The Biggest Paycheck Is Personal Development – The Secret Is In Giving

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Are you looking for the best return on your money in network marketing? I don’t blame you. Here’s The Biggest Paycheck in Personal Development.

Easy Come. Easy Go

When I started out trying to make money online, I went for the traditional method of investing.

I invested in blue chip stocks in the financials.

Of course, this was before the financial collapse of 2008-09, so I pretty much lost all my hard-earned money in one stock.

Then, I discovered penny stocks.

They were priced low, in fact some of them went all the way down to ten-thousandth of a penny, .0001.

If this stock goes from .0001 to .0002, you just doubled your money.

A stock could move easily just by a couple thousand dollars invest.

The problem is there’s no “liquidity.”

Meaning, if you want people to buy your penny stock at .0002, there needs to be enough buying from other investors so you can “get out” at .0002.

This is harder than it sounds. So, lost $5000 there.

Then, I discovered HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Products), and then Binary Options, then. . .etc etc.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re looking for fast money, if you do happen to get some, most likely from LUCK, it will leave your hands just as fast.

You will be living on a roller coaster ride of either having good money or being flat broke.

I discovered that in order to make good money and hold onto it you pretty much have to think like a successful leader, or Millionaire.

How did a Millionaire become a Millionaire?

He or she worked hard every day, took risks (intelligent risks, not stupid risks) and had insane tenacity.

They didn’t let “setbacks” deter them.

So, what pays the highest dividend you ask?

Here’s the truth and it seems like a paradox: If you only go after money, you won’t get it.

It will run away the more you chase it. Never make money the main priority.

You need to offer something to the marketplace without expecting money in return.

This is very hard for some people to swallow. So, how do you contribute to the marketplace?

The More you Give. . .

Money ideally is the by-product that comes from something you love doing.

What is your passion?

What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? You might have to brainstorm to figure out what your dreams were when you were growing up.

If you love to race go-carts, you could start a go-cart club for entrepreneurs.

You could eventually meld your business opportunity into the conversations at your go-cart club.

If you’re a woman, you could help women find their dreams again by being a “life coach.”

The key is to contribute and raise people up.

Ziglar said it best.

If you can provide “value” to the marketplace without sneaking in your “pitch”, you won’t run out of customers.

People will remember you if you help them get what they want, and in the end you get what you want.

Get in the trenches with people.

Fight their fight with them.

Tap into the talent you were born with and share it with others.

Make money as the consequence of your selfless service to your marketplace, rather than the sole motivator.

I had to grow up and realize that it wasn’t all about me.

Besides, it truly does feel better when you help others rather than yourself to achieve financial success in the end. Tony Robbins is a great example of this.

 Tony Robbins

Tony had a dream to help people and become a public speaker. He started out living in his car and scraping by for money.

He had the perseverance to rise up the ranks and become one of the most revered public speakers in the world, rubbing elbows with many presidents and holy figures, like the Dalai Lama.

The thing that happened to Tony happened by him just speaking and impacting thousands of lives, and he was able to become a multi-millionaire.

I think he has 5 companies, some on the New York Stock Exchange,  and Tony is now worth $480 Million!

 The By-Product just comes…

Money was the by-product.

In fact, during a speech, one of his companies went public and his assistant whispered in his ear that he just made $400 Million from the Initial Public Offering of his company’s stock, and guess what Tony didn’t really care.

He was more concerned in that moment about helping his audience understand his success principles. Personal development was a top priority, not just getting rich.

So, the conclusion is:

Find what you LOVE doing.

Find a place in the marketplace or create a completely new marketplace.

Truly help others and the returns will be greater than any other investment. Give and you shall receive in business and in your personal life!