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My name is David Rutz, Founder and President of David Allen capital I’m excited to share this compensation plan with you. This is your compensation plan chart; it discusses different rules, different vocab. Welcome to this compensation plan training. My name is David Rutz founder and president of David Allen capital. I’m excited to share this compensation plan with you.

This is your compensation plan chart discussing different rules, different vocabularies etc terms and definitions. You can find this in your agent resource center but what we’re going to do in this video training is go through all the different steps but first thing I want you to know this is a results based compensation plan, funded clients are the only thing that generate income not your efforts so that means you can earn zero, right there’s no guarantee at all, but there’s also no income ceiling because we don’t cap your income if you produce a lot of value and you’re gonna make a lot of income, you don’t produce value and you won’t make income. 

DAC compensation plan

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Okay, there’s four types of paid, we have personal client income from four to 6% of the funded value personally enrolled agent income as you know you can roll your own agent team, and around their production, and then this third team continues to grow you can actually qualify to earn depth overrides meaning through your team you can earn between a half and two and a half percent of all funding, and then our parent company youngevity has residual income and perks that they offer as well for you get up to 12 months of residual income per deal plus some other person’s will discuss so let’s talk about those for instance first is the personal client income.

You see you make four to six and a half percent of the funded value. Let’s discuss funded value real quick funded value is generally the amount that your client receives in funds, whether it’s a loan or advanced, they get 100,000, you get paid on that 100,000, there have been four or five instances in our history where we’ve had to reduce funded value to help secure the client, it may be, where the client is just not satisfied and will not accept the terms and they negotiate really hard with us and we want to keep the client because we’ve had them several advances or loans already, so we may come to you and say hey are lenders willing to give them the deal they’re looking for but only if we’ll reduce commissions and you would have to agree to it.

But there have been cases where we reduce the funded value as less than the amount that they’ve been funded, there are other times where we’ve had, we’ve been able to increase it because we were given bonuses, or extra income from our lenders so funded value is generally the funding amount but I just wanted you to know that there are, there may be times when it would have to be lower, or could be higher. Now, it also says there’s an asterisk there four to 6% it says this includes your personal commission and qualified leadership overrides, you’re going to see you always earn 4%, but you can get up to 6% six and a half percent because of overrides you also earn on your own clients.

Okay. Now when you’re paid you can see how this adds up 500,000 in funding is $20,000 minimum. We have had people do 500,000 in total funding their first month. So it’s possible, but we’ve had many people most never do 500,000 in funding, just like any other whether it’s real estate or mortgages, you know, production is a small percentage of people do very well.

Right, so it takes results and not everyone’s cut out to produce results so you’ll know whether you are or not, whether you’re willing to give it what it takes, or not, as far as compensation we pay you through direct deposit the Friday after funding now be cut off is Wednesday, close the business as long as it funds.

The client gets funding Wednesday to close the business you’ll be paid that Friday. If it funds on Thursday, you won’t be paid the next day we paid Eight days later the following Friday. Okay. And if your first funding, what we do is we ask you for your routing number and your account number so that we can set up your direct deposit, right, so let’s go through how you make your personal income and those enrollment pay, and those overrides when everyone starts you start off at 4% so you’ve not got any clients yet you’re at 4%.

Okay. If you introduce a new agent, you earn a half percent, and anything they do during your first six months you can still have zero personal clients, but you do eventually have to get one client if you want to maintain this half percent on your personally Enrolled Agents.

DAC comp plan review

So in this example let’s say you prefer eight different agents to David Allen capital, you’re going to earn a half percent of all their funding, as long as you’re in your first six months, and you’ll see or if you’ve gotten one personal fine but let’s look at this person on the far end let’s say her name is Lisa. Lisa helped a client get started with $80,000 in funding, do you think the clients happy, of course, they’re fueling their business well Lisa’s gonna make 4% of that 80,000 she’s gonna make 30 $200, she’s happy to this could be your first month you because you referred Lisa you’re going to earn a half percent, which you do on all your personally enrolled agents, you’re going to make $400, and Lisa’s client, because you helped us to get involved with us and Lisa referred a client.

DAC compensation plan review

Okay, so that’s how you make that and it can be as many agents as you want. You’re not limited by territory and you’re not limited by numbers. Okay, the territory the most clients must be in is the United States. Okay, once you’ve gotten one personal client means you’ve gotten one original client yourself, you now get in advance you now get to the one rate, call it, you’re now going to get four and a half percent on all your personal clients but the way that happens is you’re still getting the 4% but you now also get that open line override, which is a half percent.

Can you see how that arrow continues down, you’re going to get that half percent, not just on your personal clients but you’re going to get it on everyone in your team who’s in your open line meaning not under someone else at the one level. So let me show you how this adds up. So your personal clients, you’re going to get the 4% but you’re also going to get the half percent open line override because your clients count in your open line right they’re not under someone else at the same level as you they’re under use you get that half percent open line overrides to make four and a half percent.

The people you personally enroll you’re still getting the half percent enroller personally enroller income but you now also get a half percent open line override so you’re really getting 1% now on the agency personally introduced, and guess what they’re gonna build a team, aren’t they, anyone they introduce you get the half percent open line override, as long as those agents are not under someone else already at the one level. So if one of your personally Enrolled Agents reached the one level then you wouldn’t get that person on 13 anymore, but you’d still get it on the rest of your team. Okay. Now, when you’ve got two original clients it’s two separate clients, you get another increase at that point you then get promoted, where you’re now getting another quarter percent open line override. So now your personal income is four and three quarters percent.

Your personally enrolled income has gone up quite a bit, and your open line override continues. And when you’ve gone out and gotten four clients, we’re going to break this down in a minute I’m going to show you how this works when you’ve got four clients, guess what, another open line enrollment increase of a half percent which puts your personal finding not five and a quarter percent. And look at that you’d be getting a half percent through infinity on your team on every agent in your team not under someone at the four level you’ll get another half percent. Okay, so let me show you how this works.

Here’s an example of that chart there. Let’s say you’re at the four level, meaning you’re getting five and a quarter percent of all your personal clients. The team on the far left, that person you personally enrolled hasn’t gotten a client yet but some people in their team had person next to them to the right Scott one client, and you’ve got a few people in our team we’ve gotten clients person in the middle below you hasn’t gotten anyone nor is anyone in their team person to their rights gotten to clients and some people their team have gotten clients, and the person on the far right, you enrolled them they haven’t gotten a client yet but some people in their team ads.

So let me just show you how this computer works now you can see you’re the only one with a four on the board, so that everyone in your team is in your open line at the four levels you’d be making at least that far right half percent you’re getting everyone in your team every client that comes in, you’re making the least half percent, and a lot of your team you’d get to level two because there’s no twos in your team so let’s show you how this works okay this is look at the group on the far right. Let’s say someone in the bottom of that team there went out and helped a client get an $80,000 funding. This is how the computer works every bonus you see on the screen there is going to get paid to somebody.

So what it does is it says, Well who got the client. So we know who to pay the 4% to. And the person right next to the little shop owner there let’s say that’s the representative or the agent who got the who would let the clients David Allen capital clients happy with 80,000 and the person right next to them let’s say they’re the ones who brought that client for they’re making 4% to 80,000 they’re making 30 $200 and they happy, you bet their store owners happy DC agents happy. Now, the next thing the computer does is say okay who currently enrolled them, you can take an average, who enrolled that agent or see that agent’s name was Tim, and let’s say the person who personally enrolled Tim is Lisa, there’s Lisa there. Lisa is going to get a half percent or 400 bucks right is Lisa happy yes Tim happy yes is the client, happy You bet. Next thing the computer is going to do is say, who is at the one level.

The first so what it’s going to do is going to climb up from the client to the first person who’s gotten one original client themselves to be qualified at the one level that’s their open line, basically. So, let’s see you got the letter Lisa was enrolled by Kim, and let’s say Kim is the person with two there. So this is Kim at the one level yes she’s at the one or higher, she’s got clients, so she’s gonna make that half percent $400 Well guess what, Kim is also the first to have the line.

So Kim is going to get that quarter percent as well. So Kim is going to earn $600 as Tim went out and got a client, because she referred Lisa, who are flirt referred Tim, and she’s the first one in the open line so she would get the one and the two open line bonus or 600 bucks, she happy, you bet she is now the next thing that computer is going to do is say okay, there’s a half percent bonus it goes to the first person upline who’s got a for customer more Who’s that you so that group there that five that half percent or $400 is going to come all the way to you now we’re talking about 1234567 generations away from you is that new agent.

Seven referrals away is the person who got that client clients happy, the agents happy they made money. The person who referred them is happy they made money. The person who referred to them is happy they made two bonuses and then all the way up to you. You get $400, you see how many agents you could add and how many clients you could have earning income. We don’t expect you to get this all right away but every one of those bonuses you see there when you see the open line means you’re earning on every agent in your team that under someone at the same rank is you.

So if I’m a four in your team and you’re a four you wouldn’t get that person in my team. You don’t get it on all your other teams who’s not at the four level yet. Okay, but if I was only at the one level everyone in my team you get the two bonuses and the form of bonuses, because I’m only at the one level. If you’re at the four level you’d get the two and the four because both of those are open level to you. Okay, so now we have a few more positions you can earn here with four clients, we start looking now at what we call your group clients. All right, your monthly team clients all the clients in your team. We also look at the total funding value.

So as you can produce certain numbers of clients and certain team revenue, you get more income so what happens is, as your team does 10 clients, those 10 clients can be original and renewals. But in a month’s time your whole group. If you had 50 agents and only one and a five got one client Well, you’d produce 10, right. So, 10 clients, you can only have four from any one leg we’ll describe what that means in a few moments.

And those total clients are average sides is 50,000 so as long as you’re keeping the average, you’d be at 500,000 and fun that you now would then get another bump. What’s going to happen is you’re going to get another quarter per line. Infinity payout that 500 k minimum you’d be making a quarter percent, you might be making three quarters percent on some of it when you combine. Some of those overrides you’re getting you may be getting the four override and the 500 k override.

See how that works you get them both. Three quarters of a percent there right but here’s something neat. Eventually, if I’m in your team, don’t you think I’m trying to get to this level to the 500 K level. And yeah, if I get to the 500 K level, I mean some producing 500,000 in funding and your team, you would be cut out though on my group right because I would not be at the 500 K level. So I wouldn’t be open to you anymore, all your other teams would be but I wouldn’t be with DC once you reach the 500. Do y’all want to reach.

When you help someone else reach that level you get a second generation override that means if I was in your team you introduced me and I’m at the 500 K level. I’m now getting that quarter percent through infinity MIT but guess what because you introduced me. You’re at the 500 K level you also get a second generation quarter percent. We’ll show you how this works again in a minute but basically we both are earning a quarter percent of my 500 k group. And you’d still be earning it on all your other groups as well. Now, when your group is grown, you’ve got eight original clients now so you’re going to have to go get eight clients, and your team’s doubled in size and doubled in volume you now get another bump, it’s gonna happen it’s a big jump a half percent open line override, you’re now getting 6% of new clients.

Why, let’s just go through this and because you’re getting the 4% personal client income, you’re getting the half percent, one rank override, you’re getting the quarter percent to rank override, you’re getting the half percent for rank override, you’re getting the quarter percent, 500 k rank override, and now you’d be getting another half percent 1 million rank override that all totals 6% on your personal clients, but you’re also getting a half percent through infinity on your cruise. Do you realize on your million dollars in funding you’re making a half percent minimum.

Because everyone in your team, you’re getting a half percent right now at the 1 million level. That’s $5,000 a month, override right they’re not counting your own clients, but guess what if I’m in your team, don’t you think I’m trying to reach this rank as well. And if I go out and do that I have eight clients. I have 20 in my team, I’m doing 1 million in funding, I would reach the 1 million rate. Well guess what, I would cut you out of that half percent of my team then.

But the company gives you another quarter percent second generation override. Some of my teammates are still getting an override. And there’s one more level you can get to and you’ve got 10 personal clients 40 in your group to that month, 10 is total your total finds 40 in your group and 2 million in funding, you get another half percent, look at that a 2 million in funding and a half percent that’s $10,000 a month. Your override alone. By doing 2 million in funding we’re only talking about 40 deals 40 deals in your entire team.

Once you’ve got 10. And you could be making 10,000 a month just on that half percent override it again by reached that level in your team, we’re still gonna pay you a second generation override on that group. Alright, so let me give you a couple examples how this works but before I do, I want to talk about something called an activity boats or an activity bonus means this once you reach one of these rates, any rate, you see out there. You have to at least have one client personally fund, every six months to maintain your rank. So let’s say you’re at the four rank, and you don’t have a client either renew or fund, in the next six months you would fall back down to the zero rank. 

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