Top 10 Best MLM Companies In El Salvador 2024

top mlm companies in el salvador best network marketing businesses ranked

Aspiring entrepreneurs in El Salvador can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in El Salvador can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout Central America.

This Is The MLM Organization You Should Sign Up For Now

But which MLM company should you join if you live in El Salvador and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in El Salvador to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In El Salvador For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Farmasi

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Oriflame

8. Pampered Chef

9. Avon

10. Perfectly Posh

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in El Salvador for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Pure, Melaleuca, Younique, Q Sciences, Sisel, Juice Plus, Modere, DoTerra, Mannatech, Le-Vel, Got Backup, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in El Salvador!

Make More Money With MLM Working From Home Online

I want to talk about how I get paid many different times a week from different home businesses in Central America. So please read until the very end because I got some tips for you on how you can do the same thing with multi-level marketing. 

You know, my wife just left for three months, she is doing a road trip with other Central Americans in the network marketing space. I don’t know how pleasant it is gonna be with all the craziness going on in the world. But hopefully she has a very wonderful time while they build up their video content and direct selling income. We are both going to be doing a lot of videos and blowing up our YouTube channels. That is one of the first income streams I would go after as a Central American working from home online. 

You know, it is gonna take a while. You need at least 1000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of viewing time from your YouTube channel. But there are certain requirements to start monetizing your channel. But what is really cool about YouTube is that you could get paid by basically just doing videos on your phone. And you get pretty good at doing videos, the more you do videos, the easier it is, but we’ll get into that later.

I want to talk about the other income streams. Basically how I get residual income. These are all residual passive incomes. So I’ve already done the work for them. And now they just pay me every single week. I like to use network marketing businesses because what you do is you build a team and you do a network marketing company that has a consumable product – something that people want to order every single month and that’s where you get the residual income. If people only buy one time, you’re not gonna get residual income. 

I found that out the hard way, doing affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing might be free to join these affiliate programs, but you need a ton of traffic to get sales. And so affiliate programs are good for bloggers and big YouTubers. But if you’re just starting out, you’ll make more money with network marketing. 

I’ll tell you why. Because when you start building a team of people (in MLM) that are consuming the products and reordering, and ideally they’re building their own teams under them, then you get paid every single week, and every single month for what they do. It is called leveraged income, you are leveraging the efforts of others to help you make income. 

So if you got 100 people on your team from El Salvador or North America in general, and they’re buying products every month and they’re recruiting people, you’re gonna get a certain percentage of all that, and that really adds up to big money. And that’s what really drew me to network marketing is all this talk about Network Marketing Leaders making over $100,000 a month, and I am like, how in the heck are these people making $100,000 a month or more? There’s people making a million dollars a month in network marketing. And I’m like, how in the heck are they doing it? 

I realized that they’re not doing it by themselves. They’re doing it with a team. They’re getting paid on an organization of people. That is where the big money comes from. I don’t even have that big of a team. And I make a full time living doing it. So that’s the main thing is that you have to start building a team. That’s why leaders are very hands on with their leaders because the more successful your team is, the more successful you are. It’s a selfless business endeavor. 

It’s not like corporate America where you try to compete step all over people to get to the top. With network marketing, you actually make more money by helping people. And that’s why it’s a very empowering industry. But it’s got a bad name, because people are like, Oh, yeah, only leaders at the top make all the money. It’s like, well, how did they get to the top? They got to the top by working very hard for many, many years, just like any other profession. 

It’s not some lottery ticket where you just join in the beginning and you instantly make all the money because I did join in the beginning and I didn’t make any money, because I didn’t build a team yet. 

So you have to recruit. The bottom line is you got to recruit. You got to get lots of traffic to businesses. So I’m going to talk about the different businesses I’m in that do not compete with each other, because I don’t want to get in trouble with the companies. Okay, so I only promote one CBD company. I only promote one diet Coffee Company. I only promote one meal replacement company and I promote only one golden silver business, they all complement each other because these products and metals are needed to survive right now. 

That’s why I’m doing videos about preppers. You know how to survive during these crazy times because small businesses are dying left and right. Y’all see that news? I don’t have to tell you what the News is. I’m not gonna need to get into politics. All I can say is that we are not being supported. Okay? They want us to be ruined. They want our businesses to be shut down. They want us all to rely on just a certain couple businesses and entities to get all of our needs. 

So I don’t want to play their game. That’s why I live out in the middle of nowhere. That’s why I’m stocking up on food and precious metals. And so these videos are going to have slightly a survival twist to it because it is survival right now a lot of businesses are collapsing, I see them all day long on my drives. 

And so here’s the thing. I got three businesses that pay me every week, and how did I get them paying me? I built a team in each company so what I do is I recruit people and then I teach them how to recruit their own people. And when that company starts, when that business starts to grow on its own, then I work on another one, and I get that one going I get that one pumping oil. 

You know, if you look at the analogy of oil wells, you know, once you hit oil with one oil well make another oil until that one starts pumping oil, then move on to the third oil well. So you don’t want to start with too many oil wells in the beginning. Because if they’re not pumping oil, there’s no point in building another oil. 

So how do you do that? Well, you laser focus on one company, it could be a year it could be three years it could be five years until you start getting you know $2,000 a month in one. Don’t start another one. So MLM companies can be like oil wells. And as long as they don’t compete with each other, then you should be okay with compliance. 

But you want to teach your team how to generate leads. You want to build a team, you got to learn how to generate leads. You can learn how to generate leads with your sponsor, ask your sponsor what they’re using for lead generation. And then once you start getting your own signups then when you get a new signup into your business, a new person upgrades in your business, send them a welcome letter and say, Hey, this is what’s working for me and my team to generate leads and get traffic. 

The only way that these businesses work is by getting lots of eyeballs to those websites. And the only reason I can afford to do several businesses is because I have this YouTube channel. And I have a blog that gets about 200 to 300 visitors a day. That’s not even a lot for a blogger. I have friends that get 2000 to 5000 visits a day on their blog, but the smaller your brand is, you know, the less businesses you should start. Like I said, start with one and get it going, write articles about that company, do videos about that company. Make sure that there’s not a lot of competition. 

I’ve been working a company that’s been around for five years. Actually two companies that have been around for five years, and there’s videos all over for those companies. There’s there’s articles. There’s youtubers doing these videos for these companies. And these are big YouTubers. I only have 2000 subscribers. I can’t compete with a YouTube channel that has 10,000 or more subscribers. So you have to look at your competition before you even begin promoting these businesses online. 

I’m in another business that’s only two years old, and there’s not a lot of competition, there’s only about three main youtubers talking about it. So I’m like, Okay, I have a chance here. I looked at their subscribers, how big their channels are. And I was like, I got a chance with this. And so I started hammering out videos for this company. And I have the company name in my titles. You could probably get a sense of what I’m talking about just looking at my channel lately, but I’m doing that because I want to dominate that company. And the only way you can dominate a company is to do massive content about it in El Salvador. 

In the beginning, it is kind of like a 90 day business launch with your MLM company. You got to just get it everywhere. You know, when a business starts a brick and mortar business starts, they have signs all over town. They might send out flyers they might have their website launch, they might do all these things to just cause a lot of excitement. And that is what Network Marketing Leaders do when they sign up in a new company. They create a lot of hype, you know, they are like, Hey, I found this company, this is it. We’re going to take it all the way, I want you to join me because we’re going all the way to the top. And you will be on the number one team for this company. That is how they talk. 

They tell everyone that they know, they tell their old contacts, they tell all their leaders from their previous MLM. Hey, I’m jumping over to this new company. This is the next best thing. You got to sign up with me. And that’s how MLM leaders can go from one company to another successfully, because they already have a lot of contacts. They already have leaders from previous MLM companies. It’s really hard to just jump up to the top of the leaderboard in a network marketing company unless you have a lot of contacts, there are people that are very lucky. I call it luck. They’re just naturally born leaders and they have lots of friends. 

For instance, there’s a girl from I think, Iceland, and she’s good looking, and she’s got everything going for her. She’s only like 25 she’s easy on the eyes, and she’s pregnant. And she just discovered this MLM company like a year ago. And so perfect. This is the formula, a perfect business meets the perfect person who has the right amount of contacts at the right time in their life. It’s called the perfect storm in business. 

And so this woman, it was the perfect time in her life to launch a home business because she just became pregnant. She has a huge audience on Facebook, she already has 3000 friends on facebook and they’re close friends. They all support her in whatever she does. And so when she joined the company, which is the perfect company with a perfect automated email system with the perfect weight loss products, which will be perfect for her when she wants to lose the baby fat. It’s all perfect. 

And so she was like, Hey, guys, I signed up in this new company. You gotta check it out. And so since she has really close friends on Facebook, they’re like, Oh, yeah, great, cool. I want to do this. And that’s the perfect storm. And so this woman, this young lady, is already making like $200,000 a month. And she’s only been in the MLM company for a year, year and a half, something like that. It’s the perfect storm. 

And most people can’t do that because they don’t have the perfect storm formula. So we have to start slow. And we have to get that oil pumping. We have to get one company pumping oil before we move on to the next. And the best way to do that is to teach people that join you how to generate leads to get traffic to their websites, because the bottom line is it’s all about traffic. 

So I get a paycheck Monday, I get a paycheck Thursday, and I get a paycheck Friday from three different companies and then I get two companies that pay Monthly. And then I have another company that pays whenever I hit the request payment button when I meet my threshold of $30 – so that can pay anytime. 

Why am I saying this? Why am I teaching you guys this because passive income is the best feeling in the world. I get paid over and over and over for work that I did years ago at my first network marketing company. Actually, it’s not my first, the second MLM company I joined in 2016. 

I started blogging, writing articles for it. I did some YouTube videos for it. This is before everyone jumped in CBD oil. Okay, I was doing articles about CBD oil before 80% of the public knew what CBD oil was. And then the mainstream joined CBD. Everyone was joining CBD left and Right. And they found my articles, my videos and I got a big Team. I had almost 1000 people on my team, and 2018 was a great year. 

Then the team starts to dwindle because the attrition rate is high in MLM and it’s a numbers game. And a lot of people can’t handle it. They bust their tail, and their team is quitting. People come and go in network marketing. So the big leaders know that they create content because the content recruits for them 24/7. 

If you don’t have content and you don’t have contacts, you’re screwed. I mean, you got to spend a lot of money. You got to buy traffic, you got to run advertising. You got to run ads. They’re expensive. I spent $8,000 on Craigslist ads a couple years ago, I was trying to keep my team built. People were quitting. And that’s normal.

I mean, even the best MLM companies today struggle by keeping people in. That’s probably the main fallacy with MLM companies is the huge attrition rate and people just don’t get it or they don’t have the drive or the tenacity to make it actually grow. Because, I mean, you have to be a major recruiter, and then you have to be a motivator and a cheerleader and you gotta keep your team inspired. Some leaders even give awards to their top leaders. You know, I know a guy gives away iPhones and stuff to his team just to keep them recruiting. 

I don’t really like that, I don’t want to have to convince people to stay in anything. I don’t want to motivate people. You know, it’s hard enough for me to wake up in the morning. And then you want me to jump up and down for my team? I mean, yeah, so I got a little bitterness about MLM if you haven’t noticed, but I want to keep my business as simple and automated as possible.

I don’t want to work all day. I don’t want to be on the phone all day. I don’t want to do zoom calls with my team. I want them to sign up, learn how to generate leads, and just do it. Just like you get up in the morning and tie your shoe and eat breakfast without anyone telling you to do it. 

And if you recruit enough people, you will get people that are driven. I don’t think you have to motivate people to stay in. You’re going to get some leaders. If you keep recruiting, you will get leaders that stay in whether you say anything or not. I have several people on my team that are perfectly fine not talking to me. 

They’re just doing the business. They’re recruiting four to 10 to 20 people a month on their own. I taught them how to run ads. I taught them how to do a blog. I taught them how to do YouTube, but now they’re doing it. Now they can promote any business they want. Because they’re getting traffic every single day from their YouTube and their blog, and from advertising. They know they know what ads to run, and where to run them. And they’re fine. I don’t need to check in. 

I don’t want people checking in on me. That’s why I blocked my first sponsor in network marketing. Cuz I didn’t want his help. I was like I got this, thanks. Just give me your number one lead generation technique and leave me alone. 

I already had like 80,000 followers on Twitter. I already knew how to promote ebooks and affiliate marketing products on my Twitter. So when I joined MLM I was like I want to do the same thing, just like affiliate marketing. I just wanted to share my links and get paid. I want to get lots of people looking at my links, my signup forms I want to generate leads. I want 20 emails a day that said that I have a new lead. Because I’m a dopamine addict. I want emails every five minutes. I want to get a new lead in all of my businesses, I want a variety of leads from all my different businesses. 

Then I want my company to email my leads for me. I don’t want to do email marketing. Just want these companies to pay me like oil wells pay. I want the oil wells to be pumping every month. I want new people signing up from around the world and get those checks three to five times a week. 

So how do you do it? You gotta get a lot of traffic – targeted people looking at your opportunities. If you want to promote camping equipment and make money, then you should do camping videos, you should do a camping blog. If you want to promote diet shakes, you should have a diet shake blog, you should have a diet shake YouTube. And then when you get enough diet shake customers branch out and start doing cardio equipment videos if you want to add another income stream. 

If you want to promote something new don’t delete the old videos. Just add a second product line to your brand to your YouTube channel and try to make them you know work together like exercise bikes are going to go great with diet shakes. You don’t want to do diet shakes and then military style weapons. I mean I guess you can if you go at the prepper angle you know if you’re a survivalist you get paid promoting different things. 

So I’m in the middle of North Carolina and apparently we don’t have a nice governor. And so the face masks are mandatory. They probably are everywhere. And I just don’t like going into town anymore. It’s kind of sad. And I go to this little cute country store and I don’t want to go there today because the cute little guy behind the counter has to wear a mask and it just ruins the whole Americana vibe.

So I’m gonna just drive around actually drive the long way home and talk to you guys cuz you’re my only friends right now since my wife is on the road and I like it that way I like talking to you guys. I don’t feel nervous doing videos. I have social anxiety when I talk to people in person. I don’t get that with videos so I can just talk all day with you. 

And what’s going on? How are you doing? How are you dealing with his craziness? Civil War Two people are calling it – where America’s imploding on itself. They’re trying to get us to attack each other. And it’s never been done before. I mean, this is historical, what is happening to America has never happened before. There was a civil war. We have been attacked before, but now we’re being attacked from within. Since America can’t go to war with other countries, they’re attacking us with our own people. 

I’m not gonna get into politics. That’s all I’m gonna say. But it’s starting to feel like China. And there is a lot of influence from China. A lot of businesses are owned by China in America. And it’s scary, scary stuff. I just want to stay home, make money online and I want to teach you guys how to do the same thing. 

So thanks for watching/reading. I’m not done yet. Don’t go but hit that subscribe button. Share this, share this around because the only way we’re going to empower ourselves is if we get everything we need to stay home comfortably, not getting unemployment or help from the government not getting anything from that. You want to be able to get your own food. Start a farm. Start a garden out of the city – it’s going to get crazy during elections. So you should have at least a year of food. 

Check out rebel smuggling they have bulk food and they’re out of Stockton, California. We bought 25 pound bags of brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. I’m not gonna buy that crap, that long term survival stuff if it’s just mac and cheese that’s just gonna make me fat. I don’t want to be fat if I’m trying to survive. I want to be lean and mean. 

I’ll be fasting here soon. I’m going to be doing a shake diet and I’ll be doing videos about that because I want to promote these shakes are amazing. They’re vegan protein, barely 200 calories a packet. They got Mediterranean blends and seeds and raw ingredients and everything you need to survive. You need a complete protein. I’m not gonna get the crappy survival stuff. It’s junk. You know, they say oh, you need 2000 calories. You need a high calorie diet when you’re surviving. No, it’s just cheap food that they’re trying to sell you mac and cheese and beef stroganoff. 

Yeah, might be yummy, but you’re gonna be deficient in minerals, vitamins, and you’re getting fat around your belly, because it’s all carbs. You know, get some green pea protein powder. Makes shakes. Just eat off of your vegetables. Make a garden. You know, I had the spinach out of our garden yesterday. And it was phenomenal, having fresh spinach out of your garden is the best feeling in the world. 

I was weed eating and sweating and I felt alive, fresh air out in the middle of the country. And I just got a little hungry and I just started eating the spinach out of our garden. And it tastes like heaven. So I might be rambling. You don’t have to hang out if you’re busy, you don’t have to hang out with me. Let’s see I’m in the middle of the woods. I can. I can just drive slow. Talk to you guys. 

So back to the income streams. Start with one and work your way up to several. Ideally they all complement one another. And you have to be excited about these products. If you’re not excited about these products, and you wouldn’t buy them normally, you’re only promoting them because they pay well or something, people are gonna see right through you, your videos are gonna suck. You’re gonna burn out. 

You know, if you don’t really like something, you can only talk about it so long. So talk about something that you really, really love. And ideally they have an affiliate program or a network marketing company offers it. 

For instance, I love brain supplements. My very first company MLM company that I signed up with was called brain abundance. And they only had two products. They had bad brain fuel plus and then they brought on brain bears. And actually the company I’m in now bought the products from brain abundance, but they quickly discontinued those products. Maybe when they ran out of stock. They didn’t want to keep making it, but it was an awesome supplement. 

And I was my wife and I were taking brain fuel plus every day for two or three years before they discontinued it. And I swear we’re the only ones that loved brain fuel Plus, there’s only like a couple other people that complained when it was discontinued. 

But it really sucked. And it paid well, brain abundance was a great MLM company. They had an autoresponder and landing pages, just like skinny body care did and Valentus and my daily choice, they all have landing pages with an automated email system. I try to do companies that are automated, because all I want to do is get traffic to those landing pages, generate leads, get signups and teach my people how to generate their own leads. 

That’s it’s – the simplest formula in the world and people make it really complicated. Oh, I don’t know if you can see this view. Maybe if I get out. Let me get out for a second. I want to show you this. It’s really nice to talk to you guys. Don’t look at my car. But hey, look at that. There’s a creek down there. This is a windy dirt road on the way home. It’s the back way. And this is where it’s at. They wanted us to be wearing masks. Stay away from each other. But nature is right here. And it’s the most healing thing in the world. 

People are getting sick of the lies. We’re not buying it. But you know, this nation is divided. They say a divided nation cannot stand in the Bible, were completely divided. It’s like 50/50 there’s 50% that are like you gotta wear a mask – don’t do it for yourself, do it for others – wear that mask. And then there’s the ones that are like, this is Bs, it’s communism, it’s a lie. So it’s really divided. They want us to war. 

So I want to stay home and I would fight if they’re like if they’re like let’s you know the good if the good guys were gonna fight I would fight. I’m not talking about tearing down statues, I’m talking about a good ethical fight. It’s a spiritual war guys. It’s not about COVID it’s about defacing America and taking down god it’s really an antichrist movement. 

Now you can disagree with me all you want. You don’t have to be a Christian. I know what’s right and that’s all it matters. My right might not be your right. But America is built on values and morals. And those are all getting stripped right now for this new world order so that’s why you need several income streams. That’s why you need food, long term storage food And your health and spiritual health. 

What are you doing for your spirituality? Are you meditating? I’m not. I want to meditate. I need to meditate because right now I’m still trying to, I’m still craving things – pleasures of the flesh. This Christian guy came over yesterday to cut the tree that fell on our house. Really good moral guy. You could tell he just had solid values, works like 17 hours a day as an electrician goes to church, does everything really, right.

I felt like a sleazeball compared to him, and because I’m still playing with pleasures of the flesh. There’s a sign right there on that church. Jesus is coming. Are you ready? You know, I was really worried last night about that because I’m still living pleasures of the flesh. And not giving my life to God. You know, I’m still trying to live for me and it’s scary. This Christian guy reminded me how morally corrupt I feel. I just sit at home all day and I think about sweets. It’s just not good if you are a top MLMer but trying to stay spiritually sound as well.. 

So I gotta meditate because it is a spiritual battle. And I don’t feel healthy in that area. You got to feel healthy in all areas right now more than ever because this is a spiritual war. You got to have your food in order. You got to have your money in order. You got to get paid online because you don’t know what’s happening with the banks. The dollar is crashing. 

In fact, there was a sign at the grocery store just now. I got a coffee at the grocery store at the gas station, because Starbucks was mysteriously closed on a Wednesday, and there was a big sign over the cash register that said there’s a national change shortage. Like pennies, dimes and quarters, there’s really a shortage. They’re doing that because they want to bring in the world crypto. They really want to try to get rid of money. 

So you guys got to get into gold and silver. You can get into crypto too, but I still don’t know, I think they could just turn off the internet and you’d be screwed. How are you going to store an electronic crypto without the internet? I don’t know. Do both. Do Bitcoin do gold and silver. 

But I tell you, they’re gonna find out a way to shut down a blockchain. Even though it’s 100 private IP addresses, you know, they’ll find a way to dismantle a blockchain and disrupt crypto. That’s just me. I mean, I think you should still have Bitcoin but if you have Bitcoin, you have to store it on your own device, like a nano s – where you get the keys, you have to get access to the private keys of your Bitcoin. You can’t keep it on a community site where they have control of the keys, like cash app, they have control of your keys. The only way you can get control of your keys is to use crypto com – you can check out their site. You get their app, and I think you have control of the keys. And nano S is a hard wallet. You actually store the device with the keys on it. 

But that’s not me. That’s not me right now. I want to be able to have gold and silver in my pockets ready when everything crashes, and people are starving, I’m gonna be buying food from neighbors with my silver with my gold, everyone recognizes gold and silver. There’s not many people that are gonna be like, Oh yeah, transfer your Bitcoin over to me when everything’s crashed, but they will take gold. It’s a physical asset you can hold on to, it will always have its value. Even if there isn’t a market value, a spot price, I bet it will still have some kind of value that might not be able to buy exactly the same dollar amount. 

So that’s that’s pretty much it. I mean what do you guys think about all of this madness? Do you make money online already? How’s it going for you? Are you excited about these things? Excited? Are you trying to get home? How are you trying to get away from the gridlock and the matrix and all that stuff. 

I don’t even like to drive into town. We don’t even live in a busy area and I still hate it. I hate waiting at stoplights. I hate waiting. I hate wearing a mask. I want to feel freer. I know you can’t feel complete freedom unless you’re like living off the land. In the middle of the woods, you could probably feel free but then you wouldn’t have the internet. And like I said, I’m Adobe junkie, I need my emails. I need to see that I get leads. I need to get, you know, see my signups every day. 

So that’s how you do it guys. That’s how you get paid several times a week. You start with one opportunity, you get traffic to it. With content, you can do paid advertising, but you do enough content for each opportunity. You don’t just do 20 videos and then stop.

So I’ll be doing videos about all of my companies eventually and keep doing videos for them. Because I want to dominate YouTube with that company name and my blog. We keep talking about how to make income from home because if you want to make more money in your life, talk about how to make money and you will attract money. So if you want to attract money, talk about money, learn about money. 

You know, you always hear about those college kids that are like, you know, they want to get rich so they become stock investors, day traders, hedge fund managers. If you want money, work with money, if you want to make money, talk about how to make money and you will attract it. 

Of course, I want more money. So I’m going to talk about money. But I’m not just blind to you guys, I really do work from home. And I do really have all these income streams coming in. But I created a lot of content to start getting sales in each company. You can’t just do three videos and then move on. You got to really hammer it. And the more competitive that company is, the more videos you need. 

Let’s take Amway, I mean Amway has been around forever, there’s probably thousands of videos about Amway people. If you’re just joining Amway, you’re gonna have to create hundreds of videos just to maybe get one up on the first page, eventually, one or two videos, but if you’re in a brand new company, you could probably get away with 20 to 30 videos, and you’ll get one on the first page of YouTube. 

The bottom line is to get something, some content of yours on the first page of the search engines of YouTube, that’s where the traffic lies. But you might have to keep doing it over and over and you gotta keep talking about it over and over and over. Look at Grant Cardone he wants to dominate the word sales training. That’s the focus keyword that he went after was sales training.

He wanted to be number one in sales training. So if you look at his channel, he’s got like, I don’t know 3000 videos, a lot of them with sales training in the title because he wants to dominate and be the number one sales trainer in the world. He made it happen by being a maniac with content. Same with Ray Higdon wanting to be the MLM trainer in the world. He did massive content and now is the biggest development trainer in the world. 

So if you want to be something you have to talk about it every single day on your blog on YouTube, and run advertising just to get even a bigger boost to your businesses. So that’s about it. What else can I say? Glad you guys are with me on this journey.

I hope that you have learned something in this article. Check out my businesses under this article to learn more about network marketing and affiliate marketing. That is the other thing is you need Call to Action Center everything you do. Tell your audience what you want them to do with your multi-level marketing opportunity.

Tell them to like your YouTube video on MLM. Subscribe, tell him to share. Tell him to share your videos. Tell them to share your articles. Tell them to donate, tell them to sign up. You got to have call to actions. You got to have links under your content. You can’t just say thanks for watching. You got to have links. So if they like you, they can, they can follow your trail to your MLM opportunities.