Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Belarus 2024

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Belarusian entrepreneurs and sellers can augment their annual income with multi-level marketing (MLM). Network marketing in Belarus enables citizens to overcome economic challenges to potentially earn multiple revenue streams, including possible passive income.

But which MLM company should you consider joining if you live in Belarus? Here are the top MLMs to consider signing up with in Belarus for 2023 and 2024.

But first, let’s discuss MLM, coffee, and the economy of Belarus (and how they all work together for MLM money making).

Cash In On Coffee With LiveGood In Belarus

Belarusians Loves Their Coffee. According to the International Coffee Organization, Belarusian coffee drinkers drink a whopping 21.5 pounds of coffee per year which averages 2.1 pounds of ground coffee per month. Belarus is #25 in the world for coffee consumption.

Join The MLM Company Hundreds Of Thousands Are Flocking To

Here are the top ten Best Coffee MLMs in Belarus for aspiring and experienced network marketers.

Belarus Economy

Taxes in Belarus and Russia are extremely high – they have a 20% corporate tax, and personal tax rate of 40%, and an added tax of 21% added to food, drinks, and other services. However, the Belarusians are taken well care of by the government and enjoy free healthcare, robust pensions, free college, etc. Belarusian residents also have an average household income of $25,700 per year which is fairly decent compared to many countries.

Why Network Marketing with Coffee?

Since Belarus is inflation crazy and tax is added to food and drinks, an average cup of coffee costs around $2.50. A bag of coffee will run $10 plus the VAT Tax. A better alternative is to buy coffee through a network marketing company from another country.

Network marketing/coffee MLM companies not only have the best coffee on the market, which you can ideally gain health benefits from, but you also have the opportunity to earn supplemental income promoting coffee as a home business. There is no income cap in MLM, so you can make as much as you want, depending on your skills and networking ability in top MLM businesses worldwide.

This top caffeinated beverage does well in economic boons and busts, so it is a recession-proof MLM business to be in.

Belarus’s 10 Top Network Marketing Companies For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. Sisel

3. Valentus

4. Gano Excel

5. Javita

6. Organo Gold

7. Herbalife Nutrition

8. Amway

9. Usana

10. My Daily Choice

Runner Up: DXN

Generating Leads for Your Coffee MLM Business

New distributors of any of these best MLM companies are the most successful when they get the most prospects viewing their personalized company websites. It is best to start a professional blog, website, or at least purchase a customized domain name redirecting to your MLM landing page URL.

Whatever business you choose, you need to be consistent with either talking to your warm market (friends, family, co-workers) or generate MLM Leads in the cold market (people you don’t know personally.) It is important to find your personal website link when you join, share on social media / email / videos, and learn what your sponsor is doing to generate leads and sales.

Top MLM Coffee Company Conclusion

Coffee is the second most consumed commodity in the world, and when you combine weight loss, coffee, and MLM together you have an unstoppable business model. Coffee MLM companies come and go but these top network marketing companies are solid in the world and are all available in Belarus, unlike other reviews on the internet about Coffee MLMs. There are top health and wellness MLM companies for Russian entrepreneurs to build big businesses with a caffeine buzz! It is time to crush it with coffee and cash during an economy that is about to otherwise crash!

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