Top 10 Best MLM Companies In North Macedonia 2024

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Aspiring entrepreneurs in North Macedonia can generate major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Recruiters and sellers in North Macedonia can make multiple revenue streams with network marketing, including prosperous passive income monthly while working online from home or on the go traveling globally.

This Is The MLM Company You Want To Join

But which MLM company should you join if you live in North Macedonia and want the most profits? Here are our ten favorite MLM businesses to think about signing up with in North Macedonia to maximize your chances of success in 2023 and 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In North Macedonia For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Mannatech

3. Valentus

4. Herbalife

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Quick Silver Wealth

8. iCoin Pro

9. Natura

10. Organo Gold

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in North Macedonia for 2023 or 2024 as well such as BeachBody, Tupperware, Youngevity, Total Life Changes, Arieyl, Modere, Coway, Neolife, Norwex, Young Living, Arbonne, DoTerra, Juice Plus, and Forever Living.

How To Make Money Online From Home With MLM

It doesn’t matter what I do in network marketing. The first couple years in network marketing, I was a lone wolf. I thought I could do it all myself without the help of other North Macedonians. I had internet marketing skills as a North Macedonian online seller. I had over 100,000 followers on Twitter along with a Facebook and Instagram account. I had a blog, I had a YouTube, just leave me alone. I want to just make money with multi-level marketing. 

What is funny is that I see people that join my business today, and they are saying to leave me alone. I got this. And I laugh now, because I was one of those people. I was like, Just leave me alone. I want to make money. 

You won’t make any money if you chase money. If you join network marketing because you want to make a ton of money really fast it is not for you. Nothing on the internet will be for you. There is no easy money on the Internet, and here is the catch: If you want to make big money in network marketing, you need a network. 

You need a network of people that are helping you because the leaders have thousands of people on their team. That’s how these leaders are making astronomical money – $100,000 a month, $200,000 a month, half a million dollars a month legally in Bitola and Prilep. 

But when most people join, they are like, What is in it for me? How do I make money in Skopje and that is great. You know, you can make a couple hundred here, a couple hundred there. If you’re an extrovert and you have a lot of friends, and some of them join your business, you could get a couple grand very fast. 

It all depends on your network and how much people listen to you, and how they sign up with you and how they think of you. If you don’t have any friends on Facebook and you don’t have a brand, you don’t have YouTube, you don’t have any engagement with people then your best bet is to do paid advertising, you got to spend money. 

But here’s the thing is that I didn’t have any money, and I didn’t have any friends. I still don’t have a lot of friends. There’s only a few people on my team that I am really connected to you. I’ve been in network marketing for six years. I am still learning about myself. I’m still learning how to love myself because you can’t help others when you’re hurting and when you are wounded. 

Every successful leader has a tragic story and they have been through some tremendous things. A lot of people will turn that negative into the positive. What do I mean? What I mean is something tragic happens in their life. And they’re sick of it in Europe. The Europeans are sick of feeling fear, they’re sick of feeling pain, they’re sick of feeling depression, and they flip it around. They turn it around and they use all that energy into their business, into their personal life as a European. 

They say they are gonna make it no matter what it takes. You have to be dramatic. You have to be all in. You have to go all out with whatever you want to do. It doesn’t even have to be network marketing. It can be losing weight, it could be fixing your marriage. It could be getting a promotion, whatever, you got to put all your heart and soul into it. 

Sometimes you don’t even know what your breaking point is. You think you think you hit a low and then you hit another low and then you hit another low. And you are just like, Oh my gosh, when does it stop? 

But then you realize, when you’re at the very bottom, you realize that you can only go up. I was an ex alcoholic, I did have a heart attack. I did screw up a lot of relationships. I did play the silent treatment with my dad for years and it ate me alive and it ate him alive. I hurt a lot of people and so finally I was like I’m done. You know – who wrote this book? I don’t like it.

So I flipped it around and I learned that I should give back. I started giving a little bit back, and network marketing, especially, I started to help a little bit more. I started to open up and talk to my team. And some were still in. You know, I lost a lot of people in the beginning, but some stayed in and I started to connect with them. And I’m like, how are you doing today? Can I help you? 

It felt so much better and it had so much more meaning and than me just being like, yeah, yeah, I’m just, I just want to make money off of people. It’s a totally different mindset. Because I’m done. I’m done hurting people. And you’re not gonna make any money in network marketing if it’s just you.

There’s no way that you can make half a million dollars a month, just by selling products. Yeah, maybe If you own a website and get a million views a month. You could probably make good money if you promote your product there. But most people don’t. They have maybe 100 contacts on Facebook. That’s it. 

But what you do is you start recruiting one person at a time, and some are going to quit. That’s just normal. All right. That’s just life, people quit. But you keep looking, keep recruiting. Then more and more people stick with you. The more your vision gets clear, the more people will stick with you. They don’t care how smart you are. They don’t care how fancy your blog is. They don’t care how many friends you have on Facebook. 

All these people care about is, what your vision is, and where you’re going to take everyone – you got to take everyone with you, especially in network marketing. You have to have a clear goal. What do you want to do with your business? It is not about money. Money is the byproduct of helping a lot of people get where they want to go. Like Zig Ziglar said, If you help enough people get what they want. You can have anything you want. 

Network Marketing is counterintuitive. It’s not about how fast you grow, and how fast you make money. It’s about helping others first. That is the ideal. I didn’t make any money when I thought about myself. Didn’t matter if I had 100,000 followers, 200,000 followers, 300,000 followers. 

If you have no engagement with your audience, this is when you know that you’re not in alignment with your purpose: if you don’t get any interaction from people when you post on social media, you’re not in alignment. That’s just the bottom line. 

I’m sorry to say that I do have a lot of videos that people don’t comment on. And I look back at those and I’m like, how did I start the video? Was I thinking about others? Or was I just thinking how I would look and sound? And what was my message? 

The most liked videos I do are where I just lay it all on the line, and I’m vulnerable. It’s not practiced. I’m rough around the edges. I stumble on my words. I’m just being real. I’m being human and it’s relatable. That’s what leaders have: relatability. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brainiac on the internet. No one cares if you’re a Brainiac. They want to connect with you heart to heart. 

You know, I was watching a video from a leader who has made $50 million in network marketing, and he did a video. I just discovered it two weeks ago when I started his mentorship training. But he was talking about his childhood and he just broke down crying. He was an orphan really, his parents abandoned him. 

There’s a lot of people in network marketing where they have wild success because they channeled that negative tragedy into something positive. You know, it could take many years to flip around your tragedy and turn it into something empowering for others. But he bawled his eyes out and I, for a second, I was uncomfortable. I was like, wow, this guy is a leader, but he’s losing it. 

But then after that I had so much respect for him. I reached out on Facebook, we became friends. The guy has a huge heart and he’s helped thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people. 

So it doesn’t matter how cool you are, if you have no friends, it doesn’t matter; doesn’t matter how flashy your website is, if you have no friends, doesn’t matter how many videos you have, if you get no engagement. 

So, I was tired of being the lone wolf. Back to when I was giving my dad the silent treatment when I was 16 to 18. Two years of silent treatment. He couldn’t force me to talk to him, and he couldn’t beat me enough to talk. What can you do? We were both bullheaded. So we just went to our separate rooms. He’d go into the TV room, I would go to my bedroom. We did that for two years until he kicked me out when I was 18. 

Little did I know that in my late 20s I was still affected by what I did in my childhood. And a lot of these huge leaders in network marketing had dads that abandoned them and didn’t give them any attention. Ray Higdon. He’s one. He couldn’t please his dad. I think it’s a syndrome where you try to please your dad, and a lot of guys have it. A lot of girls have it. You want to please your dad. I mean, what’s wrong with that? You want to make your dad happy. 

But, these leaders channeled that tragedy and they flipped it and used it as an empowering tool to inspire and motivate thousands of people on their network marketing teams. The money came later. But when the money came, it’s unlimited. It’s millions, millions of dollars. It is life changing income

But if you try to chase money right away with no story, and no team, no mission, no mission statement, no clear path, no passion, no heart. You’re gonna make 20 bucks. You know? 

So find your why. Why are you doing network marketing? You gotta get it off of yourself, and that’s easy for me to say now, but in the very beginning. I had a lot of ego. I still have ego every day. It’s a process of dissecting the ego, humbling myself, you got to actually humble yourself the more success you get. 

Both my wife and I, we’ve had money before, and it went right to our heads, and we’re just like, wow, what happened? like Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde with money. Money does funny things to people and we didn’t even make a lot of money. But just that little bit of money made us cocky, arrogant, and the biggest leaders are the most humble. 

So it’s a daily process of humbling yourself. While all of this success is happening around you, it’s a tightrope act. And entrepreneurship is exciting. It’s totally exciting. It’s worth every minute. But it is hard work. 

MLM is not a lottery ticket. No Business online is a lottery ticket. You watch Gary Vaynerchuk and he just tells it to your face. He’s like, it’s frickin hard. And it’s lonely and it sucks. But it’s in his blood, it’s in my blood and we can’t stop. There’s nothing else I would do. Internet Marketing, network marketing, network marketing, especially. Because you can empower people and they stay with you for years. And you can form deep relationships that you really can’t do. 

With affiliate marketing, you’re just selling products. There is really no residual income. There are some programs but a lot of them are one time sales. Then you don’t even know those people. They just buy from your website and they’re gone. That’s affiliate marketing. There are some programs where people have to reorder so you get residual income.

But network marketing, you’re forming your tribe, you form a tribe. And if you do it long enough, you establish really close friends, lifelong friends. Because I mean, if the company is good, it’ll be around for decades. You could have 10 to 20 – 30 year old friendships from your network marketing company and it is a true life long journey with network marketing. 

But you gotta look at the long term. A lot of people come and go, you know, they’re in for one month, three months, six months. There’s people that talk really big. They started a YouTube channel. They’re like, we’re all about this company and these products. They put up 50 videos, they do their zoom calls with their team. And then you look a year later and they’re gone. It’s like what happened? Oh, oh, it’s because CBD is everywhere. That’s why he quit. A lot of wannabes and network marketing, you know, come and go. 

So, you really have to understand network marketing as a real profession. It’s gonna take longer than a year to grow a team. For most, 99% people, it will take a couple years to form a team. You got to recruit people, lots of people are going to quit your business within a year. A lot of people don’t even understand that one statistic, and they start getting tripped out when people quit. 

It’s a sales job. I mean, yeah, you don’t have to do sales. There’s ways to prospect without a sales pitch. I do it all the time. People come to me through my articles and they’re ready to buy. I don’t even pitch anyone. That’s not the problem. The problem is they don’t understand that people quit and they take it personally. 

It hurts their pride, hurts their ego. They’re like, what am I doing wrong? No, it’s just the industry. It’s any competitive industry. Think of all the people that wanted to be a pro athlete when they’re in high school, in grade school. They’re like, I’m going to be a professional football player, and they make it to maybe college football, if they’re really good. 

But think of all the people that quit right after high school. They go on to do something else that their parents want them to do. And they don’t do their sport. I wanted to be a professional drummer. My parents would have paid for the music school if I graduated high school, but I was too far gone. I already had to make up like nine classes to graduate in one year. I didn’t care about school. I cared about rock and roll. 

But I still didn’t make it. I played a couple small shows in our town. That is as far as I got. Then alcohol consumed me for the next 16 years and you know, I almost destroyed myself. But I am back. And now I want to help others. And that’s how you should think when you join network marketing. It’s not how much you can do. It is what you do with an MLM team. 

That’s where everything lies: friendships, relationships, the mission, the astronomical amounts of money you can make. It’s all from a team. It’s from your network. So I’ve recruited thousands of people, maybe not thousands, 1800 total and that doesn’t matter. It’s what you show your team. It’s the ability to show your team what you do. If it doesn’t duplicate, don’t do it. If you’re if your team can’t do it, You know, abort the mission. 

If blogging is not duplicatable, you can blog but don’t show your team. Blogging is insanely hard, you need hundreds of articles. So I don’t tell my team to blog. It takes too much work. You have to be a writer already. You have to love writing to be a blogger. 

So I don’t show that to my team. The systems that duplicate the easiest are things that are free and everyone’s doing it already, which would be like Facebook. All the leaders have some kind of Facebook system, because anyone can do it. 

I had people on my team, they knew I was blogging and I would try to show them what I was doing and they’re like, Oh, well, you’re a blogger. I don’t do that. You know, or even running ads. A lot of people don’t want to spend any extra money on their business. They don’t think it’s a real business or they just want to spend the minimum. I’m going to just buy one bottle a month. It’s like, all right, well, you gotta use your social media to grow your business then if you don’t want to spend an extra dollar on an ad to help expand your business. 

Most people that make it in business in general, reinvest into their business and scale it up and grow it. It takes money to grow a business. All businesses have to go into debt to expand – that is business 101 for MLMs. They take out loans, they do whatever. At least they get sponsorships, or endorsements to keep going. 

But you got to go all in and use all your resources and get your business off the ground. Because it’s going to be pretty slow in the beginning, you won’t have a team supporting you in the beginning. It’s just you till you get a team. So all the money for advertising comes out of your pocket in the beginning, or you create content, but that could take a year or two to start getting traffic. 

Then you got your social media. So you have a choice. How do you want to grow your business? Do all three, do everything and that’s it. So you’ve probably heard this before. There’s no “I” in team  and that’s network marketing. You can try being the lone wolf like I did, but eventually, you’re gonna have to help people get to the finish line. Because it’s not about you, never was about you. That’s the illusion. The illusion is you think it’s all about you, but it is completely opposite. And I am learning that every day in multi-level marketing. It is very humbling before you succeed in network marketing and direct selling when you live in Ohrid, Shtip, or Radovish.

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