Best Automated MLM – How I Use 95% Automation to Grow My Biz

best automated mlm

If you never want to do another three-way call, hotel and home meeting, and make a list of your 100 friends and family to pester for your MLM, I don’t blame you.

In fact, when I joined MLM in 2014, I blocked my upline on my phone.

I just wanted to build my MLM like an affiliate marketing gig, just sharing my links and getting commissions.

So, when I found a way to completely automate MLM, I was ecstatic.

I wanted the residual income MLM offered without the pain of hand holding new distributors and going to rah rah network marketing events.

Here’s the Best Autopilot MLM I’ve Used to Make Six Figures

Since 2014, I’ve been in two MLM companies that have the same thing. The company may be different today than when I started but the simple concept is the same:

You need a company with awesome landing pages connected to a killer autoresponder.

What are “landing pages?”

They capture name and email of those who are interested in checking out the opportunity.

When they fill out the form, they gain access to the inside of the business dashboard to look around, a free tour it’s called.

After the prospect fills out the form, I get an email with their info.

The prospect is essentially a “lead” and the company begins to email them daily on why they should join our company.

It’s a very powerful automated email system that all distributors get in our company.

There’s only a couple MLMs that have this.

It Takes 7 to 15 Exposures

On average, it takes a prospect seeing something 7 to 15 times before joining.

This would be a nightmare if you were doing these exposures by phone and email.

I literally don’t do anything to “close” my prospect.

I let the company’s email sequence do its thing.

It’s truly beautiful and internet marketing at its finest.

This is what allows me to work one hour a day and you can to.

The system is straightforward: generate leads so they enter the built-in sales funnel of the company.

The more leads you generate, the better.

How to Generate Massive Leads for a Six-Figure Income

Back in 2014, I discovered a method using an app to automate a direct message to my new followers on Twitter.

Everyone knows about automated direct messages today, but back then I generated thousands of leads by sending out a message to my new followers with my landing page link.

Today, it’s still possible to generate massive leads with social media, but paid advertising is way faster.

I teach my new reps the exact lead generation technique I use which generates around 20,000 leads a month for my team.

I’m happy to have helped many busy professionals in succeeding in MLM because I know time is precious.

Face it, we are sick of working 9 to 12 hours a day and being stuck in traffic two hours a day.

People want to build a second income with what little time they have so they can eventually work from home.

I have engineers and other professionals on my team who make plenty of money but are “time broke”.

They get home from work when the kids are close to bedtime.

They also have $100k in college debt still to pay off.

Nothing feels better than having a residual income stream come in month after month whether you work one hour a day, five hours a day, or skip a day.

How Much Income Can Be Made in Network Marketing?

There’s no income cap in network marketing, so you can earn as much as you want.

Top leaders in MLM make around $150k per month.

You can make $20k to 100k a year within 2 to 5 years. It all depends on how you build your organization.

You need thousands of people ordering product each month to receive those fat checks.

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to recruit all these people yourself.

You train people to recruit their own people.

It only takes a handful of leaders on your team to make a lot of money.

The problem will lie in finding those 2 to 5 rockstars.

Network marketing leaders understand you must never stop recruiting.

Each person you recruit can be worth potentially millions over a lifetime, but 80% of your team will quit within a year.

If you can swallow this, you’re already bulletproof in the game of MLM.

We sort through a lot of people to find a few diamonds.

We shuck a lot of oysters to find a couple pearls.

You know other cliches like this, I’m sure.

So, the point is: keep shucking.

I love oysters!

Treat Your MLM like a Million Dollar Business

If you’ve ever started a traditional business, you know that a lot of money goes into it in the beginning.

If you want to grow a serious MLM business without bugging friends or family, you will need to generate leads using advertising.

Like I said, I have a powerful copy and paste system my team uses to generate tons of leads.

But, you have to have the courage and belief to invest in your business, consistently.

The biggest leaders on my team spend $200 to $400 a week on advertising.

That’s only $10 to $20k a year, no big deal as far as a business goes.

Plus, advertising is a tax write off (check with your tax advisor).

I reduced my taxes by 60% last year simply from business expenses.

Which would you rather do: pay the Man or build your residual income business?

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