Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Brazil for 2023

I am pretty spoiled when it comes to recruiting for my MLM company as a Brazilian entrepreneur. The last 5 MLM companies I have been in while living in Brazil had a built-in sales funnel. All I had to do was generate leads and the company would email my leads for me as a Brazilian network marketer. It is important you choose the right network marketing business while living in Brazil to make the most of your downline earnings, product sales commissions, and passive income.

Here are the top 10 Best MLM Companies in Brazil with Automated Recruiting System landing pages and email marketing CRM software.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Brazil For 2022-2023

1. Valentus

2. Vorwerk

3. Amway

4. Usana

5. Herbalife

6. Market America

7. LiveGood

8. Vasayo

9. Natura (Avon)

10. Mary Kay

There are other top MLMs for bold Brazilians to join including Tupperware, My Daily Choice, New U Life, Now Lifestyle, Utility Warehouse, HBN, ACN, Heal, and Organo Gold to name a few in 2023.

Now that you know what the best MLM companies are in Brazil for 2023, it is time to learn how to succeed with your opportunity. It helps to have proper landing pages and multi-level marketing CRM software built in, so let’s get into that in more detail. I promise that succeeding in MLM in Brazil is a lot less painful than a Brazilian wax!

What Exactly is an Automated Recruiting System?

When you join a top MLM company in Brazil, an automated email system is where a prospect fills out the form that is connected to your account to take a look at your business opportunity. Once the prospect fills out the form with name, email, and phone is usually optional, they are then taken into your company, usually the dashboard of their own business.

This dashboard is usually a limited view which just shows the products, maybe a video by the CEO of the company, etc. When the prospect decides to become a paid member they can usually hit the order now or shop button inside the dashboard to upgrade.

After a prospect fills out the landing page, you usually get an email that says “great job, you got a new lead.” You get the prospect’s info if you decide to call or email them yourself. Over the years, and generating over 60k leads myself, I just let the company email my leads for me.

What Kind of Emails do My Leads Get?

The MLM company usually starts to send out a series of emails on a daily basis to your new lead. Usually, the emails have a “fear-of-loss” component, meaning the prospect needs to “upgrade” their position before a specific cutoff time.

If they don’t upgrade by that specific cutoff time they could miss out on future commissions of people beneath them, because at the cutoff time every paid member will leapfrog over the free tour takers. The emails are very enticing and are what got me into MLM in the first place back in 2014.

I had taken the “free tour” into the company Brain Abundance, which is no longer around, and was in a really bad financial position. One day, I received an email from Brain Abundance that said I had a paid member under me. That if I didn’t upgrade my position by Wednesday I would miss out on the commissions of that person.

Well, being $30k in credit card debt and praying to get out of restaurant work, I used the last $80 on a credit card to join up. When I upgraded, my dashboard became the full version that paid members get and I could see many more tabs where I could view my stats, get my personalized website links, and see my geneology, or my team beneath me. I began sharing my landing page links all over the place and watched a ton of MLM training videos.

How Do I Get My Leads into the Sales Funnel?

When you upgrade to paid member, you will see your personalized websites usually in the “my websites” tab in your dashboard. You can just copy and paste your favorite one and put it somewhere easy to access, like a document or notepad on your computer.

Then, you can begin sharing your link. Just spamming your link in a million facebook MLM groups won’t cut it. You need to learn how to share your link in clever and ethical ways that compel prospects to want to put their personal information on your landing page in the first place.

I placed my link under articles like this one or under my youtube videos so people could easily see my opportunity and take the free tour. I usually had a call-to-action before I added my link, something like this:

What Companies Have this Automated Sales Funnel?

More and more MLM companies are creating built-in sales funnels because they see how fast companies who have them are growing. A few years ago there was only Brain Abundance, Skinny Body Care, My Daily Choice, LiveGood, David Allen Capital, and Valentus. Now, I don’t know how many companies there are, but try to find a landing page for the company you want to check out before joining. Ask the person you took the free tour from if their company has an automated email system that emails the leads.

Conclusion for Automated MLM Companies

MLM companies are rapidly evolving and making it easier for affiliates to promote their businesses online. There are so many Brazil and global multi-level marketing opportunities you can tap into when all you need to do is gets prospects taking a free tour with your landing page. Over the years, I have placed my links in hundreds of places, and still get leads from those places years later. I hope this helps you find the right MLM company!

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