10 Reasons To Join The Easy1up Affiliate Program

So, I have been doing internet marketing now since 2011 so almost 10 years. I haven’t really found anything truly exciting as easy1up so I thought I would do a article on the 10 reasons why I joined easy1up because it’s truly a business I’ve never seen before and there’s just so many things to cover that I just have to do this video/article on, I’m so excited. 

And I just signed up and, you know, I think this is the way out of poverty for a lot of people that are struggling right now. A lot of people are giving up their MLM products because they are just not making money with it. And I truly believe that with this high ticket program, you can start making $500 a day, right from day one. 

So let’s go over the 10 reasons why I joined easy1up. 

Number ten is the training is phenomenal, peter wolfing, was a network marketer with 26 years experience and wanted to streamline the network marketing business model, and he created easy1up, and it’s truly a very simple business – you get training modules, and it’s only a one time purchase.

So you find the module that you like and you buy it. So the training is amazing. Everything from YouTube training, how to get free leads, how to set up social media, how to set up a digital marketing business online, and there’s so many different modules to choose from. So pick the one that you like, and that’s it. 

Number nine, there’s no ranks or qualifications. It’s not a binary, it’s not even really MLM, and what you lock your product into is what you can earn up to. So if you buy the $500 product, the vertex elite, then you can get commissions up to that amount, and anything below that any package below that you can get commissions from those as well. If you buy the $2,000 pack then you can earn up to $2,000 per sale. And it’s paid instantly. So I’m jumping ahead so let’s get back to the point.

Number eight, is the one time cost that I just explained, I’m so excited I’m just getting ahead of my notes. 

Number seven, there’s no auto ship. So you’re basically just doing a one-time purchase and you’re done and you can start promoting your websites and get other people involved, and it can become very lucrative very fast. 

Number six, no physical products you don’t have to worry about, you know, buying a certain amount of product each month to rank advance. Like I said, there’s really no ranks and some of the products in MLM We don’t even need, there’s no reason to buy a lot of these MLM products, people just buy them to make rank or to make a certain commission rate and it’s just not a good, long sustaining business model – especially right now during these crazy times. 

Number five, it’s sustainable. This business has been around since 2016. It’s definitely legit. People are getting paid thousands of dollars every single day. There’s no reason for it to be shut down. They have a digital product that’s legitimate – people would buy it, whether there was a business attached to it or not. 

Number four, it’s truly high ticket commissions guys – we can make $500 to $2,000 per sale instantly. All right, and we’ll get to that in a minute I’m jumping ahead again. But you really can get $2,000 a day with this program, unlike mlms where you get $20 commissions and you never get ahead, because you can’t live off $20 Commissions. 

I was in one company that only paid $3 to $7 commissions, I would need 1000 orders to get $7,000 a month. With easy1up I can literally get $10,000 with five sales. 

Number three, it’s not MLM. So, you know, a lot of people are hating on MLM right now. Because a lot of MLMers are not marketing their MLM properly and there’s an anti-MLM movement going on right now,and I think MLM is actually declining in the US for the last three years.

It’s just, it’s going down in flames because social media is making it look uglier and uglier every year because people don’t know how to market it, and people hated MLM even before social media because of secret parties that people tried to trick you to go to like my dad was tricked into going to an Amway house party didn’t even know what it was. 

Number two, it’s truly global, so this company is literally in every single country, because you can set up a payment processor that everyone can use. So when you set up your dashboard, there’s a place where you can put buying instructions, and this is where you can set up your PayPal, cash app Bitcoin, trustpay, Zelle, which a lot of big banks use, and there’s so many different payment processors you can use, you can accept cheques you can accept Western Union. 

You can accept cash, so many different payment processors to choose from, that there really are no restrictions in the world I mean literally people in India or China or Russia can sign up with this any country in Africa, any country in Asia. 

I was looking at another high ticket affiliate program last week, and they were restricted in 80 countries. So a lot of people in these countries are very hungry for opportunities online like the Philippines and Nigeria couldn’t do it. This is truly global. 

Number one is instant payouts, alright so when someone signs up through me, and they buy the $500 pack, they pay me directly, so I get paid instantly. Same with you when you sign up people are going to pay you directly. They have to pay the admin fee first. It’s $5 to 100 hundred dollars depending on the product. 

But it is really inexpensive. It’s like $10 to the admin, you pay them first and then you pay me, and then you’re signed up, you get your own website, you get your own landing pages that have an autoresponder. It’s just like any other successful MLM company, but it’s more like affiliate marketing, because there’s really no binary, there’s no tree.

I think you can look at your team, but as far as that, you know, it is high ticket affiliate marketing, and I am going to blow this up! So I really want you to join me, click the link under this article.

I am looking to make $500 a day and I am looking to help you guys make $500 a day or more. $500 a day is $15,000 a month. That’s literally going to change our lives, and I really want to team up with you so thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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