How To Make Money Promoting CBD Oil From Home

Can You Still Make Money Promoting CBD Oil from Home (2021)

I want to talk to you about how to promote CBD oil online in 2021 and 2022, a lot of things have changed since I started promoting CBD oil. It was actually June 2017 when I started, and back then there were only about three to five MLM CBD companies, and there were probably about 100 retail CBD companies online. Back then there were only basic cannabidiol products and traditional cannabis options, not the best THCO potent products available today. There truly are state of the art cannabinoid products available now with cutting edge purity and potency that you have to try if you haven’t already done so.

So at the time I did an article called the top 100 CBD companies online for 2018 (now updated for 2021 and 2022) and honestly it was hard coming up with the last few back then. So it was roughly about 100 cannabidiol companies in retail, ecommerce, and three to five mlms that were on board with CBD oil at the time..

I didn’t even know what it was. I was already in a network marketing company, and the CEO told me about it and I was just like what’s CBD? And so a lot of people did not know what it was in 2017. 

Then I started promoting it, and around August, a couple months later, my income skyrocketed because I started promoting it and everyone was getting on the bandwagon. Then, I really hit big numbers last January, which would have been 2018. 

But things have changed, and I want to talk about how I promote it today. And this is just my experience, you might be just thick in it and having a blast, and that’s great. I still love it and I still make a full time living from home, promoting CBD oil, but I’m going to give some tips on how to promote it going forward because, and this is all on the internet I’m not talking about offline. You can still do your trade shows and talk to friends and family in person. That is great. 

I would share what CBD has done for you, share a little bit about your testimonial, and then get your friends or family to pre enroll, so that they get emails from the company. 

So here’s the thing is that it’s still a very consumable product. It’s desired, people still need to replenish their supplies. So, if you look at even the older network marketing companies like Amway Isagenix Herbalife, they’re still going strong. In fact, they’re still growing 5% to 10% a year and these guys are like decades old. And they’re promoting diet shakes and carpet cleaner and all this stuff that you can find anywhere in any grocery store, but these companies are still growing because the network marketing business model works. 

Okay, and people need to replenish their supply CBD is consumable, you have to reorder it because you’re going to run out. Okay, that’s the bottom line. So the landscape today for CBD is a lot different. There’s probably about 30 to 50 mlms, promoting CBD, along with their other product lines, but there’s still only a few that just do CBD, but there’s probably 30 that are that added CBD to their product lines because they’re like, ooh, we better get in on this. 

And I always laugh because you know there’s these old school companies, adding CBD to their product line and they’re like two years too late. So back to the advertising. There’s about 30 mlms doing it and maybe 500 to 1000 retail companies doing it on the internet. 

But if you want to make money promoting it obviously you don’t want to just buy a bottle as a customer, you want to join as a distributor and start sharing it and I have some advice on how to share it. 

Last year I was killing it without doing much advertising. You know people were just flocking to my blogs, and reading articles about it and just signing up. I remember one day I recruited eight people. 

Today, I have to double my advertising. I have to do probably twice as much as I had to do last year, and that’s just me, I’m not using Facebook so here’s the thing. If you want to do advertising, that’s great. Just realize that you’re gonna have to do twice as much as last year. 

And I think the best way still to promote it is with your warm market – people that know you. Facebook is excellent. But you can’t use it, you can’t usually share your CBD links on Facebook and posts, because Facebook frowns down on CBD because their heads are still in the clouds. They think it’s illegal or they just don’t want to touch it. They don’t want to find out if it’s legal or not, or whatever. 

So the best thing to do, promoting it on Facebook or Instagram, or any of those platforms, is to share a story or a news clip about the benefits of CBD, (check if it’s ok with compliance) you can find news about it all over and just find, you know the positive news about CBD and post it on your Facebook, and then say something like you know if you’re interested in promoting CBD, you know, pm me. For more info. And then you’ll get comments, they’ll say info. 

Then you can share your link in a chat box with that person, don’t share your link in the post, wait for people to say info, and then share your link to them that way. People are still killing it with Facebook. I’m not a Facebook guy. I am more of an internet marketer. I use YouTube and I use my blog and I do paid advertising. 

My blog has also declined this year because there are larger websites that have written about CBD, and they basically pushed me down to like page three to five. And so last January I could recruit three people a day just from my blog. Now I get maybe one every week from a blog, if I’m lucky. 

So, I’m just sharing with you, as an internet marketer, how the CBD landscape is, but remember that people are always going to have to buy it, and they’re going to switch companies and they’re going to try different brands. 

If you stay in your CBD company long enough, you will have people that are going to jump from a company to your company because they see that you’re committed, you have longevity with your company -that’s what’s gonna make it these days in 2020 and going forward in 2021. I mean they’re predicting CBD to keep skyrocketing for, you know, the next five to 10 years, I mean it takes decades for mainstream to catch on. 

Think about when the internet came around, people were like, Oh, it’s never gonna last, the internet’s never gonna last, and they thought it was you know the root of all evil. Then 20 years later everyone’s on it, so it takes about 20 years for the mainstream to catch on. You know with any trend, really. 

So there’s still a lot of growth potential with the CBD industry. And there’s still plenty of money to be made if you want to promote it from your home and online, so definitely hit up social media. And be sure to use a lot of hashtags if you’re using Instagram, and also on Instagram say pm me for info, and then make sure to look at your comment section in Instagram. Same with Facebook. You could start a Pinterest board, called promote CBD from home and share news clips on there and say you know pm me for more info. You could do that on LinkedIn. 

So basically all four platforms do the same thing: you share your story or a news clip and then say, you know, direct message me or pm me for more info and deal with your prospects in a private chat. 

And, if you’re an affiliate marketer and you just do paid advertising double up your ad spent, you know, it’s still worth the money to get someone into your business, It’s a tax write off for me, I’m willing to drop a lot of money into advertising, because it helps greatly reduce my taxes, you know advertising as a business expenditure, so I’m all about it, I would rather build my business than pay the man. 

So if you’re not promoting CBD online and you want to click my link, check it out. Thanks for watching, like and subscribe, and I will talk to you soon.

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