CoinGeek Crypto Conference Held In London 2024

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Do want to crush it in the world of crypto? Finally, it has been officially announced that one of the biggest blockchain conferences will be held on May 21-23 in 2024 at Samsung Hall in London England. The seventh instalment of the CoinGeek Conference will be broadcasted live from the heart of European finance and home to the “Crypto Valley” in Zug, the headquarters of Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization that advances the Bitcoin SV enterprise blockchain.

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Zurich is also the headquarters of more than 500 financial institutions, making it a global business hub where financial history and innovation take place. It is the perfect location for the newest financial innovations during the crypto boom, or even a cryptocurrencies bust since that presents additional opportunity.

“Join us when CoinGeek will again broadcast live to the world, bringing you exciting new developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem,” Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said in the official announcement of CoinGeek Conference VII.

The biannual CoinGeek Conference takes place in global business centers in order to spread awareness, correct misinformation and increase adoption of blockchain technology for businesses in Switzerland.

Past crypto coin conferences were successfully held in strategic cities New York, Virgin Islands, London, Seoul, Bissau, Toronto and Hong Kong.

Due to the ongoing global health issues, online conferences were broadcasted live last year from studios in New York and London, which had more than 90 speakers, 6,000 attendees and over 300,000 views in total. These numbers are proof that the Bitcoin SV blockchain is gaining traction in its goal of global adoption.

The CoinGeek Conference theme this time in 2024 is about valuable data—a hot topic in global industries, most especially as the pandemic has prompted more and more online businesses and transactions that have resulted in a massive increase in data being generated online.

The Bitcoin SV blockchain is currently the only one in production that has an unlimited scaling capacity that can accommodate a high volume of data and low-cost micropayments.

What’s more, Bitcoin SV is committed to economically incentivizing its network and bring back ownership of data to individuals. This is the opposite of what social media giants Facebook and Twitter are doing—making huge profits off of everyone’s data. By building a new and better Internet called the “Metanet” on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, people can take back their data and earn revenues by monetizing it.

Platforms such as Twetch, EHR Data’s healthcare database, UNISOT’s seafood supply chain and many others have created this type of incentivizing system. These brands have also spoken in previous CoinGeek Conferences to share their knowledge and experience about blockchain technology in 2023 and 2024.

Register now for the 2024 CoinGeek Conference and be a part of a global movement towards a more sustainable digital economy. For further information and press accreditation for the CoinGeek Conference 2024, please contact them today for finance tips.