Best MLM Traffic for Lead Capture Pages

Most MLM companies these days offer “Lead Capture Pages” for their distributors. These are single page forms where an interested prospect puts in their name, email, and phone number to take a free look into the company, thus creating a lead for you. Here’s the Best MLM Traffic for Lead Capture Pages.

When I signed up into my first MLM company in 2014, it was by putting my name and email on a form. I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Once I filled out the form and hit the continue button I was led into a dashboard of my temporary free position in the company. I could look around, see the comp plan, watch the video from the CEO, and see other people who took the free tour like I did.

But, at the time I didn’t understand what I was doing and exited from the dashboard. I didn’t remember how to log back in, so I found the same landing page form from somebody else and signed up again! Eventually, I started receiving emails from the company that I had like 213 people under me in my downline and I should lock in my position by signing up as a rep.

I have to admit, those automated emails from the MLM Company were very compelling. Since I was 32k in debt and hated my job, I signed up with the last $80 I had on a credit card when I received another email from the company that said someone under me had just upgraded and I could potentially earn on them. That was enough for me, so I signed up and I’ve been in MLM ever since!

Later, I realized that this company I was in had an automated recruiting system that helped reps recruit people. I didn’t have to build a sales funnel or get aweber or anything. I just had to generate lots of leads and let the company email my leads. Don’t get me wrong, I tried emailing my leads and calling them, but I just wasn’t a good email marketer or phone person, so I just learned how to generate lots of leads instead and had the company email them.

5 years later, I have generated 60,000 leads and recruited 800 people all on the internet, no calling or emailing them, just letting the company email my leads with their amazing emails. There’s still only a handful of companies that have this email system, like My Daily Choice and Valentus), but more and more companies are catching on.

This is an MLM Capture Page or Landing Page.

So, Who Offers the Best MLM Traffic to Landing Pages?

MLM is all about getting tons of people looking at your websites and taking the free tour, or ordering product on your customer website. You need massive exposure, especially in the beginning when you are building a team from zero.

The more traffic you get, the faster your business grows. But, we all start out slow in the beginning. I only generated a couple leads a day in the beginning, and it took me a couple years to work up to 20 leads a day. You can bypass the learning curve by buying traffic from a solo ad vendor.

A solo ad vendor is a person who will email your link to their email list. These vendors are internet marketers typically who have a huge email list of contacts from years of doing internet marketing. They are willing to create an email and put your link in it and email their list for a price.

You buy “clicks” which means each person who clicks on your link within the email counts as a click. A 100 clicks might get you 15-30 leads depending on how good the email is, the list is, and your capture page is.

I suggest using solo ads because bugging your friends and family about your MLM opportunity won’t make you rich and will probably just piss them off, and you need a big following on social media to get any sales, and creating content takes years to work in your favor.

MLM takes a lot of energy to get off the ground and you need to generate leads consistently for years, or until your team takes off. In order for your team to take off, you need to get them generating their own leads.

MLM success is all about duplication. You want a few leaders on your team duplicating what you’re doing to grow your MLM business – then everything can become amazing, especially when your income takes off!