How Busy Professionals Can Automate a Second Income Stream for Retirement in 2 to 3 Years

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Why “Automate?”

Automation is sexy, and who doesn’t want something automated – pulling them in $2k to $20k a month – whether they work or not?

Here’s some crappy retirement stats:

Average retirement age is 63, however we are living longer.

One out of four 65 year olds will live past 90. That means your nest egg needs to last 28 years or more.

A couple who retires at 65 will spend an average of $275k on Healthcare, out of pocket, according to Fidelity.

The average 401k or IRA account is $100k.

So, if you live 28 years past retirement, that’s only $3,571 a year!

Can you live on $297 a month?

Of course not.

Average social security was $1,371 a month. $16,450 a year.

So, with the average 401k and average Social Security that’s $1,668 a month to live on in your “Golden Years’ for the next 30 years.

Looks like Denny’s Value Meals for you, unless you create a second income stream using a network marketing business model.

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Is Old School Belly to Belly Rah Rah Network Marketing Dead?

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Little backstory.

I hated the popular kids in school, who didn’t?

Then, I wanted to be a rock and roll drummer.

I could hide behind the drumset. (perfect instrument for introverts.)

But, stardom took a backseat to alcohol. (perfect love/hate magic potion for introverts)

Twenty years later, I’m still working two restaurant jobs making $12 an hour – my life-sentence for some past temporary high, partying years away.

There had to be a way out.

I found the internet and people making money online.

I started following people on Twitter because that’s what all the Amazon ebook authors were doing. ( I wrote a memoir, along with everyone’s mother.)

They shared their ebook links in tweets, so I promoted my book that way and made $70 that year.

Then, found some affiliate marketing products I could tweet links and make money. (Think Clickbank 2013)

Then tried getting “social” on Facebook and they threw me in jail. (over 10 times actually.)

Just wanted to connect and grow my brand.

Then I found network marketing, a form of crack affiliate marketing.

Saw MLM leaders holding up checks for $120k a month – wanted their crack. . .

But, knew that network marketing was all about networking with people, you know – belly to belly. (some MLM lingo.)

Didn’t want a sponsor to vulcher down on me when I joined.

So, I blocked him so he couldn’t call to welcome me aboard. (Still introverted)

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