Best MLM Leads Using Solo Ads

To truly be successful in Network Marketing today, you have to generate leads and run traffic through your MLM website. How will people know about your business, sign up, and earn you money if they aren’t driven through your website? Your friends and family aren’t going to generate enough income to make you bank, so you need a higher volume of visitors to your website to grow your business. Here are the Best MLM Traffic and Leads Right Now: Solo Ads.

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You’re going to need to find a method to get people to your website and signing up for more information. You’ve got to generate those leads to be successful, so you have to get the cold market moving through your website. The best way to do this is to purchase ad space from a solo ad vendor.

What is a Solo Ad and who is a Solo Ad Vendor?

A solo ad is basically an email that is sent to people to get them to your website. You purchase these mails, or ‘clicks’, from a solo ad vendor, who is essentially an internet marketer. These marketers have built up an email list through this work and have numerous contacts. They basically offer you the chance to ‘rent’ part of their email list this way.

Once hired, the solo ad vendor will write up a catchy email to send to the ‘clicks’ you purchased. If you bought 300 ‘clicks’, then they have to email people from their contacts and subscribers list until that number is reached. Your website link is in this email, making it available to all those who it is sent it.

If someone who receives the email clicks on your link, this is considered one of those ‘clicks’. They will send out these emails until the link had been followed the correct number of times. Often this results in a bit of overage, so you will often get a few to several more clicks than you purchases! This is simply an added benefit of the method.

Clicks do not equal leads though in network marketing. The people who follow the link still have to sign up for more information about your business to be considered a lead, but this is getting that traffic to your site and increasing your chances at getting leads.

One Solo Ad does Not Equal the Other

It should probably be expected by now, but one solo ad vendor isn’t going to operate the same as the next. They are not all created equal. There will always be that one that is shady, that’s just a fact of the business.

You’ll see that some vendors buy traffic from one website and sell it to the next, or they could even be misleading altogether. A popular example of this is a solo ad business sending out emails that aren’t clear and calling this an increase to your ‘conversion rate of leads’.

Solo ad vendors are actually rated and listed in a marketplace where people are able to post reviews for the companies. This holds solo ad vendors accountable, so they typically aren’t all that shady since they want to keep a higher rating and good reviews. Similar with how you base your online purchases, you can base the vendor you choose on their reviews.

What to Look For

You want to go with someone who is reputable but not overbooked. You don’t want to be number 350 in line for this solo ad vendor. You also don’t want to go with someone with NO work going on – this could be a sign they aren’t good or they are too new with a shorter contacts list.

It would be smart to test the waters a bit if you can. Buy a manageable amount of clicks (I’d suggest 200 each) from a few vendors (3-4 if it were me). You’ll need to put a tracker on your link to see who gives you the best results. Whoever gives you the most leads and upgrades, you can choose to continue to use.

Look at a few other things when choosing a Solo Ad Vendor from the marketplace:

             Visitors – You’re looking for 100-200 clicks, so set this as your range when looking.

             Ratings – I’d suggest looking at vendors with 25 or more ratings.

Last Seen – You have to make sure this solo ad vendor is current and popular. I’d say make sure this is within the last week.

             Price – No more than 45 cents per click. Anything above that is too expensive.

             Got Sales – You want to be sure these are successful clicks! Look for at least 20% here.

             Niche – Whatever is suitable for your business. A good default is Marketing.

             Sort – By sales

If you sign up as a PRIME MEMBER on this site, you can adjust even more filters to really get your search to look for exactly what you need. This can help to block out fake and irrelevant traffic and will increase your conversion rate.

Why Believe Me?

I’ve been in network marketing since 2014. I’ve only done this full time since 2016, but I’ve recruited over 800 people in 3 MLM companies. In this amount of time, I’ve also managed to generate over 60,000 leads. Remember, leads are the key to success in network marketing.

I’ve found that the best goal to begin with is to generate 20 leads a day. If you can do this, you’re set on a great path. Generate more than this, and you’re doing even better. You need to be consistent in this, though, and teach any and all new representatives to do the same.

Hopefully you’ve picked up some tips that will help you on your journey to success! 

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Erik Johnson

Lead Generation Specialist

Network Marketing Leader