5 Best MLM Companies in Armenia for 2023

Direct sales companies have come a long way since they first got their start decades ago. While most have developed into complex multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, the overall growth and development of the companies can be considered largely a result in the network marketing strategy.

Network marketing has cut out the conjecture associated with direct sales. Gone are the days of beating a dead horse and telling the same folks over and over about this great business you have.

New MLM Company To Consider

Network marketing brings your business into the cold market – to people you don’t know with absolutely no bias one way or the other. Here are the Best MLM Companies in Armenia for 2022 and 2023.

Armenian Economy

Armenia is still growing, economically, as a country. Prior to its independence, the country was heavily reliant on outside resources, creating a trade imbalance. Recently, the economy has improved, and the income per capita has even reached an all-time high of 4230 USD in 2023.

As the economy of the country shifts, this allows the market for network marketing companies to become one of the strong holders in the business world of Armenia. Network marketing allows an individual to completely make up their income, or simply supplement it however they choose. This opens up the world of possibility and increasing that income per capita rate for Armenians in 2022-2023.

Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing opens up small businesses to the entire world. With an MLM company, it is imperative that you have a ton of traffic to your sites and interest built up. If you are able to reach people never before possible, then you can spread the word about your company, products, and services, opening it up to even more possibilities and success.

Armenia’s Top Network Marketing Companies

Because Armenia is still a developing economy, the country is a great place for network marketing companies to take off and see great success. Here are just a few of the top MLM companies to find success in Armenia.

5. Amway – When two businessmen decided to quit their corporate jobs and invest in a company they knew would build better futures for their families, Amway was born. Initially offering the first every organic cleaner of its kind, Amway found great success with little to no competition. Over the years, the company expanded its reach by offering a wider variety of products to include other cleaning items, personal care products, and even beauty items.

4. Onyxum – Changing up the monotonous world of wellness and health related products, Onyxum brings a breath of fresh air to the network marketing world by offering travel services that can make your travel accommodations a breeze! With various packages created for travel, consultants handle every step of planning process. With the goal of becoming a premier platform for luxury hotel and travel accommodations, Onyxum set out to make a difference in the travel industry. They’ve done just that and it appears as they will continue to succeed in their efforts.

3. Mary Kay – With the mission to enrich women’s lives through business opportunities never before made available to them, Mary kay started a beauty and cosmetics company that is by far one of the most successful companies in the industry to this day. Mary Kay has become a global enterprise, showing women all over the world that they can make a name for themselves and they can give back in the process towards charities and organizations focused on women’s health and other services.

2. Oriflame – As a leading beauty company, Oriflame has been in business for over 50 years and promises to maintain that they are a company like no other. Offering high quality and safe products that are sure to fit in with today’s latest styles and trends, Oriflame has maintained its relevance and success as a result. The company believes that when you look good, you feel good and you can do good, living up to your greatest potential.

1. Valentus – Offering weight management products such as slimming coffee and other energy aids, Valentus helps people at any stage of their weight loss and wellness journey, pushing to help them prevail in each and every one of their goals. Combined with an unmatched compensation plan, the Valentus business strategy has really appealed to many, leading to global success for the company.

Must-do: Generate Leads

Lead generation is imperative for an MLM company to grow. By generating leads over and over again, a company is putting its information out there more and more. Not every lead will result in someone new joining the company or even buying a product, so constant traffic through will ensure that some leads will in fact lead to company progress and growth.

How to Join an MLM Company In Armenia For 2023

When looking to join a Binary MLM company, one should consider all the details about that company before signing up. Do the research to make sure you fully understand what the company has to offer, what package would work best for your budget and you expected return, as well as the timelines associated with bonuses and extra payments.

You then have to consider how you plan to move forward with growing your business. Your team will be made up of two legs – the power leg and the smaller leg. The power leg will be the side that is quick to grow and profit, and it will remain consistently active. Once you’ve established a few rockstars on that side of your team, you can turn your attention to the smaller, less active leg. From here you can grow this side of the team and actually turn it into just as productive of a group as the power leg.

Once you’re established in your teams, you will then have to plan how to constantly generate traffic on your site and lead generation. You need those leads to grow your business – remember that not all leads will amount to growth, so being able to constantly draw in interest is key. Every lead is a step in the right direction, so be sure to be adaptive and flexible as the market changes in Armenian MLM.

Armenia is set up to be quite the network marketing powerhouse. The country is still economically developing, allowing the freedom of an MLM income to become popular with business people in Armenia. There is no better way to get started in an MLM company than with the setup currently in Armenia in 2023.  

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