Top 3 Best UK Coffee MLM Companies To Join In 2021

It’s tea & coffee time in the U.K! Tea and coffee is part of the daily like of Great Britain with Britons drinking 13 cups of coffee per week. Although the U.K. is not the biggest coffee-consuming place, they still can drink tea all day long, have regular tea times each day, and drink over 150 million cups of coffee per day. Teatime can also be referred to dinner in some parts of England and Scotland.

The U.K. Economy

The UK has a robust economy that is growing at 1.9% and the average income is $43,160. The Telegraph calls the UK the most entrepreneurial country in Europe and is ranked 4th in the World.

Why MLM with Coffee?

In 2017, Europe beat North America in sales revenue from network marketing. North America was $36 Billion in retail sales compared to Europe which was $38 Billion. Europe loves MLM, especially Northern Europe. 

Network marketing is an exciting business opportunity because anyone can partake in the business and set up a home business. Coffee and MLM are a perfect match because it’s already ingrained in the society, and offers unlimited income potential to those who are motivated to break-free from the normal constraints of a job, financially, physically, and mentally.

So, let’s cover the Best Coffee MLMs in the U.K.

U.K.’s Top Network Marketing Coffee Companies:

Three – Sisel

Founded by Tom Mower and Tom Jr in 2006, the Mowers created a true Network Marketing powerhouse, backed by scientists and a large 300,000 square foot facility in the U.S. They actually use infrared to roast their coffee beans which come from the Panama Region. All operations are performed in-house, from roasting to packaging, and development of new cutting-edge products. Sisel has a great presence in Northern Europe, including the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, etc. Their coffee line includes instant and Premium with a blend of Chaga, Gotu Kola, Ganoderma and Bacopa. ($27-$34)

Flagship Product: Kaffee Premium

Compensation Plan: Sisel pays 25% commissions, plus 21% is divided between 7 levels of upline. 

Two – Organo Gold

Bernard Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 with his unique blend of Ganoderma coffee products. Organo Gold quickly exploded around the world and his widely available in Northern Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. Organo Gold is also the frontrunner in charity and initiatives, including their program for women called Bags for Life. Organo Gold also just launched their Travel Program, called Travalla.  

Flagship Product: Gourmet Black Coffee (4.6 stars 1,265 reviews Amazon)

Compensation Plan: $20-$120 for new orders. Paid 7 Ways. Up to 50% on retail sales.

One – Valentus

Valentus was founded by Dave Jordan in 2015. Dave is a veteran network marketer and understands the needs of his distributors. Valentus offers a wide-range of weight loss management products which are ever increasing due to his scientific board and new 100,000 square foot facility in Florida. Valentus is hitting momentum and is generating sales of $10-$15 million per month. Valentus also has a unique email recruiting system that emails the leads that reps generate, helping them build their team faster.

Flagship Product: SlimRoast Optimum ($59 US)

Compensation Plan: Paid 7 Ways. 25% Commissions. $100 Legacy Bonus on large orders. Etc.

Recap on the Best MLM in the U.K.

Each Coffee MLM company has it’s pros and cons, but this list includes only the best companies available in the United Kingdom. We have researched several other companies that either didn’t ship to Europe or their website was outdated.

MLM is a very lucrative and rewarding profession. There’s over 100 million network marketing distributors worldwide with gross retail sales reaching the $210 Billion a year mark.

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