Expanding Global MLM Opportunity for Japanese Network Marketing Leaders

japanese mlm opportunity

Why MLM in Japan

Japan is densely populated with over 126 million people on a small island, whereas Russia only has 20 million more people in the largest country. Japan’s economy is huge, with a growth rate of 1.7%, the average income of the Japanese is $45,470 a year.

Asia generates the most sales revenue out of any country in the entire world, around $85 Billion, whereas North America is only $36 Billion. Japan is ranked #5 in the World and accounts for 8% of the global sales of $15.3 Billion (2018). There’s roughly 3 million MLM reps in Japan.

The Japanese are communal and like to do things together with family and friends, which naturally make them “networkers.” They share what they love to everyone they know, which makes network marketing a perfect match. Entrepreneurship in Japan is very low, but the Japanese love MLM because of the family and communal connection, and the chance to make unlimited income. 

Why We Want Japanese Leaders

Are you a network marketer in Japan who has experience developing an organization of reps? 

Are you looking for a reliable home-based company, who not only pays one of the highest commissions in the industry, but also has very popular products and are regularly consumed around the world each and every day?

Our established global MLM company has over 25,000 reps and 75,000 customers and we are looking to increase our presence in japan, and spread the world about our weight management products.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for a Japanese Network Marketing leader who can build a team, teach duplication to their team, create local leadership training and meetings, and have 5 years experience in Direct Sales. This leader shall have long-term goals within one MLM company for 3 to 5 years, and consistently approach new prospects to negate any attrition within his/her organization.

We are looking for a natural-born leader, someone who has passion, drive, and long-term goals within a network marketing business, and ultimately wants financial freedom, and life-changing results physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Why Work with Us

We are in over 100 countries and counting. We are looking for Japanese MLM leaders to promote our products and develop teams in Japan. We are currently generating $15 million a month in sales. We are a 5 year old company, founded in the USA. We offer:

Available in over 100 Countries.

Automated Recruiting System that helps you recruit.

25 cutting-edge products designed by a doctor.

$15 million a month in sales and plenty of growth potential.

Leadership Training

3-4 company calls per week

High-definition personalized websites

Power Leg Position. (I help you build your legs.)

Paid 7 Ways. WEEKLY Pay, including Binary Match Pay.

Work with Diamonds in the company who care about your success.

How to Get Started

For under $100 a month, you can become an Independent Representative in our company. You will immediately receive your own websites, a business dashboard, and the automated email recruiting system that you can use to help you recruit new reps when you upgrade your position to IR (Independent Representative) through the button below.

MLM businesses have evolved. Now you can promote your MLM business anywhere in the World. Our websites and landing pages are very effective in gaining new customers from almost every country in the world. Our shipping is very fast and there is customer support when you need it.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to working with you! View the full-line of products on our site.