Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Mali For 2023

Home Business Hacks - How I Recruited 1400+ without Phone or Email

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Mali can make major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Network marketing allows Mali citizens to generate multiple revenue streams, including powerful passive income profit, like I did when I recruited 1,400 reps to my downline and made six figures.

Seize The Day And Join This Top-Ranked MLM Company

But which MLM companies should you consider joining if you are a resident of Mali in Africa? Here are are ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with if you live in Mali.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Mali For 2023

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Youngevity

5. Young Living

6. Sisel

7. Amway

8. Herbalife

9. Nu Skin

10. Tupperware

There are other top MLMs to consider working with in Mali such as Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Beachbody, and Primerica. And check out other new MLM pre-launches that become available in Africa each month, just do your research before joining.

How To Maximize MLM Money-Making Mastery

So I want to talk about how I recruited over 1400 people in the last six years, in a couple home businesses. Stay till the very end, because I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. We are talking about home business hacks here for African sellers and recruiters. And there is a certain system on how you do it as ambitious Africans. 

But basically I have automated several different online businesses and built downline MLM teams in Mali. I have worked full time from home the last three years and get paid by several different companies working about one to two hours a day, and I am not saying that to toot my horn. I am saying that anyone can do it. There are certain techniques that they need to use in Africa to grow direct selling and network marketing profits. 

And so let’s get into it. I’m in Tennessee right now and I’m driving back to North Carolina. It’s a beautiful Friday morning. Just got some groceries and want to get out of the mainstream craziness for the Fourth of July weekend. Heading back home. Gonna start a fire. So it’s a beautiful time and I want to talk freely about how to do this. Because the best time for me is to do this one on one, you know, tell you guys while I’m driving. 

So here’s what I did in 2014. In 2014 I started a home business, and I wanted it to be like affiliate marketing, and what that means is that I wanted to promote a product. I just wanted to share my links to an affiliate program. 

But I discovered that affiliate programs only usually paid one time because when you sold a product to somebody, they usually didn’t buy it again. So there was no residual income. I wanted residual income because that is the most exciting way to earn income from home is passive residual income – that means that you get paid over and over and over every single week, every single month. And that’s usually when someone buys something from you. 

I wasn’t really getting that with affiliate marketing. I started with Clickbank and that’s a marketplace – they got thousands of affiliate affiliate programs you can join and you can promote those products. You can pick what you want to promote. And as you know, I did like that. But like I said there wasn’t any residual income – they didn’t reorder. 

So I then discovered network marketing, and this was like affiliate marketing on steroids because people had to buy every single month because most of the successful network marketing companies have a consumable product. And so when someone had to reorder, let’s say their skin cream or their diet shake, or now CBD oil, you would get a commission. And then you’d get a commission down on the people that they recruited and so forth. 

And it worked all the way down 10 levels sometimes more, depending on what kind of network marketing company you’re in. On one of the commissions they pay all the way down to infinity in binary, the left leg and the right leg. If you balance the volume between those two legs and match the volume you get paid on it, whether you recruited those people or not. 

So there’s many different ways you can get paid in a network marketing business. So that’s why I chose network marketing. So the first thing I had to do was get traffic to my websites. That’s The Holy Grail for internet marketers, if you want to promote anything online, you need traffic. 

There’s two ways you can grow your home business. You can talk to your friends on Facebook and try to build your business with your warm market, aka friends and family, people that know you, or you can try to promote your business without social media, and just tap into the cold market, aka strangers to build your downline. 

And you can do that by running ads. You can do that by doing a YouTube channel like this. You can do it by starting a blog. And eventually your content, your videos, your blog articles, they start to slowly rise up on Google search engine. So when someone types in new MLM companies and you wrote an article called New MLM companies, there’s a good chance that you might be on the first page of Google and that’s free traffic, it gets organic, free traffic from the search engines. That is really the creme de la creme of traffic that you want to get as a home business entrepreneur. 

So here’s how I recruited over 1400 people. I finally chose network marketing in 2014 instead of affiliate marketing, and I didn’t have a lot of money, I was actually $30,000 in debt, and working a dead end job in the restaurant business breaking my back. I was almost 40 years old. This is back in 2016. And I knew I wanted to do network marketing. 

I had to learn about it first. So I started watching all these network marketing trainers online, on YouTube. You know, it’s the best free education in the world on YouTube. Whatever you want to learn about, you can just type it into Youtube to find the top videos about it and watch. 

So I did that for the first six months, I learned about network marketing. And then I learned that I should regurgitate what I learned and do my own content. So I would watch, you know, an hour of training, and then I would do my own video. And I got really good. I mean, it took about two years and several hundred videos, I finally got pretty fluent in speaking network marketing, and started to position myself as an authority in network marketing. 

And that’s what you want to do. If you want to attract leaders to you. Or you can talk about the products I mean, there’s two ways you can build network marketing. You can talk about the income side of it, how to make money, or you can talk about the benefits of the products. I’ve always led with the income opportunity because I want business minded people on my team. I want people that want to build their own teams, that’s where the money is in network marketing – it’s in recruiting business minded people, people that want to build their own teams, because you get paid on everyone that comes into your organization. 

You get three to 5% 10% 15% paid down, you know, four to 10 levels. So when you get a team leader on your team, and they’re recruiting four people a month or more, you’re gonna start getting paid on everything they do. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

You don’t get that with customers, they just order their personal supply each month and that’s it. But you do want a customer base because you don’t want to be considered a pyramid scheme. And just have all your focus on recruiting because the FTC looks at that as a pyramid if it’s just solely based on recruiting So you do have to have a balance of customers and Business Builders. So keep that in mind when you start building your brand online. 

But guys, it’s really simple. So what happened was I joined a MLM company that had an automated email system. All right. So remember, the video is called no emails and no phone calls. I was an introvert. I had social anxiety. I didn’t want to be on the phone all day trying to grow my business. I wanted my content to attract people to me. It’s called attraction marketing. The most beautiful thing about internet marketing is that when you do enough videos and blog articles, people start coming to you. They’re like, Hey, I saw your article on Google. I’m interested in this business. Then I say great. Take the free tour. 

And so what the free tour is, is that some network marketing companies have a landing page and that’s where a prospect fills out a form to find out more information about your company. It’s a simple landing page form. You see them all over the internet because people use them for everything now. 

But basically your prospect fills out their name, their email and the phone number. And then they continue and then they get the value behind that, you know, the free ebook, the giveaway, maybe more training videos, or maybe it’s just a look inside at the business dashboard. I’m in a couple MLM companies where you take the free tour, and then you look inside the dashboard. You can see the videos by the CEO. You can look at the products you can look at the compensation plan. It’s a free trial. 

But here’s what’s really cool is that the companies I’m in have an automated email system. So when that prospect fills out that form, they will start to get a series of emails from the company already written for us already pre built, they just get a series of emails, because it takes seven to 15 emails for someone to actually sign up. 

So if you’re just sharing a customer website with no landing page, no way to capture prospects info, they might look at your website, and then be like, Okay, that looks great. But then they don’t buy the first time they see you. But with landing pages, connected to the automated email sequence, they get in the system, your prospects get into the system. 

So that’s the first key of not emailing or calling leads is that you have to join a company that has the automated email system. I’m pretty much in four different companies that have some type of sales funnel already built for us. The biggest most crucial key is to join a company that has landing pages already made for you, and they email your prospects for you.

So that’s number one. Number two is traffic back to the traffic you got to get lots of traffic. In 2014, I didn’t have any friends. You know I got sober about 12 years ago and all my drinking friends left when the drink left. And then my wife and I moved to Texas and then we moved to North Carolina. We haven’t made any new friends – well she has – but I’m fine being reclusive. And, you know, I started recluse marketing a couple weeks ago because, you know, I think more and more people are staying at home because of all the craziness. 

So I help people make money from home. And I like the preppers you know, I like the doomsday prepper guys. So, I promote a couple opportunities for precious metals and meal replacement shakes so you can stay home longer and use gold and silver if the dollar crashes. And so you basically can design a business you want and design a life you want. 

So I wanted an automated home business, and I found these companies that had a built in sales funnel. They had a built in email system, they had landing pages already for us. All I had to do was get traffic to those landing pages. Traffic is gold. Traffic is a goldmine for internet marketers. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have a business online. 

So back to the two ways you can grow your MLM business, you can talk to your warm market. But most leaders tell you to do that because it’s the easiest market to tap into. Talk to your friends they already know like and trust you, you gotta get either your friends or strangers, you have to build trust, they’re not going to join you, if they don’t trust that you can take them to the finish line of success. 

You want to be known as the person that can take people to the finish line where they can get success and they can get paid, where you know, they sign up and they know that you will probably teach them how they can get paid right away. Get your people a paycheck, and they’ll stay in twice as long or all the way till the very end of the company or your life. 

So get people a paycheck. That’s the bottom line. So traffic is crucial and getting them to trust you is crucial. That’s why I said, to position yourself as an authority, because the more you know about network marketing or affiliate marketing or your specific products from your home business, the more people are gonna be like, wow, that person is very knowledgeable, I’m gonna sign up with them. That’s the key. 

That’s why you want to create content. You want to create, you want to learn about network marketing, you want to learn about your products, then you just do videos about it over and over and over. The videos will start to get smooth. You’ll start to know how to speak about it and it’ll just become automatic. 

Now this is like my 600th video. I deleted the first 200 I did because I just sounded like the trainers I was watching. And so you got to just do it over and over and over and all the top leaders in MLM and affiliate marketing know that it’s about traffic. And if you’re Buying traffic, you’re gonna run out of money, you got to do both. You got to do paid advertising, and then create content, and even throw in your friends and family if you want. 

I didn’t have any friends. So what I did was I started a blog and this YouTube channel. And I sounded like other people for a while until I found my voice just like writers have to find their writer’s voice. And the only way you can do that is to keep writing, keep doing videos, and you don’t have to know everything about your company, or the products. You don’t even want to talk about your products in the beginning. You want to just get to know your audience, you want to attract an audience. 

So try to stick with a theme and stick with it long enough until you start making money with that company you’re promoting. Under your videos, leave a link to what you want to promote under each video. They’re not going to find your videos, and then be like, Oh, I want to join them. If you don’t have a link, they’re not going to take extra energy and time to find your links. So don’t make it an Easter egg hunt and make it hard for them to sign up, put your link under every video, every blog post, every Facebook post, every LinkedIn post, you get the idea. You have to have a call to action under everything you do. Call to Action is what you want your audience to do. 

So I would say click the link under this video to check out my number one business you say that after each video you do. But in the beginning, you don’t have to talk about your business – talk about what you love doing, because what you love doing is going to attract people to you. What I mean is that you can’t just do canned videos about your product if you’re not excited about it. Just because you want to make money isn’t good enough to attract an audience so you have to really find your passion. You have to find your passion with your product, some aspect of your company, you have to be excited about it. 

You got to find some aspect of your company that you love. For me, it’s automation. It’s the 50% Commission on first time orders. It’s the binary where you get paid down to infinity. It’s the landing pages. It’s working one hour a day from home. Those kinds of things excite me. I can talk about that all day long. You got to be careful how you talk about your products because there might be a compliance department watching you. You know, if you join a company that has CBD oil, for instance, you might have to follow some guidelines. You certainly can’t say that your product cures cancer or anything crazy like that. You can’t make any medical claims.

I’m in a CBD company where we can’t even really talk about it, we can say that it promotes general wellness. That is the guidelines I last heard. It promotes general wellness. Now in the past I made mistakes saying things that got me flagged, you know about CBD oil, you can’t say that it can cure or even help, anxiety or ADHD, you know, you can get in trouble with a company. So you got to look into the compliance and regulations. See if you can wait to learn more about the company. 

So, I stick with the business side of my business, the income, the automation, the landing pages, because almost everyone wants extra income from home. We can all agree with that most people want income from home. So I kind of stay away from the products because all products these days are pretty good.

I mean in network marketing, you know, a lot of these MLM companies have a scientific board. They have doctors that formulate the supplements. So you’re pretty much in good hands with the products. I don’t like to get into product debates with other other distributors and other companies, because they’re all good and I’m not gonna waste my energy, you know, saying, Oh, well our CBD is better than your CBD. It’s just a waste of time. It’s low energy. You don’t want to get into drama. 

All you want to do is to stay focused on your finish line, and let the other distributors and other companies do their thing. You can usually see the newbies in network marketing because they get all bent out of shape if there’s a competitor. Don’t worry about the competition. You become the dominant leader in your industry by just doing your own thing and finding a unique selling angle. There’s plenty of room for you at the top. You don’t have to compete with someone that’s doing something else. You just forge your own path. 

Like me, I can talk about my Asperger’s and how I’m recluse and how I’m an ex-alcoholic. And, you know, I like to work from home and these are the businesses I do and this is how I automate it. I can talk about anything I want. And eventually I form my tribe of followers and that’s what you want to do. 

The third tip is that you want to form a tribe of devoted fans – might take a couple years, but you can literally earn a good living by having just 100 to 500 devoted fans that follow everything you do, and buy things that you suggest. Now you don’t want to promote your business in every video. Just like on Facebook you don’t you don’t promote your product in every post, people will start to think you’re spamming. 

So you just sprinkle in your opportunity every three videos, every five videos, every five Facebook posts, but most people want to know how you live. How are you living? How are you getting by? What are your hobbies? You know, I was a musician. I played the drums for over 20 years. I love racquetball. I am an introvert. I like the arts. I like writing and I like design. I like designing these little thumbnails for these YouTube videos.

So sprinkle in your personality so people can get to know you because back to like and trust. People have to know and trust you to sign up with you. And then when they sign up, you have to get them their first paycheck as soon as possible, because they’ll stay in twice as long or all the way till the finish line or until they die. 

So you gotta be passionate about what you promote. You have to establish trust with your prospects. You have to have an automated email system, because you don’t want to be emailing people all day long. If you Email more than 20 people manually with your Gmail, your Gmail can get shut down. So I don’t like emailing. And I don’t want to spend all day emailing. I want my company to email for me. I want my company to email my leads for me. I want everything done for me. 

I also want the company to drop ship the products to my customers directly, which most network marketing companies do today anyways. Long are the days where you have to buy thousands of dollars worth of product that’s just collecting dust in your garage.

You hear horror stories from all these old school network marketing companies where Betty and John had to buy $8,000 worth of product because they joined this company and they couldn’t sell any other product and now it’s just sitting in the garage collecting dust and this is a scam. This network marketing company is a scam. 

You don’t have to do that anymore. That’s illegal. It’s called front loading. You don’t have to buy a crapload of products to meet any kind of requirements. You know, I think the most expensive product in our company, one of my companies, is 400 bucks, but you don’t need that. I started with the smallest pack and worked my way up to the medium pack and the medium pack is all I need to rank advance. 

So look at the compensation plan and see what you need to do to rank advance. And if you don’t need a lot of products, just buy what you need personally. You know, for instance, in the CBD company I only need the middle pack which is about $160 a month and it’s one bottle of CBD oil. It’s the 1500 milligram and it’s pretty strong. I like it. I use it. I use all of it in one month, I don’t have anything sitting in the garage collecting dust. 

So be smart about this. You don’t have to buy everything the company offers. Buy the minimum amount that you need to rank advance. All right, or make all the Commission’s whatever, look at the compensation plan and try to meet all the requirements, but you don’t have to go fancy and get the biggest pack. I don’t want people spending $1,000 and then coming back and saying, Hey, you know, I blew a lot of money on this and I didn’t recruit one person. I don’t want that. 

I want to be honest and transparent and say, Hey, you can start with the small pack and work your way up once you start recruiting people. But see if you can recruit someone first – here’s my number one lead generation technique. Now go run some ads, post this on your Facebook. 

You want to get your team to recruit their own people, that’s the power of network marketing. That’s where all the money is. It’s not what you do. It’s not how many bottles you can sell out of your house, or out of your salon. It’s how many bottles your whole team can move. But if you don’t have a team, then you’re just stuck making one time order commissions. If you don’t have anyone helping you and your team, it’s all you and you’re not going to get rich if it’s just you. 

The people that get wealthy in network marketing have teams in the range of 5000 to 20,000 people all working together. Some are just ordering their personal supply, they’re not recruiting, that’s normal. But you get three to five leaders on your team that are recruiting machines, and you’re gonna see your income skyrocket. And that is the beauty of network marketing is that your income can climb really fast. I jumped up two ranks in three months, and quadrupled my income because I got some leaders on my team and they started recruiting. I had probably 10 people recruiting, you know, 10 to 20 people a month. 

So my team grew from 400 people to 1000 people in about four months. And that was when CBD oil launched. Now CBD oil isn’t, you know, all the rage anymore. It’s still great. Still a great product. But like I said, it’s not really about the products. It’s about getting people a paycheck and maybe keeping them motivated – that’s up to you how you want to motivate your team, but you don’t want to just hound people and bug them every day and be like, Hey, I haven’t seen you do anything in your business today. What’s going on. You don’t want to do that. 

You want to give people some space but you want to inspire them. And how you inspire them is you take action first. You know, my team can see me doing these videos and they’re like, ah, Erik is still at it. He’s still in the trenches. Come on, guys. Let’s get in the trenches with Erik because he’s recruiting. We should be recruiting. That’s what you want. You don’t want your downline, your team to go where is Erik? I haven’t seen him for six months. I don’t know if he is in the company anymore. 

I don’t know guys. It is all fun and games until you are poor and stuck at home, because you don’t want to wear a mask out in public. And I don’t want you guys to be poor anymore. So I am being as straight up as possible with you. Because I want you to be successful making money from home And these are my home business hacks. 

This is six years of experience all delivered to you for free without some $197 webinar that a lot of these leaders try to get you to buy. I don’t want to sell you guys anything. All you have to do is watch my video and share it, that is all you have to do. Watch my video and share it until the very end really helps the channel and I am throwing the kitchen sink in this video because I want you guys to really get it. I might be a little redundant but that is it. That is how you grow your direct sales business.

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