Best CBD Network Marketing MLM Leads Online

CBD Oil is an exciting opportunity for millions of people financially and physically. There are hundreds of CBD Oil companies and dozens of the best CBD MLM companies in the world. Here’s how to grow your CBD business with traffic, clicks, and lead generation.

If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time you probably understand that you need a lot of visitors viewing your website to get sales. Let’s face it – family and friends won’t make you rich in MLM!

And, here’s the thing, most people fail in MLM because they hit a wall after talking to friends and family about their CBD Business. They are lucky if they can recruit a few friends, but mainly they just burn bridges with friends and family because they don’t really know how to prospect people properly.

Here’s a secret: the big money in MLM comes from the “cold market” aka strangers on the internet who don’t know you.

So, how do you tap into the “cold market”? You purchase traffic, people who are looking for an opportunity like yours.

CBD Oil is not something big advertisers want to touch. Facebook, Google, and Bing have banned or blocked all my CBD ads. So, if you have run out of people to talk to about your CBD biz, and you don’t have much of a following on social media, you need to buy traffic to your opportunity website.

Ideally, you send them to one of your landing pages the company gives you. That way you can “capture” their info and ideally your company has an automated recruiting system that emails your leads for you.

You may have heard that MLM is a “numbers game” which means the more leads you generate, the better your chances are in getting a signup, a new rep.

You might have to generate a few hundred leads just to get one new rep, but that new rep can build a huge team under you and make you a few thousand, or a hundred thousand in the next couple years. You really can’t tell what someone will do in your business, but at least the chance is there to make a ton of money in MLM. There is no income cap in MLM, you can literally make $150,000 a month like many leaders do.

The CBD industry is still young. There is still plenty of opportunity for you to cash in bigtime. Also, people switch companies all the time and over 5,000 people per day are looking for a new MLM in America alone.

The Best CBD MLM Leads and Traffic Come From Solo Ads

A “solo ad” is basically where you let an internet marketer, or a solo ad agency email their list of contacts your website link. They write the email for you and you just provide your website link where you want the traffic to go. Some vendors allow you to write your own email, but they know their email contacts better than you do, so I always just let them write it.

Solo ads are great because they produce fast results. You can get your inbox flooded with leads within 2 to 3 days, sometimes faster. What I like about solo ads is that they don’t care if it’s a CBD opportunity, whereas Facebook, Google ads, and Bing ads won’t accept anything relating to CBD oil. They won’t even accept CBD keywords within the ads.

There’s a couple types of audiences you can get for your business from solo ads typically:

Top-Tier Traffic: This traffic comes from the top tier countries of U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Then there is USA Only. This is the most expensive traffic usually. Americans earn the most money and love MLM, so this is the hot market.

 And, then there is general traffic where you get a mix of other countries from Africa and Asia, but basically anywhere in the world.

Go ahead and register and check out their services.

Like I said earlier, MLM is a numbers game and you have to generate consistent leads every week, ideally every day. I suggest to my team that they work their way up to generating 20 leads a day with a mixture of platforms.

Paid traffic is the quickest way to get your CBD business going, followed by talking to people, using social media, and creating content on a blog and YouTube.

With consistent action, your business will start to grow. When you get a new rep, teach them about solo ads so they can start growing also. It’s all about getting your team duplicating the same system so everyone can grow, which will accelerate your income.