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Hello and welcome to the Nigerian opportunity today we are going to discuss a very exciting opportunity for Nigeria. And I am Erik Johnson, international MLM leader who has been doing network marketing full time for the last three years. 

We’re going to talk about Nigeria because we are opening up this market. Why Nigeria, Nigeria is always a very exciting country that, you know, I’ve had a couple teams from Nigeria myself personally. In fact, one of the very first teams I got in my MLM back in 2015 was from Nigeria and they grew very fast, very pleasant people to work with, very communal, very friendly, and they like to duplicate. So they build teams very quickly. 

There’s over 190 million Nigerians whose average income is only $5,000 A year so they are very hungry for opportunity. And what we have can definitely complement their income or even change their life. So talking about African countries, Africa is very hot in network marketing. You can see that South Africa has been climbing. Their three year trend is 17% growth rate, other African countries 9.2% with a one year growth of 24%. So this is just phenomenal. 24% is one of the highest percentages out of any other market in the world. 

Okay, so moving on to the opportunity now. What we have to offer is unlike any other MLM we have unique products which I’ll show you in a minute very affordable, the compensation plan pays out a total of 85% to you. So distributors can definitely make life changing income with not as much work as other companies that only pay 10 to 20%. It really does make a difference in your income when the commissions are this high, and we pay weekly and monthly, there’s seven different ways to get paid.

The marketing system is already done for you, and we have websites already personalized when you sign up as a paid affiliate, you will have websites and landing pages. This is one of our landing pages: 

All you have to do is share this on the internet or with your friends or through social media and through email. You just say hey, look at this opportunity. I just joined and I would really like you to join with me. Take the free tour inside my business. Look around, watch the videos and get back with me. 

So when you get a lead or a prospect, interested person who takes the free tour on this form, which you will get credit for because it’s your landing page, your leads will then get an email like this, thanks for taking a look at my daily choice, okay, they can read the email. 

This is all automated guys, this is by the company. The company is helping you recruit for you on your behalf to get started now, okay, you could click on this and this will get you back into that temporary position. Okay? So when you have a prospect fill out this form, they go into the free dashboard and they can look around, and to log back into their dashboard to place their order or sign up as a paid affiliate. 

We are growing very fast in Nigeria, South Africa, other African countries. The timing couldn’t be better. We have some products that I’m very excited to show you. That’s coming up next, company growth. Every single year, we are doubling or quadrupling.

We’ve already surpassed the 200 million a year mark because we have one of the best companies. We are growing so fast. We have almost a million customers and paid affiliates already in our company. Our company is debt free, founded 2014 one of the fastest growing mlms, were spotlighted in Forbes and business for home.

Now this is our whole product line. And all of these products are available in Nigeria. One of the hottest products right now is the CBD oil. This is life changing. Okay, this isn’t just another man-made a shake or skin cream. This is a natural supplement that the whole world is getting behind. It’s not just MLM and but it’s definitely skyrocketed MLM incomes because it’s something that everyone needs and it helps out so many different things.

Okay, there’s essential oils, okay, that can balance your chakras. There’s highlife, wholesale travel, save up to 60% on vacations and hotels, nutritional sprays, these absorb 90% better than pills. All of these things are exceptional. Which makes our products and our company very unique and cutting edge. The CBD, the hempworx line grown in the USA third party testing a Co2 method extraction. 

We’ve been voted one of the best CBD companies by the US hemp roundtable Okay, we have two different types of CBD. We have the full spectrum and we have the broad spectrum. 

So let me show you really fast the Commissions if you join at executive which is the large package the first month you sign up as the executive you get 50% Commission’s on anyone you sign up. When you buy the big pack 10% on second level that means anyone that they recruited you get 10% on anyone their people recruit, this is paid weekly. Okay?

So you sign up as executive by buying the largest pack and you will get the highest commission potential. And then to maintain the executive rank, all you have to do is buy the director pack the following months, your second month and beyond. But don’t worry about that now. The first month you buy executive and it opens up four levels, okay, this is just on the weekly.

Then on the monthly commissions at executive, you’re going to get 15% when you balance the volume between two legs, your left leg and the right leg. Okay. Huge leadership check matching. When you’re executive you get 30% of your leaders binary check 30% of your leaders binary check 20% on their level on second level to 10% on the third and 5% on the fourth level.

Okay, so click the link under this article, you will see this landing page, fill out your first name, last name email, it will go inside of your temporary dashboard because you will be a pre enrollee, okay, and you can look around and watch the videos, they will tell you what to do, and then log out, either log out or sign up as a paid affiliate.

If you happen to log out, you can always look in your inbox for this email that says thanks for taking a look. And you scroll down and you can click lock in my spot and that will get you back inside your dashboard so you can place your order and become a paid affiliate. I hope you enjoyed this review. Take the free tour. Nigeria is hot for this company right now we are growing very fast in Nigeria. We are looking for leaders like you so take the free tour HERE.

Erik Christian Johnson

International MLM Leader

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