Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Albania 2024

top mlm companies in Albania best network marketing businesses ranked Albanians

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Albania can maximize their money making massively by participating in multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Network marketing provides Albania sellers and recruiters the business model and vehicle to generate multiple streams of income, including potentially profitable passive income.

We researched hundreds of MLM companies and decided on this one

But which MLM company should you join as an Albanian? Here are our top ten favorite MLM businesses to consider joining if you live in Albania during 2023 or 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Albania For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Amway

4. Herbalife

5. Nu Skin

6. Youngevity

7. Young Living

8. Total Life Changes

9. Usana

10. Tupperware

There are other top MLMs to consider joining if you live in Albania such as BeachBody, Sisel, Valentus, Arbonne, Primerica, Forever Living, Melaleuca, Organo Gold, DXN, OLSP, List Infinity, and Market America.

Automate And Dominate MLM

Why “Automate” MLM if you live in Albania?

Automation is very appealing for Albanian sellers, and who doesn’t want something automated – pulling them in $2k to $20k a month – whether they work much or not?

Here are some morose retirement stats right now in Tirana:

The average retirement age is 63, however we are living longer.

One out of four 65 year old workers will live past 90. That means your nest egg needs to last 28 years or more.

A couple who retires at 65 will spend an average of $275k on Healthcare, out of pocket, according to Fidelity.

The average 401k or IRA account is $100k.

So, if you live 28 years past retirement, that’s only $3,571 a year!

Can you live on $297 a month?

Of course not.

Average social security was $1,371 a month. $16,450 a year.

So, with the average 401k and average Social Security that’s $1,668 a month to live on in your “Golden Years’ for the next 30 years.

Looks like Denny’s Value Meals for you, unless you create a second income stream using a network marketing business model in Durres or Berat.

Why network marketing?

It is very low risk and start up costs with network marketing.

For under $200 a month you can become a independent business owner, aka distributor.

Throw $200 to $400 a week at it for 2 to 3 years in advertising ($10k to 20k a year, it is a tax write off) and you’ll have a nice residual income stream for many many years.

How much residual income?

There is no income cap in network marketing or affiliate marketing, so blue collar workers like me who flipped burgers for a living can make $20k to $50k a month. Yes I said you can earn that much extra income per month with with multi-level marketing in Albania.

How is this possible with network marketing for Albanians?

Successful Albanian network marketers build an organization of people who order product each month.

You get a little commission from a lot of Albanians – and when they buy more product each month you get paid, which results in passive income.

Passive income comes in every month whether you work the business one hour a day or skip a week.

In fact, your network marketing business can be willed to your grandchildren in Albania.

MLM can be a cash cow, a very significant cash cow, one with a life of its own.

All you have to do is inject your business with some capital and time in the beginning, find 3 to 5 powerhouse recruiters, and your job is done.

Text your Albanian leaders once in awhile to stay connected and the rest is history.

How I Learned About Automated MLM Cash Cow

I have always been fascinated with making money on the internet since the previous decade.

I have made some funny, costly mistakes and have tried promoting everything under the sun.

But, I soon discovered the biggest income potential was in network marketing.

I think I landed on some MLM website that ranked the top 100 earners in MLM and saw six figure monthly earnings.

In fact, at the time, there were a few seven figure monthly earners.

These leaders were regular people like me, no degrees, low income, blue collar and white collar people looking for a better way. . .

It was a dream come true, but I busted my rear for four years before I was working full-time from home with other top Albanians.

So, Here’s How I Learned About Automation

I was introverted, just got sober a few years back, and didn’t want to get involved with an “extroverted industry.”

I had heard about all the rah rah events that network marketers attended.

I basically was just getting to like myself again after being a drunk for 16 years and didn’t exactly like other people. . .

But, I wanted life-changing income to get out of working two jobs back to back.

I was close to 40 – guys my age shouldn’t be flipping burgers still.

My old friends had families and careers – I was working in hot kitchens with twenty year olds on the weekends when most of society were dining.

While the rich dined and ate steak and lobster, I was in the back preparing it.

Not fair, especially since I was a big dreamer with a drive to succeed – even blacked out drunk or hungover, I knew there was more to this life.

Long story short: I discovered Twitter while promoting my first memoir on how I got sober.

I learned how to share my ebook as a link in a tweet.

Then, I tried tweeting affiliate marketing products the next year, made more money but there was no residual income, just one time sales.

Also learned how to send out automated messages to my new followers on Twitter.

Joined MLM for the residual income in 2014 and shared my link in those messages that went out to my new followers.

Recruited 100 people in the next two years with that automated message.

The only reason that MLM link worked was because the company had a built-in autoresponder attached to our links, so whenever I generated a lead, the company sent them a series of emails which got a few of the prospects to upgrade to paid affiliates.

I still use landing pages today with an autoresponder, I won’t touch any MLM without a turn-key automated system.

That’s how I teach you how to automate a second income stream using MLM.

I have recruited 750 people in the last five years, working only one hour a day, and getting leads into the company’s sales funnel.

That’s it.

I teach my new members how to generate 20 to 100 leads a day, only working less than an hour a day – that’s why I like working with busy professionals:

They have some money to invest and have little time.

This is the only MLM system that works for people wanting to work very little in MLM.

I won’t bog anyone down with lengthy webinars, three way calls, or force you to make a list of a 1000 friends and family to bug.

I am NOT a traditional network marketer – I am a hybrid affiliate/MLM marketer and I am very successful.

I flipped burgers five years ago, now I make a doctor’s salary.

You might say, big deal, doctor’s don’t make that much and I would say true.

However, what doctor do you know that works one hour a day, or less?



Here is the General Timeline to Retire in 3 Years with network marketing or affiliate marketing.

First year: you will possibly lose money because you are running advertising and building a team.

You will probably have to recruit 100 to 300 people to find 3 to 5 rock stars who make up 90% of your income.

It doesn’t take a lot of people to make bank in MLM, especially when the company pays 50% commissions.

Second year: You will start making a little more than the advertising spend in network marketing and direct selling here. You will have a couple rock stars on your team by now forming their own MLM teams.

Third year: Your multi-level marketing team is growing without you and you are making enough money to be very excited about this network marketing and direct selling profession.

Sound good potential MLMers?

Check out my automated MLM here and we will rock this venture.