Best MLM Compensation Plan in the World

So I’m going to talk about the best compensation plan in the world. This is going to make your mouth water. I mean, this has all the bells and whistles, and it can change your life. 

You’re sitting on a million dollar business and I’m gonna go over some of the facets of the best compensation plan in the world. For one, you can make weekly commissions. Plus you can make monthly commissions on your whole team, whether you bring them in or not. 

You can get a car allowance where they give you monthly money that you can put towards a car and not even a car you can put it towards anything you want. It’s just basically a line of cash that comes to you – depending on your rank. You can also get profit sharing in the company, you can get 2% of the company’s profits if you recruit a certain amount of people every month, though this goes on and on, you can basically get treated like a rock star. Okay. 

So what company has this compensation plan? The thing is that they’re all good. There isn’t one compensation plan. See, here’s the thing is that when new people join network marketing, some of them are like, let me look at the compensation plan before I join, and they think that they’re gonna read something magical that’s just gonna transform their life without doing any work. 

But leaders understand that they can go into any company, doesn’t matter how fancy or how basic the compensation plan is. It doesn’t matter if the compensation pays 10% or 50%. They make it work. So I’m going to talk about the three things that will make your compensation plan really shine and really pay you well. 

The first thing is you have to have passion about your business, you have to be passionate about the earning potential, the life changing qualities of it, the products, the leadership, you have to be excited about the company that you join, and you have to be passionate about the mission of the company, every great company has a mission statement. You know, they want to change lives. They want to dominate the world. They want to give to charity, they want to end starvation, they have a huge vision. 

Look at companies like Apple, you know, they want to change the world they want to dominate. So that’s number one is passion. The other thing with passion is you’re gonna have to do this every single day, because every network marketing company or whatever you join, you have to move products and work every single day, just like you do at a job. But the thing with network marketing is you can get residual income going and work less and less every year. 

So in the beginning, it’s a lot of work to get your business off the ground. But then once you start building a team, you’ll get paid on everything they do. So it’s all about the residual income and passion. You know, what is your vision for your organization, people want to join people that are going places, if you don’t have a sense of urgency or passion, people are not going to follow you. 

You have to be completely confident in what you’re doing and what you stand for. I do these videos 100% because I believe in network marketing, and I believe in myself, and I know I’m not a quitter. I’ve been doing this every single day for the last six years, I’m not going to just jump ship, whenever it gets tough because it’s in my blood, I have to create content every day. That’s what I do. 

So find your passion, because it’s gonna get hard. You know, it’s a real profession. The compensation plan is not going to change your life. People that think that compensation matters are people that still look at network marketing like it’s a lottery ticket. Like if they just bring in their uncle who did network marketing 20 years ago, I’ll be rich. 

You know, if I just bring in that one person, I’ll be rich. And that’s what newbies think – they think it’s a lottery ticket. Bring in that one person and I’ll be rich. It’s not true. You’re gonna have to recruit 100 to 200 people, you know, 500 people. If you’re really lucky, and you work hands on with everyone, you could get away with bringing in 20 to 50. But that’s rare. Okay. 

Number two, after passion is tenacity, you have to do this every single day and it has to get in your blood, you have to create content or you have to create contacts. You should shoot to make contact with at least 10 people a day. It’s all about building relationships first, not pitching people. 

So don’t start with your sales pitch if you haven’t talked to this person before, establish a relationship and a friendship. The other day I was texting a guy who was in one of my network marketing companies and we hadn’t talked for a while. 

I was just like, how are you doing? And we talked for a while and then we talked about some other things unrelated to business, and I never pitched him. Then I was like, cool, man. I hope to talk to you soon. Good luck with everything, and I didn’t pitch him. 

Then he came back and he was like, so how’s business and I was like doing great. You want to hook up and do this together and, you know, then the conversation got short again because I jumped the gun too soon. I did not build social credibility, social credit. 

Social credit is where you form relationships and friendships with people. And the more that you compliment them and comment on their Facebook, for instance, if you just comment on people’s posts, but you don’t pitch them, you’re building social credit. 

Then one day you can present your company that is how you should do it, but a lot of us are impatient. We want to make money fast. So we just go for the jugular and just give them our pitch right away. And that’s not the way you should build your business you shouldn’t just jump all over everyone, and that’s what gives MLM a bad name as people just jump the gun. 

They just try to be you know, just machine gun everyone with their opportunity pitch and you’re going to lose a lot of friends and family that way and be part of the NFL club, no friends left, so you don’t want to do that. 

The last thing is you gotta want to help people. It’s not a solopreneur gig. Network Marketing is about helping a network of people get to the finish line before yourself even, and I didn’t catch this when I first started. I was anti-social, I was a recluse, I was like, Oh, I can just learn how to recruit tons of people, but not really help them out. 

Just be a recruiter, because I read a book that you could recruit a lot of people and make good money, but the truth of the matter is that they’re gonna quit very quickly if you don’t help them. If you don’t give them a simple system to duplicate, a lot of people are going to quit. 

So the more you can really give them an easy system that they can generate leads with, and you’re there and they feel like you’re supporting them, then you’ll go a lot further and your team will grow faster, and they’ll stay with you. If you become their mentor, and they feel that they can trust you and you take them to the finish line. 

So you don’t want to just bring people in and then ditch them. And I’ve done that plenty. I’ve thrown plenty of spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. It’s still a challenge for me to work with people. I was not a natural born leader. I was always an introvert in high school and just stayed to myself. I only had like two best friends and was never great in groups.

Then network marketing came along, and I was like, how can I do this like an internet marketer and just generate lots of leads. And I got really good at generating a lot of leads. But the team dynamic wasn’t there. But the thing with network marketing, the beautiful thing with network marketing is that you can earn as you learn, so my income is growing every single year because I’m learning more about people. 

And I’m learning about myself. I’m doing mindset training, I’m doing spirituality, I’m fixing my temple, my body, which helps your mind. So this is not just about money. This is about a full makeover. You know, network marketing can change your whole life not just financially but physically and mentally. 

That’s why leaders are a big into training. You never learned enough because it just, it kind of tweaks your perception. Every morning when I do a mentor video training. When I watched someone else, like this morning, it was Brendon Burchard. He’s a high performance coach. Just watching him for the first two hours in the morning really set my morning, right. And that’s why I’m doing this video because I’m inspired. 

I started the day right and I drank water. I did my shake. I did frugal fitness crunches and sit ups to get my metabolism spiked. And I feel great. So look into the Miracle Morning, it could really change your life and your network marketing business. 

No compensation plan has the secret formula. They’re all great. You know, it just would take longer for a 10% commission rate to give you the income you need, as opposed to a 50% commission rate, but they’re all good. It all depends. on what you do with it. 

So thanks for watching guys. I hope this helps click the subscribe button, hit the like button and we’ll talk to you soon.