Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Ukraine 2024

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Ukraine has been through a lot to say the least in the past decade, especially the last couple of years. The challenges that Ukrainians are going through is incomparable for a lot of people in the world. Luckily multi-level marketing (MLM) can give some Ukrainians hope, relief, and financial opportunity as long as they can sell in person or online. Obviously it has been a very difficult time for Ukraine and all of us are empathetic to their recent situation and want things to improve.

Network marketing gives Ukrainian people the opportunity to generate multiple income streams, including passive income. It may not be right for everyone, and some citizens of Ukraine may not have the option, but it can be a hopeful business model for many.

Here Is The Top Network Marketing Company Taking The World By Storm

But which MLM business should you join if you are Ukrainian for the biggest chances of success? Here are our favorite MLMs in Ukraine for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Ukraine For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Amway

5. Usana

6. Avon

7. Mary Kay

8. Herbalife

9. Nu Skin

10. Market America

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in Ukraine including BeachBody, Primerica, Arbonne, Isagenix, Younique, Perfectly Posh, Youngevity, Juice Plus, Le-Vel Thrive, Mannatech, Total Life Changes (TLC), MonaVie, Forever Living, and Arieyl.

How To Make Major Money In MLM

Alright, so what is the best MLM for 2024 for Ukrainians? Thank you for reading this article and share this with your downline teams or associates, because this will be huge and I got some MLM secrets for you. But let’s talk about the best multi-level marketing companies first for 2023. I am going to throw around some products here, some commissions, what companies pay the best, etc in Kyiv. 

Our Top MLM Business Growing Quickly

So the first thing that is really hot right now, you know CBD oil has been hot, you know for a couple years. It is subsiding a bit but it is still in demand. So I wouldn’t give up on CBD. It is still a very good product. It is consumable quickly, so people need to replenish their stock in Kharkiv and Odesa. 

So they could join your company because they are always looking for the best CBD oil. So stick with the CBD, but the thing that’s really going to be popping in 2023 are MLMs that focus on financial products like forex, and cryptocurrency because there are a lot of rumors out there right now that our leaders are going to crash the fiat fueled economy in Dnipro, Mariupol, and Bakhmut. 

We are going to start turning to digital currency instead of the paper, paper fiat money and, there was a change shortage recently, you know, stores were like, Oh yeah, we are out of change because they’re trying to get us used to just using our cards. 

So, MLM is adapting pretty quickly to these trends and crypto is going to be huge, I believe, and forex and precious metals and also any company that is dealing with apps or any kind of digital products are going to skyrocket. 

So keep an eye out for those but also companies that pay well. Let’s talk about big MLM commissions. A good commission rate is anywhere from 30 to 50% commissions. If you are in a company that is only giving you 15% commissions, I would look for another home. It does make a difference. You know in the beginning if I didn’t get 50% commissions, I would have had to still keep my job. But since the commission was so good, I could come home full time. 

So really, you got to look at the commission’s and how far down do they pay? Do they pay down 10 levels or do they pay down 5, 3, 2 levels? That’s why I got out of affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing only pays down like two or three levels. Network Marketing can pay down 10 levels or more. 

If you are in a binary you can get paid down to infinity on both your legs, which is really exciting because you don’t have to recruit those people to get paid on them. You just match the volume between the left leg and the right leg and you get paid. So that gets paid down to infinity. 

So look at 35 to 50% as being a good commission, look at digital products, look at CBD, forex crypto, those are something you should really look into. Do they have capture pages? Do they have a sales funnel already built for you? Or do you have to build your own? 

Our company has a built in sales funnel, we have high definition capture pages, where leads can take a free tour, and I get an email every time I generate a lead and then the company emails my leads every day. So it is very, very powerful. 95% of it is done for me, it’s point click and promote and that’s it and then follow up. 

So let’s talk about something else real fast because there is a lot of people that come and go and they jump around different companies. They last only three months to six months, they are looking for the best company, and that’s partly why I did this video.

Because if you are one of those people that only stay in a company for three months and you think it is the company’s fault that you are not successful or the Commission’s aren’t high enough or your sponsor sucks or anything like that. If you are pointing the finger at all of this stuff, you have to realize that there is successful leaders in every company, even companies that don’t pay that much in terms of percentages like the old school companies, Herbalife and Amway. 

There is still people that make millions of dollars every year in these companies. So you have to really look at yourself. Now, I know, including myself, most people do jump around in the beginning because they think it is external reasons why they’re not successful. 

But you really got to start looking at yourself. You got to do the mindset training, you got to do self development, because people invest in people, alright, people want to join you because you are a leader. 

So if you are just jumping companies, and you are looking for the next best thing, and you are attracted to all these shiny objects, and you think the grass is greener on the other side, you are just running from yourself and your development. Okay Ukrainians? 

So Ukrainian entrepreneurs ideally need to just sit still in one company for two to five years, if not your whole life. You should commit your whole life to one company. Okay? That is how I look at it. You got to look at the long term. All businesses look at the 10 year picture or 20 year picture. They don’t look at anything that’s less than one year, same with network marketing. 

Nothing happens in three months ever, and there is no free money on the internet. So you have to just buckle up and learn network marketing and work on self development. Read GoPro by Eric Worre. Do self affirmations watch YouTube videos on mentoring. 

You know, Evan Carmichael has an awesome YouTube channel, the top 50 rules by all these different mentors and thought leaders, like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone and Simon Sinek and Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor and Les Brown, and then the list goes on and on. 

But you got to learn from the top leaders Okay, you got to learn from the best and there is no such thing as overnight success. So just stay with the company and make it work. 

When I started in 2014 I didn’t have any money. All right, I really didn’t. I had $80 on one credit card. I was $35,000 in debt. So when people say I don’t have any money, it is a lame excuse. They don’t believe in the opportunity, or they don’t believe in themselves. 

I used the last $80 on a credit card. Now I make a full time income because I put the work in. I did self development. I took notes every day, I watched all the mlm training on YouTube, and I treated it like a real profession. I stayed committed to the company for the long haul. 

The first company I was with I was with for two years and then they started to go out of business. I stayed with them all the way till the very end. My sponsor even got fired. I didn’t have a sponsor. 

So when I started my new company, the company I am still with today, almost four years later, I didn’t have a sponsor, the company that was going down in flames that I was with was bought by the company I am in now and at least the products were bought. 

I came over in an MLM merger. So there is no reason to blame a sponsor. I didn’t have a sponsor, and I had to build both my legs. So if you are complaining that you have to build one leg, I had to build two legs in the binary, the left and the right. I had to bring in thousands, almost 2000 people. You know, four years later, I have brought 1700 people in. 

And here is why I brought in so many people. For one. I didn’t really know how to help a team. And I didn’t want to help a team. In the beginning I had social anxiety. I was scared of people. I was bitter. I was an former alcoholic and drug addict with a lot of excuses. 

But the thing is, I read a book called Recruit and Grow Rich by David M. Ward, and there was a paragraph in that book that said, if you can become a heavy hitter recruiter that you can make a million dollars a year, and I was already a blogger, so I was like, Okay, I am going to just write articles for mlm and just recruit lots of people, but then not really help them. 

So that is how I got 2700 people. I also got 2700 because I wrote lots of CBD MLM articles. When CBD went mainstream in 2018, my articles showed up on the first page of Google and I was getting signups every day. I didn’t talk to any of them. I was nice enough to give them a welcome letter, but I didn’t have a system to plug them in like I do in 2023 with LiveGood. 

I was scared to do three way calls. I was scared to call them. And so it was like here, here is a welcome letter. Go run ads on Craigslist, I don’t care just run ads – and so I didn’t build a big team. All right. Now, there are leaders out there that I have heard that they have only recruited 10 people and that 10 turned into 100,000 people on their team, because they work closely with their team members. 

And so since I have been doing network marketing for six years, I was like, you know, I am tired of being the mass recruiter, because I am not really connecting, and my team is not really duplicating. Not many people can run ads on Craigslist, because they are like, that was $200 I can’t keep doing this or that was $1,000. 

So I figured I am going to learn from the leaders what they are doing? They are using Facebook. All right, I am going to find some scripts. Okay, and now I got Facebook scripts. Here you go team. Here are some Facebook scripts, start recruiting some people, and my team started to grow because they are like, Ah, okay, we have a system. Oh, okay. All I have to do is post this on Facebook. Then when someone says more info, I just give them my landing page link and a private message that is simple. It is duplicatable. 

So you need a system. Alright, but the first thing you need to do is work on your mindset and actually believe that you’re sitting on a million dollar business called network marketing, that you can really make good money.

I have worked full time from home the last three years. And this is some guy that was you know, I was flipping burgers for $11 an hour just seven years ago, and five years before that I was a drunk, getting drunk twice a day, not eating and my friends were like, dude, you are going to pass away in a year if you keep doing this. 

So network marketing changed my life, but I had to change my mindset and I had to have a system for my team. Those are the two keys. Alright, so if you are jumping around from company to company, just stop it because it is not going to improve your success at all. 

You have to work on you. You have to fill this with ideas and skills and mindsets of the rich and the famous know of people that are brand influencers, their social media, gurus, their thought leaders, their top leaders in network marketing. 

You got to do the work. You got to feel this. So I was listening to music. I had stinking thinking. I was thinking negatively. I was blaming people. There was a time I was a newbie and I was blaming my upline or my lack of upline, I was blaming the company. I was blaming this, I was blaming that and then I was like, You know what, there are people that are successful in this company, why am I being a negative Ned? 

Then when I turned my thinking into positive thinking, things started to happen, and when I took my focus off of me and wanted to really help people, genuinely that’s when my team started to grow and they can literally sense my thoughts.

I mean, you know, when I am thinking negatively, you know, it just seems like everything around me is negative. But when I start thinking positively, people come out of the woodwork. You know, they are like, hey, Erik, yeah, I had a feeling you were doing social media more, you know, people just notice what you’re doing. So, get out of the stinking thinking and stop hopping companies. 

So the best MLM of 2023 is you and your personal brand. It is you in a company and you are committed for the long term and you are working on yourself every day. Because people invest in people in network marketing, you are the brand, okay? The products of the MLM hardly matter compared to your personal brand as a network marketer. 

What matters is what you can do for your team. They want to join someone who is going to help them get to the finish line. If you are jumping companies and you are like, I don’t know about this, or I don’t have any money, I am just gonna watch TV tonight. Who is gonna join you if you are doing that nonsense?

If you are listening to heavy metal all day or gangster rap, and you are smoking cannabis and getting drunk and you are watching nonsense, who is gonna join you, man? Who is going to join that? Anyone can live in a dumpster? 

Alright, so start looking at success and start emulating the successful people and you will become successful. It’s what you put in your mind. And if you don’t have five friends around you, you know you’re the sum of your five friends. If they’re all crappy, then get rid of them. 

I don’t have any old friends. I left them when I left the drink. I left the small town and I left the drunks behind and went to a new state. I started watching gurus like Tony Robbins. I read, Think and Grow Rich. I have read the Secret. I studied law of attraction. I took notes every night, I started doing my own videos. 

It didn’t matter if I only had 80 bucks. I was pretending I was a leader until I became one. I did 200 videos while I was still working dead end jobs. And I positioned myself, I emulated the leaders until I became one. I spoke the language of network marketing and direct selling for the most part. 

The first 200 videos I did were awful. It sounded like I was desperately and poorly trying to be MLM trainer Todd Falcone. Then eventually I got my own voice. Just like writers get their own writer’s voice. You have to write thousands of pages before you get a writer’s voice. You got to do the work in everything. All right. If you don’t want to do the work, then just go to your Job, just stay at your Ukrainian job. 

But if you want a lottery ticket this isn’t it. Nothing on the internet is free. Alright, go play the lotto. If you want to play a lottery ticket, go play the lotto, go get a $5 scratch off. But if you want to make money on the internet, you got to brand you, you got to change and you got to help others succeed before yourself. That is how you make it and you got to stay committed till the company burns up or you burn up within the MLM company. That is how Ukrainians succeed in MLM.

Boost Your MLM Business Big Time

You guys stay until the long, long term, okay? Till the crows sing the chicken scratches whatever, you got to stay committed for the long haul, and just get a few people across the finish line. Teach them a simple system and stay committed and your team will be committed. to you because you have vision. You have a mission to not only make your life better, but make other people’s lives better. And that is it really MLM masterminds. Okay, you give and you will get back. That is it for dedicated direct selling. That is the best MLM. It is you staying committed to one MLM in 2023. Join the best MLM companies available for 2024 today!