Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Cayman Islands 2024

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Aspiring entrepreneurs in Cayman Islands can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in Cayman Islands can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling throughout the Caribbean island region.

This Is The Greatest MLM Organization You Should Sign Up For Fast

But what reputable MLM company should you join if you live in the Caribbean and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite legit MLM businesses to think about signing up with in Cayman Islands to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Cayman Islands 2024

1. LiveGood

2. QuiAri

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Oriflame

8. Vorwerk

9. Avon

10. Infinitus

There are other amazing MLMs to consider joining in Cayman Islands for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Young Living, Arbonne, Juice+, Melaleuca, Younique, Q Sciences, Sisel, DoTerra, and Forever Living. Do your due diligence on the multi-level marketing company you choose to join in George Town or other parts of the Caribbean!

How To Make More Money In MLM From Home And Overcome Obstacles

MLM allows you to live your best life in the Caymans, even if you have personal flaws. I just got done weed whacking and mowing the whole whole yard. It is looking pretty good. So I want to talk about alcoholism and work ethic and I am still sweating a lot from weed eating. But it is a gorgeous day here in the Caymans. 

And I have been sober for about 12 years since I was an 18 year old using a fake ID to drink. I had a couple of relapses in the first five years, but I didn’t really count the relapses because that is kind of the downside of 12 step programs is that, you know, they count days, and that could be a blessing and it can be a curse, because things go great when you are counting days and they are adding up but then if you relapse, they say you have to start all over. Back to day one. 

And I don’t think a lot of addicts on islands like hearing that. Especially if they throw away 90 days, 180 days, a year. Now, there are many times that I threw away nine months, I threw away 18 months, I threw away 20 months and then I threw away several other three months relapses. 

So, I just learned to not trip out about the relapse because that can spiral you out into guilt and shame, and guilt and shame are the devil’s best tools. Because what it does is it makes you go, Oh well, I threw it all the way. I might as well really, really do it up, and there are people that don’t come back to the isle.

I have seen lots of people that leave the island and they never come back. Because they are like, Oh well I relapsed. So I’m sure a lot of them died. It’s kind of sad. And you know, the overdose rate is skyrocketing right now because of the lockdown and the heath crisis, but I am not going to get into that. Don’t worry, you are probably burnt out hearing about it. 

I don’t even look at the news and I stay off of social media. I am in my own little world here. And I just watch MMA fighting all day on my YouTube, do videos like this and talk to you guys. 

My wife’s out of town for three months. But anyways, I want to talk about the dynamic that people go into when they get sober. You know, alcoholics are usually above average intelligence and they’re Workaholics. And so what do they do when they stop drinking and drugging is they become workaholics and they get into exercise. 

A famous example is Joe Piscopo. He was like a huge druggy, alcoholic in the 70s and 80’s then he became a workout expert, muscle bound, great shape, and there are a lot of people that do that. I think it is great, but some people think, you’re just trading one addiction for another. It is like If you are passionate about something and devoted and you put all your energy into something, what’s wrong with that, especially if it makes you money. 

So, I started writing. Actually, all the work I’ve done was when I got sober. I wrote four ebooks. I created a full length music album, which sucked. Lo fi, but I mean the dynamics of it were great. But that’s what turned me on to working from home was I sold a mp3 song offshore overnight while I slept because I uploaded my music to Amazon. And just the feeling of getting a sale while I slept was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe it. And I wanted that feeling again with overseas sales. 

So I was like how can I make money 24/7 because if you are thinking about starting a business. I mean, look at all the businesses that got destroyed during this lockdown. The only way to survive is to work online, make money online with a couple companies or one company that does business globally, internationally. That way you can earn 24 seven, because in traditional businesses, you are stuck, usually working from eight to five, eight to eight, whatever. And then when you close shop, you are just not making any more money. 

But as an internet marketer, you can make money 24/7, there’s been many mornings when I wake up and I have sales from Asia and from Africa and it’s just the coolest feeling in the world. Upgrades from Europe. You know, it’s like, oh, I just got a new member from Ireland. I got a new member from Japan. And I did it with just punching some numbers and writing some words and saying some words on YouTube and doing some paid advertising. 

So, let’s talk about that, how to generate sales around the clock. So like I said back to number one is I use network marketing. I started with affiliate marketing, I sold a digital product to ebook writers since I was an Ebook writer. So you want to align a product with what you’re doing. You want to be excited about it. You want to stand behind it. You want to be able to talk about it until you’re exhausted. You love it so much. You can talk about it all day long. That’s the first indicator. 

That’s the first thing you should think about when you want to make money online. What products can you stand behind? You know, let’s say you want to get back into fly fishing. You will find an affiliate program for a fly fishing company. Look at your favorite brands. Go to their website, go all the way down to the very bottom of the website and see if they have an affiliate link, click on that and apply for their affiliate program. That’s what you do in the very beginning. 

Now, I don’t know if they ship Fly poles to Europe or Asia. Ideally, you find something that the whole world wants. And network marketing, you want something that’s consumable ideally, that the whole world wants. 

For instance, CBD oil is in parts of the world. Some companies have it in every country. Diet coffee is good. Meal replacement shakes, I do that. And precious metals. People are really getting into gold and silver right now. So I promote that. And we’re available in 25 countries for the precious metals.

And what’s cool about precious metals is that every month you get a little bit more – they send you physical gold or silver in the mail. And all their other products, they got Platinum palladium collector watches and stuff. But every month, when you order the membership subscription, they send you the physical metal in the mail. And I love the concept because every single month, you have more and more, which is how you accumulate wealth. Plus you can promote the business and get paid down five levels. 

So if you brought in Bob, and Bob brought in Tim, you would get paid on that. And then if Tim brought in Chris, you’d get paid on that. And if Chris brought in John, you get paid on that and John brings in Carl, you get paid on that – you get paid down five levels on everyone on that team. And that’s how you can get residual income because those people can start growing their own businesses and you get paid for every little commission. 

So really think about what products you want to do and if you’re an ex-alcoholic, like me, I had to trade one addiction for another for a while. Since alcohol is mainly sugar, I had to switch to peanut butter m&ms. And I had to feel like it was a treat after work, and I got into work. I worked back to back jobs from morning until night cooking – started at 6am and didn’t get off till 10pm and that kept me sober. 

Then around two years into sobriety, it just started to become a habit. So you got to just kind of reward yourself for being good and when you’re sober, then eventually the peanut m&ms went away, and I started to work out and started playing racquetball because it’s fast. It’s loud. It’s exciting. 

A lot of ex alcoholics are adrenaline junkies, get into bicycling, get into jogging, because jogging gives you a jogger’s high. It is the best feeling in the world to just run down the African street and just look up at the trees and just have that wind pass past you really fast. 

Work your way up if you are overweight and out of shape. You know, start walking, drink tea at night, drink coffee, you know, have something to drink, buy some ginger ale, some diet Dr. Pepper and eventually, those things will start to feel like a reward instead of the alcohol.

Obviously do not go into a bar. Even if you’re sober, even if you’re drinking near beer, or fake beer, you’re just playing with the devil. And the devil is going to attempt you big time when you’re sober. You’re going to hear all these voices. They’re going to say, what’s one more night? Or you’ll get sober tomorrow. I heard that crap all the time when I got sober. That’s like the famous motto of alcoholics, just one more night, or I will get sober tomorrow. All of them say that they’ll get sober tomorrow. 

But you know, the devil wants you to do that until you are 80 years old, and you are still saying that and then your life is already over. You’re done if you are like most North Africans. Your window of opportunity is almost gone. You know, I guess you can be an 80 year old YouTuber. But wouldn’t you like to capitalize on all of this internet stuff now in your 40s or 50s if you live in Lybia?

If I am doing these videos, I want to talk to you guys. I want to get real, I want to be transparent. I want to help someone get sober and stay sober and make money from home. So start a YouTube channel just call it your name. You don’t want to call it your business or anything funny you don’t have to call it “make money” YouTube channel – don’t have to do that. Just call it your name. 

You know look at my name is Eric Christian Johnson because you’re the brand. What if you stopped promoting fly fishing? What if you want to do something else and then your YouTube channel is fly fishing still. It just looks funny. I know you can change YouTube names but when you are the brand – when Erik Christian Johnson talks I can promote anything I want because my name is still the same. I don’t call myself Coca Cola. You know what if I change drinks? 

So, start a YouTube channel, start a blog, look into blogging. If you’re not a writer, don’t do it. I’m just saying if you were writing at one time in your life if you’re like, yeah, I used to write in a journal, I miss writing, start a blog, but you gotta do it a lot. I’m saying a couple years of writing a couple hundred articles. You know, you really got to study the blog, blog techniques, SEO, how to title your titles, how long your articles should be, there’s hundreds of videos on it. If that’s something you want to do, or you can just transcribe your videos like I do and slap them into a blog post. 

I don’t even like writing anymore. I wrote over 1000 articles and I’m burnt out. The only reason I still have a blog is because I found a transcribing software, I can transcribe these videos. So I’m basically killing two birds with one stone, I get a video out of it and I get an article out of it. And then you can do some Pay Per Click ads. Look into Google ads. 

You know, if you want to make things happen faster than your YouTube and, and a blog look into Google and Bing advertising – Bing is run by Microsoft, the Bing search engine. 

So let’s say you get into the precious metals, and you don’t have a blog, you don’t really have a YouTube yet. You could run an ad tomorrow and start getting leads in a day or two. That’s how powerful advertising is but you got to have some money. If you don’t have money, you have to create content or you have to do your social media stuff, but people aren’t really buying on Facebook unless they know you. 

You know If you are thinking about spamming strangers on Facebook, just forget it. Because no one buys from people they don’t know. So you got to build trust with an audience. So start doing videos every day and just talk about your life and what you want to do with it. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to talk about any specific technique or MLM company or products, you just start talking about yourself. 

Maybe say that you lost five pounds recently, because you’re drinking these awesome shakes. I’ll leave a link under this video. Do that. Tell your audience what you want them to do. It’s called a call to action. You want people to do something after they watch, hear, or they read you. So you say click the link under this video, take a free tour in our number one MLM business. That’s a call to action and if you got 300 videos and you do that in everyone you’re going to start generating leads, you’re gonna start getting sales. 

And if it’s summer when you read this, you’re gonna have to do double because everyone’s out playing in the sun. You got to do double time. If you’re trying to stay sober, and you’re a workaholic, do double time – do two YouTube videos a day, do two articles a day, run 10 ads at a time. You know, get your social media profiles up, name them all the same thing – use hashtags on social media. You know, if you’re on a diet, do hashtag diet, hashtag diet, health, hashtag supplements, you know? And then those hashtags will attract a new audience for you. 

So that’s it, guys. I mean, things can be really hard when you’re getting sober. I remember crying and having growing pains, learning how to feel again, those feelings come back that you suppressed for years drinking and drugging. They say it can mentally stunt you if you drink hard enough. I mean, I feel like I’m 28 but I’m 48 and I feel 28 because I drank hard core for 16 years, got drunk twice a day, blacked out every night, blacked out during the day, drink beer at 4am to go back to sleep – stopped eating because it would ruin my buzz – insanity. Who thinks that way? 

I’m going to stop eating so I feel a buzz from $1.79 malt liquor beer. That’s pathetic. sleeping in my own urine because I couldn’t you know, so passed out. I wet my bed. I was wetting my bed every other day and I’m surprised I even told you guys that but I’m being transparent. I don’t care. Maybe you got some disgusting secrets. I think most alcoholics do. And druggies. 

You know, I bet you guys have done some really bad stuff. You can’t even remember – you don’t even want to talk about it. Bad stuff. And it’s very demoralizing. It starts to take away your soul. I mean, I don’t even want to get into talking about meth and other hard drugs because it can literally take your soul. I mean, there’s some wicked looking people around here on meth you know, here in Tennessee and North Carolina, mainly on the Tennessee side. 

I’m just kidding guys. It’s everywhere. It’s a huge problem. Globally, but it’s one of those drugs that you just do demonic things when you’re on it. And I’m glad I didn’t get into it. But I have an addictive personality. So I know I would have ran with it if there was a drug dealer next to me. Yeah, I would have been bad. 

But enough about that because it’s just a dark, shady world. You can create either heaven or hell on this earth – might sound a little hokey, but it’s really true. Because right now, I feel like I’m in heaven. I’m sober. I’ve lost weight. You know, I’m down to 184. I’ll be in the 170s next week. My shakes arrive in three days. I’m going to do just two shakes for 30 days. 

I’ll do videos about that. That’s how you make money with shakes, start losing weight, drink them. Talk about it a little bit. Don’t talk about it in the whole video unless you’re doing a shake review. But talk about your life throwing a little bit of products that you’re using whatever helps your life whatever can help others. 

You know, I’m not just during this video to promote shakes. I could talk about my life for two more hours. I mean, if you guys are getting anything out of this, leave a comment. I really want you to get sober. 

I’m surprised that I got sober. I really am. I mean, I had everything going for me to be a drunk the rest of my life. I loved being a hobo. I loved drinking wine under the stars. I loved hitchhiking. I romanticized the dregs of society. The same ones that Jack Kerouac wrote about On the road, I wanted to be that – my role models were all drunks. Charles Bukowski, the famous poet from California, died in the early 90s or late 80s, a very prolific poet – wrote so many books, poetry, beautiful stuff. And he’d say some really simple stuff, but it just blew your mind. And it was probably all alcohol soaked, you know a lot of his words. 

And I don’t believe in badness and darkness creates a better artist. I don’t. I think I can create some really killer stuff now in sobriety, but when I first got sober, I was like, Wow, my stuff sucks. Maybe because I’m sober. I think only a great artists are mad, you know, like Van Gogh, they’re mad. They’re schizophrenic, they’re alcoholic, they’re junkies. 

It’s not true. It just took about two years for me to regain my creativity. I had to rewire. I had to rethink things. I had to come up with new ideals and speculate in reality for a while, reassess my terrain. 

Then I was like, alright, I can write again, I can create. Now I’m a madman with creation. But it’s not dark and twisted, and I don’t want it to be. I want it to be just normal stuff like this, where I can actually speak clearly and articulate and make sense. 

Whereas in my 20s, I was like, oh, man, I’m so abstract because I did some acid. I’m so deep. You know? That’s such a lie. I mean, I’m glad I did it. Even Steve Jobs was like, the best time of my life was when I did LSD. And he was just being honest. And I agree there were some beautiful times. Very beautiful. I can’t even express that now. And I’m not going to talk about Oh, so this big whale on the lawn man, or talking about just feeling love and the universe and seeing, even if I start talking about it, now, it sounds hokey, you gotta just be there. You gotta just experience life. 

So just reassess your life, get sober, rewire your brain, it’s gonna take some time. Start working out, start getting that dopamine from good things instead of bad things. You know, alcohol triggers the dopamine, the feel good drug, but then you deplete it and alcohol stops working. I became nasty. Even when I was sober. I was either drunk or hungover. And when I’d go to work hungover, the waitresses would talk my ears off and I would snap. I just be like, shut up, you know? I scared this one waitress so bad. She took the next day off, because it was just me and her working in this small little cafe and she took the next day off. She didn’t want to be near me. 

And so it took about a year to get dopamine from other sources from working out to jogging – coffee can even give you dopamine and chocolate. Treat yourself, save up your money and go out to dinner. And just tell yourself, you’re wealthy that you deserve it. Start looking into the law of attraction, start attracting positive stuff in your life, say that you’re wealthy, say that money circulates. There’s trillions dollars circulating right now in the air in the ether called the internet, you can easily get a little slice of that and make a million a year. 

How bad do you want it? Grant Cardone never wanted to be poor again. So he became a maniac with content, created three to five videos a day and created 700 articles in a year. And now he is #1 sales trainer in the world – net worth 300 million, all because his dad died and his mom had to sell the house, they didn’t have any money. 

They weren’t prepared for his dad to die so young. And he’s like, screw this. I am never going to be poor again. And he’s a little obsessed with money. You know, I think there’s more to life than money. You know, he waves the little money fan a little too much. It’s a little cheesy. It’s a little old school salesman. 

You know, there’s a lot of people that are raising their vibration now because it’s all energy. It’s all energy. It’s raising your vibration. Because there’s some evil crap going on in the world. You know what it is, you see it all over the news. You got to unplug from the matrix. unplug from the fear porn. Because all it wants you to do is stay in fear and anger. They want us divided, they want us to attack each other. So I’m gonna stay here in this little utopia, stay sober, lose weight. Talk to you guys hopefully to help one or two of you get sober and stay sober. It is really worth it in the end. 

Don’t let the demons lie to you about network marketing and not achieving your goals. But unplug from the matrix, start making money from home because they’re gonna take everything from us. They are gonna take the money away. You need to get into precious metals. You must get into meal replacement. You know, they’re gonna take away the food supply, they already want the farmers to kill their cattle. What kind of twisted nonsense is that? They want to take away churches or farmers along with MLMs. 

So you better start stockpiling good stuff not the crappy mac and cheese long term food. You have to get some really good meal replacement, some vegan protein, not that whey protein. Whey Protein just bulks you up and it is dairy – you are still messing with the cows. Now I am being a hypocrite because I love steak. But I am trying to stay away from steak you know because my cholesterol is really high. 

Anyways, keep in mind that MLM is a real business opportunity and not a get rich quick scheme. I will see you at the top of the multi-level marketing mountain soon!

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