Best Coffee MLM in the Philippines – Read First Before Joining!

The filipinos love their coffee, not only to drink but they also supply 65% of the Robusta Coffee bean to the world. 8 out of 10 adults drink 2 and a half cups of coffee per day. Coffee farmers can’t keep up with the coffee demand in the Philippines and only supply 20% of what the country needs. Coffee not only tastes good, but it has several health benefits as well.

The Filipino Economy

Although the Philippines recently had a dip in their growth, they are projected to maintain their 6.2% growth rate. Philippine’s economy is ranked #36 in the world. Their primary exports are copper, garments, petroleum products, fruit, and coconut oil.

Why Pinoy Coffee MLM?

20% of the country falls below the poverty level. Their average income per capita is 10,030 (ppp), which is higher than their neighbor Vietnam, but less than Thailand. The filipinos love MLM and are one of the most prevalent countries on the top of MLM leaderboards. MLM is attractive because of the low cost to start your own network marketing business. 

For less than $100US, a filipino can become a distributor, or independent representative of their very own home business. The earning potential with MLM is unlimited. Any Filipino can make astronomical income in network marketing. Top MLM leaders make anywhere between $100,000US per month upwards towards a $1 Million per month. You only need a big heart and be willing to give it your all consistently over a period of time.

The best way to make money in MLM is to combine the second largest commodity in the world (coffee) with the most powerful income opportunity (MLM). Here’s the Top 3 Coffee MLMs in the Philippines:

Philippines’s Top Network Marketing Coffee Companies:

Three – DXN

DXN was founded in Malaysia in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin. DXN is truly a global MLM opportunity operating in several Asian countries, including Nepal, Mogalia, and Sri Lanka which is rare to see. DXN offers Ganoderma-based Coffees and teas which asians love because they already are sweetened with cream and sugar. DXN’s coffee not only tastes like a dessert but has the healing properties of Ganoderma mushroom.

Flagship Product: Lingzhi Black Coffee

Compensation Plan: 15%-%37

What I Like: DXN is an Asian Company, so Asians will know that they will be taken care of. I like the large array of products.

Two – Organo Gold

Organo Gold started in 2008 by Dr. Bernard Chua. Organo Gold has a long line of health products outside of just coffee and recently started their travel business, called Travalla. Almost 2% of Organo’s reps makes between $30,000 to $100,000 per year, and 8% of all reps make between $4,000 to $8,000 per month. Organo is clearly a lucrative opportunity for many Asians and the company ships to these Asian countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Flagship Product: Black Gourmet Coffee

Compensation Plan: Paid up to 50% on retail and $20-$120 on product orders from reps. Paid 7 ways.

What I Like: Organo Gold has attracted some giant leaders, and their website is top-notch. I love their range of products and the commissions are above average for MLM.

One – Valentus

Founded by Dave Jordan, a 20 year MLM veteran, Dave knows what it takes to not only motivate a team, but to move product. Valentus is moving up fast and is currently generating $12-$17 million per month and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. They just built a 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Florida and are currently creating several new products every 6 to 12 months. Dave predicts the company will hit the $1 Billion per year mark in 2-3 years.

Flagship Product: SlimRoast Optimum

Compensation Plan: Paid 7 way. $20-$200 per order. 25% commissions.

What I Like: Great commissions, available in the most countries, fast shipping. Passionate people. Powerful slimming coffee.

Recap on the Best Pinoy Coffee MLM

Pinoy MLM is an exciting for most filipinos. It is a business opportunity for almost everyone. Like I said earlier, it is inexpensive to start your own MLM business and have the potential to make unlimited income. It’s all about sharing your business links with friends and family and teach them how to share their websites when they join.

Thanks for Reading! 

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