Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Jamaica 2024

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Aspiring entrepreneurs in Jamaica can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Jamaica can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Caribbean.

This Is The MLM Company You Want To Consider Joining

But which MLM company should you join if you live in Jamaica and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Jamaica to maximize your chances of business building success in 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Jamaica For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Senegence

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Oriflame

8. Market America

9. Natura

10. Sisel

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Jamaica for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Primerica, Juice+, Le-Vel, Valentus, DXN, Organo Gold, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join as a Jamaican!

Grow Your MLM Business On YouTube And Other Video Or Social Media Platforms

Are you looking to get free therapy and make money online? I got some tips for you. Have you ever tried promoting your MLM business or affiliate marketing program on YouTube or other online videos?

I just filmed a video about an hour ago and I got really deep with it. I spent like 30 minutes talking to you guys. And after I turned off the camera, I was just sitting on my bed, uploading the video to YouTube in peace. I was just talking to you guys for half an hour and going really deep talking about my regret. How I treated my parents, how I was a drunk for 16 years, how I rock 14 hours a day, like an autistic guy, and how I have stayed sober for 12 years, and how I make money from home, and how I am a recluse. Even though I have a wife, she is away for three months right now. 

So really YouTube is all I got here in Kingston Jamaica. And I have been talking to you guys more candidly than I ever have, and it is really paying off not just for me, but for my audience. Plus, I am starting to get income from YouTube. 

So here is what you do to reach Jamaicans with your multi-level marketing opportunity – you basically talk to the camera, could be your iPhone or whatever, and that is all I use is and I use an old iPhone six or seven. I don’t even know what it is anymore. But you just talk about what’s on your mind consistently and make sure that your titles are good and make sure that they are SEO titles. 

So what you do to find a good SEO title is you would Google something that you are interested in, and at the bottom of the Google search, there is a bunch of suggested key phrases. Now you can take any of those and turn those into titles targeting Jamaicans in Kingston. 

Here is how to work from home doing what you love, how to make money from your hobbies. Then look at the bottom of the first page of Google, you will see suggestions. You can use any of those, you can alter them as you wish. But that is what people are typing into Google for your multi-level marketing topic. 

Now if you want traffic to your videos in the Caribbean, you have to use titles that people are typing in to Google, that is the bottom line for Jamaicans. I just saved you $1,000 from blog marketing consultants, because that is all they are going to tell you. And you can do that with your blog. You can do that with your YouTube but talk about something that is on your heart or on your mind. You know right now I am talking about working from home and being a recluse and dealing with anger, dealing with sobriety and how to get sober, and make money sober.

I want to help you guys because the MLM opportunity is empty without wanting to help. This is empty if it is just for me. This whole world experience is about learning how to love each other. And obviously, none of that is happening right now. If you watch the fear porn news, mainstream, they want us divided and a divided nation cannot stand. 

So this is how you do free therapy by making YouTube videos about MLMs. First of all, if you are scared of your phone, get used to your phone. And what I like to think when I do videos is I am just walking and talking with, I am not walking now, but I was earlier. I am just walking with a friend and talking to them. I am sure you have one friend you can talk to.

So this could be your hell realm right now. It could be finances suck. The world sucks. The news sucks. Your spouse is not jiving with what you’re doing. It can be really hard right now you could have more anxiety than ever.

In fact, during the lockdown, the powers that be say that CBD dispensaries are okay. Like they want you to get stoned. But that is not how you get in touch with your feelings. It might help temporarily, could be a Band-Aid. I drank for 16 years – more than a band aid. In fact, it became a deeper wound under the band aid. The more I drank, the bigger that wound got – couldn’t run from it. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, even with higher MLM profits. 

So let me get back to the free therapy topic of YT and MLM. I think you should just talk to your phone. If you don’t have anyone to talk to and you can’t afford a therapist. I tried talking to a therapist on Skype, two weeks ago, my very first Skype call, and I don’t zoom, or anything. Video conferencing is great for most, but I miss in person. I have social anxiety but sometimes I also want to talk to someone in person. 

So I tried talking to this therapist on my laptop via Skype. And I was like, it’s just not working. I asked, Can I come see you? And she is like No, I am not accepting people in person because of this. And my other therapist who I have seen like five times he was like, No, I am not really seeing people in person anymore. 

I am like Ok that is great. All right, well, I don’t want to do Skype for MLM leads in Jamaica. So, these last two weeks, I have been getting really deep with my YouTube videos. I used to talk about marketing for 10 minutes. Now I am getting into really deep stuff for 30 minutes with my Jamaican viewers. I am inspired by a couple other vloggers. I guess that is what vloggers do. These Jamaicans just talk for a longer period of time than people that want to do business on YouTube, but it is more fulfilling and I am sure it is more fulfilling for you guys, because you really get to hear me. I am not just talking about the best network marketing company to join. 

It is more than that really. Life is more than just business. And, you know, sometimes you got to stretch the envelope and put a twist on things and experiment with your business – with your brand. You are the brand in MLM. So start talking about you and then eventually you can sprinkle in your products or whatever to Jamaican viewers. Put the links under every video to go somewhere where Jamaicans can learn more about you, or your products, whatever you want to do. 

But you don’t have to do spammy videos for your products. No one cares. They don’t want an infomercial, they can see those all night long on TV, on cable, talk about yourself because humanity will always be more interesting than man made products. The life struggle, the great life struggle, because we are all struggling. If you are not struggling, comment on social media by sharing this post and tell me what you are doing. And if you are just going to be funny or smart, I will probably just delete it. Because that is the beauty about social media, you can block anyone that you don’t like or that criticizes your network marketing opportunity. 

And there are lots of bots and trolls in the direct selling and MLM social media world. I mean, who creates these trolls and bots? Are they really that bored that they want to go around and just spread hate? They’re like little demon bots. There’s some lonely person in a dark garage, creating code to go around and spread little shitty comments. Isn’t that great? Isn’t that a great life?

So free therapy can be you and your phone and just start talking, I wouldn’t divulge, really, I mean, you can do whatever you want. Just know that there are guidelines with YouTube. They want you to stay away from misconduct. I am not even going to say the words because I don’t want this flagged but you know the usual suspects, different contraband, different forms of language, if you get my drift, explicit content, but go as deep as you can.

And I said in my last video that the ultimate currency of this universe is love. We are here to learn how to love people and ourselves. It is the only currency in heaven. So, if you don’t have any love, you are missing the boat. You are missing the true test. It is not status, it’s not accumulating wealth. Those things will come and go. If you are just depending on your status, and your money, you’re gonna be one unhappy person. Like celebrities that have money. They’re the most neurotic group in the world. 

Money is great for the first couple days you get it. Then, you want more. If you’re an addict, like me, I always get angry when I get a lot of money. I get restless, I gotta spend it all. It’s really bizarre – money can change people. I haven’t even made a lot of money, think if I got a few million overnight. I think it would scare a lot of people. They say that, you know, they show people jumping up and down after winning the lottery or the sweepstakes, but there’s documentaries about people that have won the lotto, and it shows them two years later, I guess some statistic shows they blow through all the money within five years, and they’re unhappier than ever. 

Because they tried filling their heart with the money. They tried getting happy with the money, they blew it. They got really high really fast, kind of like going to Vegas. And then they crashed. Because it’s not meant to sustain you. It doesn’t fill your heart. It’s empty. It’s just like sugar and empty calories. You get a rush then there’s the crash. 

And that’s pretty much all of the tools that Satan uses is a cheap, sugar high and addicts can’t stop because they’re looking for the bigger high. That’s why they increase the dose. They’re like if I just do this, maybe if I add that, maybe if I do this, I can get really, really high. And then they really start going into the trash can with their morals. All the morals go away, all the values go away. And that’s why we have so many Pedophiles – they’re just sex addicts that wanted to take it a little bit further. 

That’s my opinion. I could be totally wrong but I was an addict. Not the P word. But they all tie together. They’re addicts trying to fill their heart and that emptiness. So this is therapy. This is just as good as talking to a therapist, because all therapists do is guide you. 

You know, I always get upset when I gotta pay money for them guiding me. I mean, I’ve only done therapy like five times, but I’m like, wow, they did nothing. They just asked me a few questions and I talked the whole time. So why not use your phone. Then when you get over 1000 subscribers, YouTube will start paying you. Just be consistent with your videos. Don’t go too deep. I mean, you can just be careful because they won’t monetize your channel if you’re talking controversially, about things that you know are on the fringe, so to speak. 

But this is okay. I got a little nervous even saying the P word. Because I don’t want to lose Monetization. So, empty your heart. Talk about what you want. Talk about love. Talk about no love – talk about sober or not being sober. And slowly but surely you will get a following. They call it a tribe these days. You get a tribe of 100 to 1000 People that are devoted to you, you could probably work from home full time. Just be sure and leave links under your videos pointing to your blog pointing to a product that you promote. Eventually you will start getting signups and sales. Plus, you will feel better after a video. 

So you’re getting a lot of benefits from one 30 minute video. This is only 19 minutes so far. I’m feeling better that I’m talking to you guys. The whole reason why this channel is changing is because for one the marketing videos were getting a little two dimensional. And number two, my wife will be gone for three months. I don’t have any friends. You guys are my friends. Number three. That’s just how marketing is. The more you do it, the more it evolves and you will find your voice. Just like writers find their writer’s voice. You got to write a lot of pages to find your writer’s voice. You got to do a lot of videos to become a vlogger and get a tribe. Your tribe are people that are going to like you, love you, trust you. They’re gonna see you cry and laugh if you allow them to see it. If you really open up. 

I don’t know why I have so much pain. It is hard being alone. It’s hard being a recluse for all these years. But I’m not really looking for friends. Not out in public. I’m fine with internet friends. It’s still hard though. It’s hard for everyone. You know, you might not be battling what I’m battling but you have a battle. We’re all here battling together and if you’re watching a lot of mainstream news you’re apparently really in a battle. 

It is up to you how you want to design your life with network marketing in Jamaica. Heaven and Hell are right here on the island. This is beautiful and nature all around me. And I do have this cute little cat. You can always get a therapy animal. I think that’s what they are called. You see a lot of vets with dogs. A lot of therapy animals are circulating right now. You know cats bonk when they when they show love, they kind of bump you. Bump me in the leg when I’m washing dishes. It is so cute. 

A lot of people don’t understand cats. I don’t think you understand a cat until you get one. It’s very subtle. They’re not like a dog. A dog you can tell when he’s happy or sad or mad. They ‘re so obvious when they show love. You know, they lick you, they wag their tail. Yeah, that’s great. Cats though they’re almost more beautiful in a way because it’s subtle. You have to be smart to detect it. They’re little nuances. But they stick with you till the end. He actually growls when someone drives up here he’s a cat dog. That’s when I call him and he nips at my heels like a red healer. I swear he is a dog. 

So that is it fellow MLMers. I guess if I want to make this 30 minutes I got six minutes. But it’s about sharing and doing this together. So leave a comment telling me if you are getting anything from this. Tell me if you need – tell me what you want. You know, I will talk about it. It will have a work from home twist because if you go off topic, YouTube will not give you any traffic. So try to stick with a theme. You know if you have anxiety every video should have anxiety in the title. Just to let you know. If you want to attract people that want to make money from home, you should kind of tie that in, and look at Google search, look at what others are doing, and put a spin on it. Find someone that’s doing exactly what you are doing, and twist it a little. Make it your own. You might have to emulate them for a while until you get your voice. 

But if you do enough videos, you will get your voice. And what’s funny is, every day I lose subscribers and I gain subscribers almost equally. My channel is growing slowly because I am going through this transfer of audiences. This happens to all big YouTubers, so don’t get scared if you lose a subscriber or two. I started with CBD videos and PTSD videos a couple years ago. Now, as my channel evolves, those people are falling away and I’m getting a new audience. It is just a transference of people. It’s not a big deal. In fact, the people that subscribe now are going to be more in alignment with where I’m going than the people that were watching me three years ago. 

Keep that in mind when you start vlogging and it is really fun. And you know, if you start working from home doing it you can do tax write off, you can tax write off your fancy high definition camera if you use it for your business. You can write off your microphone, you can write off anything related to your business. You can set up a whole YouTube studio in your office, get fancy lights, microphones, headphones monitor speakers, you could even get a new laptop. 

So there are perks for Jamaicans when working from home. I wouldn’t do anything else. I haven’t worked at a job for almost four years. I was just flipping burgers. And then I didn’t even want to do that. So I started washing dishes. And then I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t even care because it is not about status. Sure we need doctors and lawyers and stuff, but I wouldn’t brag about it. I am having probably more fun than a lot of lawyers. And doctors, they are in surgery all day, and we need them. I am not bashing surgeons or physicians. But I want to design my life like this as a jolly Jamaican. This is like a retreat out here. I mean, our next neighbor is like a mile over and this is all woods. Retreat centers are made in places like this in Jamaica for high-performing MLM professionals. 

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