Best Free MLM Company Paying In Bitcoin Or Precious Metals

Best Free MLM Company that Pays in Bitcoin or Precious Metals (Gold,Silver,Platinum)

Today I am going to talk to you about how you can earn gold, silver or platinum delivered directly to you – physical precious metals in the mail by joining this MLM company for free. 

So I have been with this company for three and a half years. I am one of the leaders in this network marketing opportunity. I have recruited over 1400 reps and customers in this business. I am very serious about it when it comes to building wealth. And I do believe that it is the best MLM company out there.

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And I don’t just say that lightly because I research MLM companies all the time. I am always looking at their compensation plans, their products, how relevant they are. Are they growing or are they declining? I look at their sales. I look at their marketing materials. I look at the websites that they give us. I look at their customer service, etc. 

Note: you have to buy a product after a month to remain active, so this isnt truly free to join.

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So when I say I believe this is the best MLM I really do mean it, and our CEO just launched a couple of new ways that you can get paid, you can get paid in Bitcoin, or you can get paid in precious metals. And then there’s also an E-wallet, I believe, where you can use that money to buy other cryptocurrencies. 

bitcoin mlm

As you know, things are really crazy right now with the economy. Governments want to create a one world cryptocurrency for us and that is a very scary thing, because they could potentially shut off your money with a flick of the switch if you do not do what they want. I am not going to get into that. That is a whole other topic. 

But the point is, you need to diversify and start learning about cryptocurrencies, and our company pays in Bitcoin which you can transfer over to other cryptos. Cryptocurrencies and precious metals are very exciting. I was already looking for gold online. And all of a sudden our company now pays in gold. So it is perfect timing.

You know, there are countries that love gold because gold is very stable, it is not going to crash with the dollar. In fact, if the dollar starts crashing, gold will go up, and with all this lending going on and stimulus packages, there is going to be major inflation, the dollar is going to become worthless. So the best thing you can do is sign up with an MLM company that pays you in precious metals and Bitcoin because of this crash that might happen.

Okay, The other great thing about MLM companies is that they do not reflect the economy. So during this lockdown, I actually did very well. My team did very well, and it saved my butt. Because if I had a job, you know, I would be on the phone all day trying to get unemployment. If I worked under the table at a job, I would be out of unemployment, I wouldn’t even be able to get that. 

So that was very scary, but thank goodness for network marketing. Business was actually thriving during this time. So I want to talk about how to sign up for free. The first thing you want to do is click the link under this article, and take the free tour and watch the videos by the CEO. He’s going to explain everything. 

Okay, after that you want to click on Get Started, and you can skip past all of the product selections, and just hit the button that says join as an affiliate. Affiliates can earn 25% commissions. We pay weekly for first time orders and we pay monthly for reorders. 

You will get over 15 websites personalized with your username for landing pages. So you will get credit when people sign up on your websites, and it’s all done for you. We have landing pages that are connected to an automated email system. So when a prospect fills out your form, you will get an email that says good job you got a lead. That is a person that is interested in your business and they signed up on your landing page to take a free tour. 

Now if they want, they can then upgrade their position later or the same day and become a paid affiliate by buying product. Now you can wait up to a month to buy product. So the first month, I recommend that you join as an affiliate and get acquainted with all of the training and the marketing and then start learning how to promote your links on social media, under blog articles, under MLM YouTube videos that you create. 

I’m not saying go spam under people’s content. I’m saying create your own content. And then you can email your friends, your family, old contacts, anyone you think that is a strong entrepreneur, or business owner, they’re gonna understand network marketing better than someone that’s never had a job. 

So think about people that are entrepreneurial minded that could run with this business. And all you say is, you know, I joined a new business. I’m very excited about it, would you please check it out for me, tell me what you think. And then give them your landing page link or the customer website.

If you believe that they’re going to just buy products right away, give them your customer website. If you want them to get into the automated email system, you send them a landing page. 

Okay, so this is very exciting, our company has never been free to join. I’ve been with the company for three and a half years, and it was always $20 to start – plus products, and so that came out to be about $90. Now it’s free to join forever. And then if you really like what’s going on, you can order product the second month. 

So click the link, take the free tour, watch all four videos, click the Get Started, skip past the product selection. You can buy products if you want, but you can skip past it, click the button that says sign up as an affiliate. You will instantly get those websites that you can promote on social media wherever you want, in an ethical manner. Don’t just start spamming your links all over MLM groups on Facebook. That’s not what’s going to build your business. This is a serious business. It’s gonna take time to understand. 

I would start learning about network marketing. You can watch all my videos on how to grow a network marketing business. You can buy ebooks on Amazon, about MLM. Just look at the top rated ebooks on Amazon. You can watch other YouTube trainers like Todd Falcone, Matt Morris, and Cesar l Rodriguez, Tanya, Eliza. 

There’s plenty of training, take notes, absorb it, learn how to share your links, and then let the automated email system help you recruit people because it’s a very powerful email system. I’ve used it mostly the whole time I have been in and it is helped me recruit most of my team because the emails are very enticing and I don’t want to do email marketing. 

So this multi-level marketing company truly has everything you need to get going to start making money online, weekly, and Monthly. We pay in seven different ways. So it is phenomenal. We have had tremendous growth. We did 5 million in sales last April 20. This MLM company also did 5 million in sales in one day. So this is a very powerful company. $200 million a year. Probably a lot more right now. So everything is done for you. Check it out. Thanks for watching, guys and enjoy your precious metal profits!

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