Best MLM Leads for Valentus

Direct sales companies have almost all transitioned over to using the network marketing strategy. This is where social media and email marketing have taken the industry to a whole new level. There are a ton of companies following this business strategy, so the competition can be tough.

The key to success in the network marketing industry is the generation of leads. Leads are where someone clicks to view your website then sign up for additional information. Even if you don’t get them to sign up or purchase right away, someone who was interested enough to learn more is a lead in the right direction. You may just get them as a customer or team member before too long.

What is Valentus?

Valentus is a direct sales company in the wellness industry whose foundation is built on maintaining integrity in its mission, products, and service. Offering a variety of weight management and wellness products, Valentus has something for everyone and strives to help people prevail in their goals. That’s actually what their name means, ‘to prevail’!

With products ranging from weight management coffee, to energy supplements, and anything and everything in between, there is so much more than what meets the eye. Valentus strives to give you quality products to suit your needs and to help you reach and maintain your goals, whatever they may be. Valentus truly aims to help you meet wellness, personal, and financial success.

Valentus keeps their goal in mind in every aspect of their business model, and has a compensation plan that is truly unmatched. With such unique business opportunity backed by a supportive leadership and business plan, Valentus has shown to be an appealing network marketing company that has seen great and rapid success.

MLM Traffic

Network marketing traffic doesn’t just come from the friends and family on your social media accounts. Instead this is where mass emailing and ‘sharing’ comes into play. Valentus is a great example of a company with a great email system than gets people onto the landing page.

A landing page then tells the consumer just enough about the company to get them interested in learning more. Along with the forms to sign up for additional information are links to more pages that also get people to sign up. This introduces the email system that is sure to generate leads.

This email system not only gets people back on the webpages, but it gives them more information here and there to continue to generate renewed interest. This is not only a way to recruit people but it also is greatly successful in closing leads and getting those folks on your team.

MLM marketing is all about numbers. The more leads you generate, the more people you get to purchase products, and then the more people you get to sign up on your team. The bigger your team, the more leads you get and so on. This can really start to rake in the extra income for you and pay off.

Leads Using Solo Ads

One way that MLM companies can generate new, fresh leads on a daily basis is through the use of solo ads. Solo ads will drive traffic through your MLM website daily and will get people interested and leads generated on the daily. This could leave you asking, just what is a solo ad?

Solo ads are ads that you purchase through a solo ad vendor in which you are purchasing adspace and clicks from them. Clicks are when someone actually clicks on a link sent through email to land on your webpage. A solo ad vendor creates a nice little email to send to a contact list they have generated and will continue to send through their list until the purchased number of clicks is reached.

So if you bought 300 clicks from a solo ad vendor, they must send their email to enough people so that at least 300 click the link and land on your page. This is how fresh traffic flows through your site and hopefully proceeds to sign up for additional information. Then you’ve got fresh leads! The greater the amount of traffic through your page, the better chances of getting more and more leads.

Valentus is great at this because their landing pages allow the user to take a tour of the website and into the company. This generates interest and thus leads. Once someone signs up for more information, Valentus has an incredible email system that draws people in. As such a phenomenal company, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it, though?!

Bright Future for Valentus

As a company with a great foundation and outlook, Valentus is sure to thrive in the network marketing world. Through continuous traffic brought to the MLM website through the use of solo ads, there will continue to be leads generated by the buckets on a daily basis.

Valentus has shown great promise and success using the network marketing strategy and a great business model, so there is no doubt that there is only more great things to come.

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