Top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies In Brunei

Brunei Economy Ripe For MLM Money Making

As a small and wealthy nation, Brunei has an economy comprised of both foreign and domestic contributions. The country has strong ties with the natural gas and oil industry, which has resulted in a relatively strong and growing economy. Brunei has a high income per capita of $78,196, much as a result of the strong oil and gas industry investments.

Brunei has established itself as a stable market with moderate monetary openness, allowing it to be a prime country for network marketing companies to establish themselves and thrive. Network marketing has proven to not only act as a sufficient means to supplement income, but as a way to even replace income fully if needed in Brunei. Here are the top MLM companies to join in Brunei below:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Brunei

  1. Market America
  2. Natura Cosmeticos
  3. Herbalife
  4. Vorwerk
  5. Infinitus
  6. Avon
  7. Tupperware
  8. Mary Kay
  9. Valentus
  10. My Daily Choice

How To Avoid Quitting Network Marketing And Ensuring Success In Brunei

Do you ever wonder why your Brunei network marketing business is getting smaller instead of larger? Attrition, or drop-out rate is high in network marketing in Brunei and around the world. It’s a known fact, and the Brunei MLM leaders are prepared for this and business is as usual for them because they keep recruiting and don’t react to the people who quit. Every competitive profession has a high failure rate. Look at all the high school kids who want to become NBA superstars. Out of thousands of schools, millions of kids play basketball in the hopes of making it. Most can’t get into College ball and a small fraction make it to the Pros. Only the best of the best get selected into the NBA. It’s the same for network marketing. Millions of people from around the world have started a home-based business, but many don’t know the hard work that it entails. Many are used to being told what to do by a boss and can’t manage their time productively when given the chance to go full-time in network marketing in Brunei. It’s not a tragedy. It’s common-sense that a new profession takes a lot of study and hands-on experience to master it. How can you prevent your team from shrinking then. As soon as they join your business call them and basically do an interview as a “consultant.” You want to find out why they joined your business and what their expectations are. You want to find out what their main motivator was to join you, also known as “pain-points.” Pain points are the things that bother them in their lives and they want to fix, like no time with the children, horrible boss at a job, wants better health, or to lose weight because the doctor told them they would die if they didn’t. Write down the main points that they tell you. You will bring up these pain points when they feel discouraged and down about their MLM business success in Brunei.

Get the new MLM distributor to your company webinars. Hopefully your company has weekly training where the big leaders in your company talk about tips and techniques to grow your business. My company has a testimonial call on Mondays and a Corporate update call on Wednesdays. I send the details to my team hours before the webinars and the recording afterwards. Give your distributor both options, live and recorded in case they can’t make it when it’s live. Getting new distributors on these calls keeps them excited, and it allows your leaders to train for you. Nothing is more motivating then to hear someone in your company benefiting either physically or financially by the company and products. Get the new distributor to big annual events. This is where all the fun is and an all day event or a couple days at a large event will boost the belief of the new distributor. The overall buzz in the room will keep the new distributor floating afterwards. Beware though, a lot of hype happens at these events and can actually depress the new distributor, because the hype at the events is something they don’t feel they can do themselves. There’s a fine line there, but if you gave the new distributor realistic numbers of what they can expect if they want to go big themselves, then they shouldn’t get depressed at the events. Get the new distributor profitable as soon as possible. Nothing solidifies the new distributor in their business better than profit. If the new distributor can bring in enough new reps to at least get the product for free themselves, they are doing pretty good. Set this as a guideline for a new distributor by saying, “Let’s get you four people in within 28 days so you can get your product for free and a little extra spending money.” Not everyone is meant to be in this business and after you’ve been in network marketing some time, you can pick who you want to bring in. I wasted a lot of time in the beginning by talking to broke people with negative attitudes. I realized later that network marketing didn’t change their attitude. They did nothing but complained until they quit. You also can’t pre-judge anyone either. Sometimes the best leaders came from poverty and they wanted success more than anything, but if you have a strong feeling about someone, it’s your choice not to bring them in. Masterminds. Some of the wealthiest and influential figures in the 20th century, like Dale Carnegie, held masterminds, where the top leaders within a company would meet to explore ideas and solutions to pressing problems.

Your Brunei MLM business for 2021 and 2022 will grow faster and be built on a solid foundation if you can eventually choose 3 to 7 of your best performers within your organization to do a bi-weekly mastermind, either through a Google Hangout or other meeting app. Network marketing can be an exciting yet confusing new business endeavor for many. Most people don’t know how to market online, so they believe they can slap up their opportunity link once on Facebook and call it good, but it’s not that easy or everyone would be rich. The internet is evolving rapidly and new network marketers have to learn many skills to remain above the rest of the sheeple in MLM.

Build Your MLM Business Bigger And Better

If you want to be seen above the millions of other network marketers, you have to brand yourself as an authority and leave the company and product logos at home. No one wants to join your profile picture of an Aloe Vera bottle. They want to join “YOU.” Be the leader who people can know, like and trust. Since network marketing is a scary new concept for many people, they want to know that YOU have their best interests. If they see you just spamming your links everywhere with false income statements, they’re not going to join you. They want someone who is respected and keeps their opportunity almost hidden from plain view. Leaders don’t need to post their opportunity link. People will find the opportunity link if they want it bad enough, so you don’t need to post your opportunity link every second on Twitter. When I was looking for my current business, I did a lot of research and carefully chose my sponsor. I did find someone else first, but I didn’t like what they said or how they dressed. Image is everything and you attract the people that relate to you the most. If you speak maturely and professionally then you will get interest from Professionals. If you talk like a rapper, well. . . You get the point. Network marketing is not easy, but it’s a simple business that anyone can understand and duplicate. The key to massive success in network marketing is to have a simple enough duplicatable system that hundreds and thousands of people can duplicate. Why do you think Mcdonalds is so successful? Leverage their successful business methods to ensure your MLM success in Brunei.

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