Here’s Why CBD Oil is a Scam if You Want to Earn a Living Selling It

CBD Oil is a great supplement and it is everywhere. I made great money promoting it in a CBD MLM until they started telling me to take down all my content about CBD. Here’s Why CBD Oil is a Scam if You Want to Earn a Living Selling It.

I learned about CBD in 2017 when the MLM company I was in launched it into their product lines. Not many people had heard about it and only 3 or 4 MLM companies had it.

Of course, being a full-time blogger I jumped at the chance to write articles about it because that was how I generated leads and got sign-ups in all the MLM companies I’d been in. MLM was the best online income I had ever made and CBD was going to be huge.

Four months later some of my CBD articles ranked #1 in Google and I was getting sign-ups left and right. I thought it was okay if I said that CBD “may reduce” such and such ailment.

Everything was great until the CBD MLM I was in formed a compliance department to crack down on medical and income claims about their CBD on the internet.

At this point, my wife had over 50 articles about CBD on her blog and I had around that many as well.

Then it happened – I started getting emails from compliance.

They slowly started to tell me to remove my content. One time they told me to remove two tweets I had tweeted 7 months prior – I couldn’t even find them. Then went after my wife also, and she decided to just delete the entire blog to save herself from getting anymore emails from compliance.

Needless to say, CBD is a very competitive market to begin with, it is everywhere now, even in gas stations, but to get emails from the company you have worked hard for telling you to take down your content is a huge slap in the face.

Things You Can Say about CBD Oil:

It Gives Me an Overall Sense of Wellness

Here’s what you CAN’T Say:

It helped reduce my anxiety

It may help reduce anxiety.

It helped my PTSD.

It may reduce PTSD.

It helped my arthritis.

CBD may help arthritis.

It helped my dog’s pain.

It helped my headache.

It helped my hangover.

It cured my cancer.

CBD lowered my blood pressure.

CBD stopped my back pain.

Etc. Etc. All of this is a big no-no, and if you say anything like this on your facebook, guess who is telling you to take it down – CBD Compliance.

I am faithful to one MLM company at a time and was promoting this company hardcore for almost 3 years. Compliance ruined CBD Oil for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s just business and the CBD MLM company has to protect themselves. The FDA is seriously cracking down on CBD. I understand that there’s a lot of bad newbie network marketers out there that just want to spam everywhere their testimony that CBD cured their cancer and that is a huge red flag for the FDA, FTC, etc.

Then, I decided to promote CBD by using Pay Per Click advertising. I knew Facebook didn’t like CBD at all and wouldn’t allow cbd business pages, ads, or anything related, so I thought about using Bing or Google. Turns out that both Bing and Google won’t allow cbd ads, keywords, landing pages, or anything else related to CBD. It became almost impossible to generate CBD Leads.

After making $133,000 selling CBD oil on the internet, I decided to stop promoting it. I didn’t bash the company or anything like that. I simply transitioned over to a new company that doesn’t even have CBD oil. It has been a real pleasure to run PPC ads to generate massive leads around the world without any hassle, unlike with CBD Oil.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s people making huge money promoting CBD oil, but they are extroverts with a lot of friends and contacts. I am an introverted internet marketer and my entire business revolves around content marketing and paid advertising; bad for me, good for them.

I have been using CBD for 2.5 years and I think it’s great, but personally it’s a little overpriced and like I said earlier, it’s EVERYWHERE. As a full-time network marketer, I need to continue making a full-time income with cutting edge products in a MLM that is available in over a 100 countries without any weird legal issues about THC or whatever. I also like that this company has the same built-in automated recruiting email system that emails my leads for me. That is solely how I have been able to recruit over 800 reps in 3 different companies without calling my leads or doing 3 way calls.

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Erik Christian Johnson

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