How I Recruited Over 700 People with Just an MLM Autoresponder

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I’m not a fan of traditional MLM. In fact, I’ve never talked to friends or family about my opportunity. Here’s How I Recruited Over 700 People with Just an MLM Autoresponder.

Are you sick of MLM sponsors telling you what to do, and always texting or calling you?

I know I was.

When I started network marketing in 2014, I had already done internet marketing for a few years. I knew what I needed to do: Share my links and get leads and signups. So, when I joined my first MLM company I basically blocked my upline. I didn’t want to hear their hype or salesy MLM techniques.

I wanted to do it my way, fully automated and no contact with people! See, I was an introvert, completely introverted, beyond social anxiety type. In fact, I was scared of my own parents after I had a panic attack around my dad around 6 years ago.

I wanted residual income, and I wanted to be left alone.

Over the years, I have warmed up to people, because there’s no “I” in team and you need a big team to make massive passive income. But, I still prefer texting over phone and my business is still completely on autopilot and I work one hour a day.

Here’s How I work one hour a day with an MLM Autoresponder

Luckily, the first MLM company I joined had a killer autoresponder sales funnel. All I had to do was generate leads and let the company email them. I knew that was the most important part: generating lots of leads. I started my whole business with the cold market, no friends or family.

I tweeted my opportunity and automated a Twitter message to all my new followers. I generated 20 to 40 leads a day with just Twitter. Twitter sucks now but the principles are the same: you need a company with a built-in sales funnel and you just generate leads.

You may have heard that MLM is a numbers game and you would have heard right. You need to generate lots of leads to grow your business. That’s really all there is. You can learn the other stuff later, like team building and marketing.

So, How Do You Generate Massive Leads?

I will be very transparent with you. I am not going to say it’s super easy what I did to grow my business. And, I am not going to brag and say I make a ton of money, but I do well now.

In 2014, I generated 90% of my leads from Twitter and 10% from my blog.

Today, I do a combination of blogging, videos, and paid advertising.

The important thing to remember is that you need to work up to generating 20 leads a day minimum.

If you can generate leads consistently, on a daily basis, for a couple years, you’ll have a nice passive income stream and your life can change.

The Autoresponder is Everything

So, how does the autoresponder work?

You join an MLM that has a built-in autoresponder and high definition landing pages.

A landing page looks like a sign-up form where a prospect fills in their name, email and phone number.

Then they are redirected into their temporary business dashboard where they have a limited view of certain features.

When the prospect buys a product and pays the one-time starter fee of $20 to become a paid affiliate they can then see all the features of their dashboard and are given their personalized websites to promote the opportunity.

When you share your landing page and someone fills the form to take a free tour you get an email saying you have someone that just “pre-enrolled.”

Then, the company starts emailing your prospect on a daily basis on your behalf.

This email series is what allows me to recruit 20 to 50 people a month on autopilot.

I don’t call my leads, I don’t bug my leads. They have to email me if they want more info, but 99% of the time the emails alone close them.

The autoresponder means everything to an internet marketer who especially wants to do this business all on the internet.

Like I said, I have never bugged family or friends to join my business and i have recruited over 700 people.

Here’s a Breakdown of my One Hour Work Day

In the morning:

Publish articles on blog.

Run 3 to 5 ads in different cities.


Shoot a 15 minute video on Youtube.

That’s it!

I used to work longer when I had to write my own articles, but now a couple companies pay me to publish their articles on my blog.

Videos are powerful, and every network marketing leader does them.

Why? It generates leads around the clock for years to come and it’s basically free to create videos.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn my online, automated system to finally have some success in MLM, go here to learn more about me and my system and take the free tour.