The 6 Biggest Criteria Of Top MLM Companies

Everyone is already asking: who is the Best MLM of the new economy? Of course that is hard to determine when reps from every company are shouting from the rooftops “Join my company, it is the best MLM startup!” Well, here is my no hype assessment of the best MLM for this year and beyond.

Who Is the CEO – Their MLM Track Record

Having been in 3 MLM companies over the last 5 years and having reviewed a few dozen, I have seen a wide range of CEO’s running their MLM companies. I can tell you from experience that usually the most successful MLM companies are run by CEOs who were once distributors themselves; and the least successful MLMs were run by CEOs who had little or no experience in the field as reps themselves.

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You need to ask: “Does the CEO and leadership really care about their reps, or are they just trying to get rich themselves. Wake Up Now and Telexfree were companies that had leadership who were looking out for only themselves.

In fact, Telexfree CEO had $17 million stashed in cold hard cash under his mattress when the feds busted him. It was covered by American Greed, check it out, amazing episode! If the MLM company is paying only 10% commissions or less, run the other way, but we will cover that shortly.

Are the Products Really Amazing or Just Hyped Up?

Let’s just already assume that every MLM already has life-changing products, that’s what will eventually make or break a company, but are they really that good? My suggestion is that you order the product first and try it. I wouldn’t base your decision on before and after pictures on the internet. Those can easily be fabricated. If the products truly work that’s up to you. You gotta ask: “Would I buy these products if there wasn’t an income opportunity attached? Really, that’s all you have to do.

Everyone Says They Have the Highest Commissions, But Really?

The most common and lucrative compensation plans are usually binary these days and pay out 25% to 50% commissions on first time orders. Ideally, you also get paid down 5 to 10 levels for your team’s first time orders, usually called fast start or jump start commissions. Here’s the most common commissions paid to reps:

Fast start commissions: 

25-50% Level 1, 5-15% Level 2, 3-8% Level 3, 1-5% Level 4

Binary Commissions:

8-20% Match between left leg and right leg.

Leadership Matching: (how much you get paid on binary from your leaders)

10-30% on 1 to 5 levels

Car Bonus and Company Profit Sharing. (Paid Monthly)

Rank Bonuses (paid Monthly when you maintain rank for a few months typically)

If you really want to see if the company pays well, look at what MLM company the top earners are in by reading the top 500.

Sales Funnel or You Gotta Build It?

The best MLM company gives their reps personalized websites, including landing pages which capture leads. These landing pages are usually connected to the company’s automated email system that emails your leads on a daily basis urging them to upgrade their free position to paid member. This is the only type of MLM I’ve been in and have recruited over 800 reps because of it. You really need a built-in sales funnel. If not, you have to build one and that can be time consuming and expensive.

If the MLM company only offers their reps just a customer website where people just see the products, that will be hard to promote. Most prospects need to see something 7 to 15 times before buying. A customer website is seen once, whereas a lead getting 15 emails from the company closes them. Just my opinion.

How Much of the World You Got?

If the MLM company is only in Canada and America, you have a problem. On the other hand, if they say they ship to 190 countries, you have to be careful also. Pakistan or Saudi Arabia might not get their product for 45 days even though the company says they ship there. (happened to me)

Does the MLM company have an office or distribution point in Asia, Africa, Europe, to shorten shipping times? Are there any legal issues with shipping somewhere. CBD MLM companies are constantly getting blocked out of countries.

Ground Floor Bugs or Smooth Sailing?

I’ve tried a couple MLM companies that had just started and they had so many problems, their websites froze, customer support was non-existent, and the CEO was desperate to get us recruiting; I’ve been late getting paid and had product spilled all inside the box when I received it. When someone tells you: “This is a ground-floor opportunity!” That is actually usually a bad thing in the world of network marketing.

You want a leading network marketing company that has smoothed out their bugs, usually companies are running smooth around year 3 to 5.

Conclusion to Best MLM 2023

MLM is an amazing business and was the only thing that worked for me, financially and physically. I was just a guy flipping burgers for $11 an hour a few years ago, now I work one hour a day from home. This business model truly can empower the least educated and least fortunate, and everyone else in-between. MLM does not discriminate when it comes to lucrative business opportunities.

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