Top 3 Best UK Coffee MLM Companies To Join

It’s tea and coffee time in the U.K! Tea and coffee is part of the daily like of Great Britain with Britons drinking 13 cups of coffee per week. Although the U.K. is not the biggest coffee-consuming place, they still can drink tea all day long, have regular tea times each day, and drink over 150 million cups of coffee per day. Teatime can also be referred to dinner in some parts of England and Scotland, or even sometimes now in Northern Ireland.

The U.K. Economy

The UK has a robust economy that is growing at 1.9% and the average income is $43,160. The Telegraph calls the UK the most entrepreneurial country in Europe and is ranked 4th in the World. That means the United Kingdom has nearly unmatched potential to grow with MLM coffee companies.

Why MLM with Coffee?

Europe recently beat North America in sales revenue from network marketing. North America was $36 Billion in retail sales compared to Europe which was $38 Billion. Europe loves MLM, especially Northern Europe. 

Network marketing is an exciting business opportunity because anyone can partake in the business and set up a home business. Coffee and MLM are a perfect match because it’s already ingrained in the society, and offers unlimited income potential to those who are motivated to break-free from the normal constraints of a job, financially, physically, and mentally.

So, let’s cover the 3 Best Coffee MLMs in the U.K for 2022. These coffee network marketing companies are ranked based on sales and growth potential from 2021 and early 2022.

U.K.’s Top Network Marketing Coffee Companies:

1. Sisel

2. Organo Gold

3. Valentus

Join the Best MLM in the U.K. To Start Your Business

Each Coffee MLM company has it’s pros and cons, but this list includes only the best companies available in the United Kingdom. We have researched several other companies that either didn’t ship to Europe or their website was outdated.

MLM is a very lucrative and rewarding profession. There’s over 100 million network marketing distributors worldwide with gross retail sales reaching the $210 Billion a year mark. Now that you know the best coffee MLM companies in the UK and EU, it’s time to learn how to succeed in network marketing in 2022.

How To Succeed In The Coffee MLM Industry

Leads are what fuel and grow your home based business. Many don’t know what to do with Leads in MLM. Here’s how you convert them fast. Are your coffee MLM leads not converting? This is one of the biggest problems network marketers face. In fact, Let me tell you how I got in Leads, earning thousands of them.

I started my home based business almost a decade ago. I was pretty familiar with promoting products online, because I sold music MP3’s, my ebooks, and affiliate marketing products. I had a following of maybe 50,000 followers on Twitter and would simply tweet my products and get orders. I’m not saying I made a lot of money, but I was getting good at making engaging tweets that people clicked on. At the end of the next year, Twitter seemed to have lost its impact. A lot of people were moving onto Instagram, back to Facebook, and other platforms. Twitter suddenly wasn’t as cool. But, I loved Twitter and needed to find a way to keep getting lots of leads for my new MLM business. As network marketers it’s imperative to constantly re-evaluate our marketing and A/B test everything consistently. People get used to your message and if you don’t update it enough you lose traction in the marketplace. I tested tweet after tweet and wasn’t getting any leads anymore.

This is when most novice MLM’ers quit. Not me though, because I had another ace up my sleeve. I used an app that sent out an automated message to my new followers on Twitter. I discovered that this direct message looked more authentic and “live” from me when I upgraded their plan, which removed the app’s branding from the end of the direct message. I discovered that people responded a lot more to my direct message than to my tweets. Maybe, they felt like I was saying hello right when they followed me and they were more receptive. Their reception faded the longer it took to message them, so you want it to go to them asap. But, that’s mainly up to the Crowdfire app.

But, that is not what this post is about. It’s about converting those leads. Let me tell you about my abysmal conversion rate for MLM leads.

In my primary network marketing company Valentus, I have brought in maybe 5,000 Leads in 2.5 years. Not bad for a newbie. But, out of 5,000 Leads (Leads are people if you don’t know) I converted 70 people into my business, meaning they became distributors, or “IBO’s” i.e. Independent Business Owners. 70 out of 5,000. Not many people can get 5,000 Leads. They usually try to spam Facebook groups which doesn’t get leads. So, that’s a measly .014 conversion rate, meaning a little bit more than 1 percent. It would cost $5,000 to $10,000 to buy that many leads which most people can’t afford. But, a crappy 1 percent. Do you know why? This is the whole point of this article. I barely followed up with any of my leads. People were responding back all the time in my Twitter direct messaging, but I ignored them. Let me tell you real quick though, You don’t want to waste time with “tire kickers”, you know, the ones who ask “What is it?” If they’re too lazy to even click on the link to find out themselves, they’re probably too lazy or broke to join anyways and make it work. But, what I’m talking about is I didn’t communicate at all with almost anyone on social media. I hid behind sheer numbers. I followed and unfollowed everyday so new followers could see my direct message, but then I ignored them! A lot of new network marketers do this. They ignore their leads. So, the best and most important way to convert MLM leads is to get your dialogue going with these leads. Those leads aren’t going to be knocking down your door anytime soon. You have to speak up!

Don’t be pushy though. No one likes a pushy salesman, that’s not what network marketing is. It’s gently guiding a prospect through education and “sifting” to see if they’re a fit. You don’t need everyone to join your business. Your mom isn’t going to make you rich if you sign her up. Your best prospects are strangers on the internet looking for an opportunity. There’s no selling anyone, like a lot of ignorant people think about MLM. Prospects come to you ideally. That’s the only way I play this game and so should you. But, don’t do what I did and ignore them. If I would have spoken more, or had an email list and emailed my subscribers, I would have been killing it.

I’m not doing too bad now, though. But, I pass the torch onto you. You are driven and passionate about your business and you won’t fuck up like me. That’s the main lesson for today. Learn how to speak with your prospects and you will get wealthy. It takes time and practice, but this is a real profession, not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, practice your MLM like a college education or a new profession or a professional sport. I mentioned in my last post how to crush it in MLM for 2022 and Beyond that it’s essential to treat this as seriously as trying out for the pros in sports. There’s millions of dollars on the line waiting to be rewarded to the most skillful and gifted person.

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