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Elon Musk just tweeted out that paper money will go away, and Forbes did an article on Trump who said he wants to crash the fed.

Either way, paper money is going away, and god forbid, you don’t want to get hooked into the “One World Currency” that the globalists are pushing.

You want to earn crypto online and store it safely, and ideally spend it using crypto debit cards. I have some different resources, platforms, and business opportunities listed below where you can earn, store, and spend various cryptocurrencies around the world:

One – Cash App

cash app review 2020

Cash App is owned by Square and has 339k 4.8 stars in the App store. Cash App is for IOS and Android and is like a banking app. What’s really cool is you can invest in stocks with a minimum of only a $1 or buy Bitcoin within a couple clicks.

You can earn $5 when you refer anyone to the app when you sign up. Easily text anyone in your contacts your referral code when you sign up. You can sign up HERE 

Two – Crypto.com

crypto review 2020

Crypto com is out of Hong Kong and has a cryptocurrency platform where you can buy, sell, and even lend cryptocurrencies and earn up to 8% on it.

Crypto also offers their very own metal MCO debit card that you can use online and anywhere Visa is accepted. Get Netflix and Spotify for free and earn up to 10% back on purchases when using the card. 

Earn $50 per referral and receive $50 when you sign up through my link HERE (when you buy MCO yourself)

Three – My Daily Choice

my daily choice bitcoin

MyDailyChoice is one of the first Network Marketing companies to pay in Bitcoin and the very first to pay in precious metals (gold, silver, platinum)

My Daily Choice offers a large line of health & wellness products, including CBD, Travel, Sublingual Sprays, and essential oils. They are, in my opinion, the fastest growing MLMs out there, and did over $200 million in sales in 2019, and have over a million customers and reps worldwide. Sign up as an affiliate for free the first month and go to payments settings to choose between Bitcoin, precious metals, or many other forms of payment.

Take the Free Tour Here.

Thanks for reading! Money is changing quickly and you need to stay on top of cryptocurrency and start earning it.

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