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Malays love coffee! It’s reported that Malaysians drink over 6 million cups of NesCafe per day. Although tea is the #1 drink in Malaysia, coffee is quickly growing in the country. The world consumes 150 million bags of coffee per year.

The Malaysian Economy

Malaysia is an economic powerhouse with the annualized growth rate at 4.6% in 2019. Their Income Per Capita is 28,650PPP(Purchasing Power Parity), significantly higher than neighboring Indonesia at 11,900ppp and Philippines at 10,030ppp. Malaysia is quickly diminishing any poverty that’s left in the country, as both private and public sectors flourish.

Why Coffee MLM?

The MLM industry is a $210 Billion a year titan. Coffee’s worldwide sales revenue was $420 Billion in 2019. Both industries combined is $630 Billion a year, which makes coffee and MLM a viable income source for those interested in starting a home business.

In 2017, Malaysia ranked the 9th country in the World for MLM retail sales at $4.6 Billion dollars. The only other Asian Countries to beat that was China, Japan, and Korea which are larger countries and economies. Malays hold their own and love network marketing. Asians love the family-feeling and strong communal ties that network marketing opportunities form.

Below are the Top 3 MLM Coffee Companies in Malaysia that actually ship to Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Top Network Marketing Coffee Companies:

Three – DXN

DXN is actually a Malaysian MLM company that was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin. DXN creates Ganoderma Mycelium and Ganoderma Lucidum based coffee and tea beverages from their 28,000 square foot facility. The USA branch launched in 2002, and Canada branch followed in 2003. DXN is a popular choice among asian countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. 

Flagship Product: Lingzhi Black Coffee

Compensation Plan: 15%-%37

What I Like: DXN is truly a global business with over 180 countries in all where they ship. DXN is malay-based and offers a wide range of sweet and delicious, mushroom based coffee and tea beverages.

Two – Organo Gold

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernard Chua. Organo Gold is all about giving back and creating true leaders in the MLM profession. Organo also has a wide-range of health and personal care products, along with their award-winning Ganoderma-based coffee line. They also recently launched their travel business under the name Travalla.

Flagship Product: Gourmet Black Coffee (1,260 4.6 stars Amazon)

Compensation Plan: Paid 7 Ways. Up to 50% commissions on retail.

What I Like: Organo Gold is available worldwide. Organo Gold is mission-based and participates in a variety of charities. Organo Gold has attracted some of the highest paid leaders in the industry. 

One – Valentus

Founded by MLM-veteran Dave Jordan in 2015, Valentus is hitting momentum currently generating $12-$15 million per month in sales as new leaders join the company. Valentus not only creates a powerful coffee-line called SlimRoast Optimum, but they also have carb burners, skin cream, and a cutting-edge new product called Emulin, which may help diabetics reduce blood sugar.

Flagship Product: SlimRoast Optimum ($59)

Compensation Plan: Paid 7 Ways, $100 Legacy Bonus per large orders. Binary Paid Weekly, along with Fast Start Bonuses.

What I Like: Valentus is creating a lot of buzz right now, and they are available in the most countries I have seen with a MLM company. There is a lot of passion in this company, and new products are being developed monthly.

Building your Coffee Biz Right

Coffee MLM companies are built by spreading the world about your products and sharing the personalized websites the company gives you to not only your warm market (friends and family) but to your cold market (people you don’t know) consistently. The biggest MLM leaders generate the most leads over time. They generate leads by buying leads, having a large social media presence, and having their own blog or websites. They then teach their new reps who they recruit how to share their own company-provided websites to generate leads and sales.

Recap on the Best Coffee MLM in the Malaysia

All 3 Coffee MLM companies are truly available worldwide and have powerful coffee that has wonderful health benefits and weight loss potential.

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