and he was so upset that his friend lied to him and got him into a home party. Even my mom called it a pyramid scheme for Afghans and Middle Easterners. 

So I was like, wow, you know, this is really stacked against me as a Middle Easterner. How am I going to build this business? But on a positive note, I learned that the leaders in network marketing made over $100,000 a month and most of that was passive residual income that came in every single month whether you worked 100 hours a week, or one hour a week, and so as a person with Asperger’s, I decided to work one hour a day. 

I didn’t know how far I could take it, working only one hour a day back then. I worked a lot. So what I did, the first thing I did was I joined a top network marketing company and I blocked my sponsor, because I didn’t want him to tell me what to do. People with health issues do not usually want to be told what to do. They are very independent in their multi-level marketing business pursuits. 

Like I said, they are reclusive. They’re usually introverted. They have social anxiety. They don’t want to meet groups of people. They don’t want to do things out of their comfort zone. And I totally get it. And that’s how I was. And so I had already dabbled with internet marketing for a while. But I joined network marketing and I blocked my sponsor because he tried to call me a couple times. And I was like, No, I’m not gonna do that. 

So what I wanted to do was basically share my websites that the MLM company gave me. Because if you get enough eyeballs on your opportunity you can get signups no matter who you are. And I read a book by David M Ward called Recruit and Grow Rich and he said, you could literally become a millionaire, just by recruiting a ton of people, you don’t even have to talk to them. If you become a huge recruiter, some people are gonna stick without you even without talking to them, and that’s been true for me. 

So, I started network marketing, and I knew I had to get visitors to my website that the company gave me. And back then there was a company called Brain Abundance. I tried skinny body care for one month and then I joined brain abundance, and they had landing pages where a prospect could fill out the form and take a free tour inside the company – inside a dashboard. It is a temporary dashboard that you get as a business distributor. It opens up to the full version when you order product and become a distributor in Kunduz. 

But there is a free version where you can look everything through, then you start getting emails from the company urging you to sign up. It is a fear of loss email system system that says you have people under you, you need to sign up to capitalize on their potential commissions. MLM leads don’t want to experience FOMO, the fear of missing out on a lucrative business opportunity in Khost or Farah.

That email system alone was so powerful. I knew all I had to do was share my landing page to enough people and I would get signups just from the emails. The sales funnel was basically built for me. So how was I going to get lots of traffic to my landing pages?

I was a writer because Asperger’s people love to write. Most of them are very articulate, and they have an intimate connection with words, and I was already writing. 

So I will start a blog, and I remember it took about two years of blogging articles when I wrote: the best MLM companies for 2024. It took about a year for that article to rise in Google and show up on the first page but when it did, I started to get people that I had never talked to. They found me, which has been the way I’ve grown my business ever since – it is called attraction marketing. you attract people to you with your content. 

They are already looking for an MLM company. They have their wallets out there ready to sign up because they found your review. So that article alone attracted some leaders from Nigeria. I finally got a team from Nigeria going. I got a team from the Philippines going. Those two countries alone love MLM. 

And still today, the Filipinos are, you know, Asia is the biggest market for mlm – they’re twice as big as America. 

I just started writing articles about network marketing, and I looked up other bloggers that blogged ferociously. For example, Ray Higdon, I was following his blog and he had over 2000 articles, all on network marketing. And he eventually blew up and became super huge. 

Still today he is bigger than ever, and it all started with his blog and his YouTube channel. So I looked up to bloggers, and then eventually I looked up to YouTubers, and all of that content that these guys create, it’s up on the internet for many, many years just collecting leads, because the fact is, is that you either need a huge audience already, or a huge following on Facebook. 

If you look, the trend is a lot of MLM leaders are female. They have 3000 to 5000 close friends on Facebook. Some of them are pregnant, which helps their MLM business for some reason, and they blow up. In fact, there’s a girl from I think Iceland that is very, very pretty and she has no experience in network marketing, but she’s 25 and has like 3500 friends on Facebook, she’s close with almost all of them. So when she started network marketing, she got up to making $200,000 a month in like a year, because she has such a close circle of friends. 

But if you don’t have that kind of circle of friends, you have to start from scratch. You have to get traffic to your landing pages. That is the bottom line of MLM. Most people can’t do that, they just burn out because you need traffic to your websites. 

So I knew blogging was a great way to get traffic around the clock from around the world because people found my articles on Google. And it’s the same thing for YouTube videos. And it is free. You know, takes 10 to 20 minutes, you can upload a video on your iPhone and you could even transcribe the video and have it placed in a blog. So you kill two birds with one stone. 

But people don’t have a lot of patience with writing and blogging. Anyways, that’s how I started to grow my business. I was matched up with a business that had a built-in sales funnel. I liked to blog. I had a burning desire to make it because I was approaching 40 and I was still flipping burgers for a living for like $11 an hour. My back was hurting daily. 

I was just getting old and needed some more career growth opportunities in Ghazni. I was just getting older and my back was against the wall, you have to have a burning desire to really make it. You can’t just do network marketing as a little side gig or a little hobby. You can, but your income is going to reflect what you put into it. So if you are fine with $200 a month, then yeah, just post about it once a week on your Facebook, that’s fine, but I wanted to make a full time income with it. 

So I was at one point literally blogging, writing two articles a day and doing a video and my video sucked because I was just copying what the leaders were doing. But I didn’t have any real experience backing my words. I was just kind of copying them, and I didn’t have my own voice yet, because I didn’t have any experience. They were not very good vids. I deleted the first 200 videos I filmed in Herat and Kabul. 

So here’s what happened is that this is how I automated it. So I was blogging and YouTube and then with Twitter, I had a lot of followers because before I started network marketing, I wrote an Ebook. And so I learned how to share my ebook link on Twitter and get some sales – I sold some books on Twitter. 

So I was like, okay, that’s the place, I am going to share my MLM links. But I discovered that tweeting my MLM links didn’t really work. It wasn’t that effective. And so I was like, maybe I will try the direct message on Twitter. But I couldn’t message 1000 people a day manually on X. 

So back then there is this app called crowdfire. I think this marketing software solution it is still around, but you can automate the direct message that goes out to your new followers. So the system was to follow 1000 people a day. This is back way before they put limitations on how many people you could follow. And I had like, I got up to like five Twitter accounts, and I followed 1000 people a day on each of those and the automated direct message went out. 

The message said something like, we’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs who want to work from home, click the link. And the link led to my landing page – that same signup form I was talking about, and then the company emailed my leads, so I didn’t have to email my leads. And then that fear of loss system made people sign up just on their own. 

That’s how the system works. Every Thursday night was called the cut off. And if you didn’t become a paid affiliate, meaning buying a product, then all the people that did buy, would leapfrog you in the binary genealogy tree. The system compressed and all the paid members would rise to the top and leapfrog the free tour takers. So the emails explained that. So most of my upgrades came around Wednesday and Thursday close to the cutoff, and I didn’t have to write those emails. It was already done. 

In 2016, the company I was in that had that email system was going under. I was really scared because I relied on that email system. So luckily, our business was bought out by another company that used the same email system. So I’m like, yeah, I’m still in!

Because a person with Asperger’s likes routine, and I relied on that system so much, I wouldn’t know how to rebuild MLM without that system. So luckily, the new company had the same email system because they ran the same MLM software, apparently with the same sales funnel. 

So I lucked out, and I knew what to do, and my blog was now two years old. My YouTube was two years old. I was getting better at recruiting and I still wasn’t talking to people that signed up. If anything, I concocted a welcome letter email. It had all the steps that people needed to take to generate leads because it is a numbers game. 

You have to generate lots of leads or talk to a lot of people. If you’re an internet marketer and you want it hands off, you have to generate leads. If you’re an extrovert, you just have to talk to enough people in person or on your social media or email your old contact list, but you get the point you have to have a lot of exposure. 

So here’s how I got my business down to one hour a day. My blog was taking off, so I didn’t have to work as hard. I still wrote three articles a week, and I still did videos every week, but that started to compound and pretty soon I had 700 articles working for me recruiting for me, people signed up overnight. I wasn’t even awake when some people signed up. They found my articles in Europe and Asia and Africa. 

Then this is the climax of the story. So June 2017, a beautiful thing happened. Our company launched CBD oil. And this is back before anyone really knew what CBD oil was. In fact, when I heard that our company was launching it, I was like CBD, what’s that? 

And that’s how 95% of the masses were back then there’s only two other network marketing companies that had CBD oil back in 2017. So as a blogger, I finally was like, alright, I’m tired of seeing other bloggers dominate products they promote. This is my opportunity to be one of the very first to talk about CBD oil. And I mean very, very early advantage. 

So I did a review I reviewed the product and our company and then I did a top three CBD MLM companies review article and under these articles I had a join link and I said, check out our number one CBD MLM, click the link, and it would go to that landing page that would generate a lead, and the company would email my leads. 

So it took about six months to eight months for the CBD articles to rank in Google, and when they did, my business exploded. Mind you, I’m still working one hour a day, I’m either writing an article or I’m doing a video. But I’m not doing webinars, I’m not doing three way calls. I’m not on Facebook all day trying to convince people to join my business. 

I started getting signups every day from those articles, and 2018 was a phenomenal year. My wife and I traveled on trains. I did a video about how to make money on a train, and life was really good. And I was still only working one hour a day and I wasn’t doing it in a traditional network marketing sense. I was doing it as a person with Asperger’s; A person that is uncomfortable around people, a person who doesn’t want to be on the phone, a person who doesn’t want to be on social media, and I did it with attraction marketing, and by getting enough traffic to my offers.

So if you want to do network marketing and if you’re wondering if you can as an Aspie just know that you can, it is still very hard because you have to create a lot of content or you need to spend money and run advertising, I do pay per click advertising. I can do that on Google. I can do that on Bing. 

But if you want the best, the best leads are people who find you first. That’s what I’m going to say. I don’t push my opportunity on people. They find me and 95% of them sign up into my business without even emailing me or calling me. 

Those are the people I love, because I don’t want to explain network marketing over and over and over to new people, because there’s really no requirements to become a network marketer. You can’t make medical claims and you can’t make income claims and you don’t want to be spammy. 

Other than that, there’s not a lot of requirements. So you get a lot of people that are brand new to internet marketing. And after recruiting 1400 people, I just want people to sign up, and I guess you create what you want and eventually, my dream type of job came true: getting passive income, people signing up automatically, and I don’t have to do face to face. 

I do talk on the phone if someone really has an important question. You know, there are times I get on the phone but I literally want a social media free, phone free type of business. I mean with this lockdown things are so crazy. I am not even on social media anymore. I am just blogging and I do my YouTube and life is beautiful because I am not really buying into the media and all that stuff. 

So my stress is low compared to other Middle Easterners when it comes to career and income. But you know, I can feel the tension all around me. I know that this world is going nuts right now and half of the world believes one thing and the other half believes in another. And I don’t want to get in that because it’s gonna be a war. I don’t think it is gonna get better. I think it is gonna get worse and I just want to stay out here in the woods and just do my own thing but make income from home. 

Sorry if I rambled but basically 95% of my business has come from content marketing and attraction marketing. So look up those definitions because people that find you first on Google usually have their wallets out there ready to buy. I still have a couple articles up on Google that are on the first page of Google. I get signups overnight. I don’t even know who they are. I don’t even know how they found me really, I have so much content on direct selling and affiliate marketing in Asia and the Middle East. 

So that is how you can do an internet marketing business if you have an MLM business in Afghanistan. Share this around, because it is an exciting, but scary time and there is no better time to start a home business. And I hope these tips help you in your multi-level marketing money making in Afghanistan or other Middle Eastern countries.

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