Automating MLM Business Passive Income

Automating MLM Business Passive Income

Every single month, I get a passive income check from people I brought in two years ago into my MLM business. Now how did I do that? I’m going to show you how to do that as well. 

So the first thing you want to do is you want to start generating leads, you want to attract new people to your business. I see on the internet, a lot of people are talking about doing company training, product specific company training, and that just attracts the same people or attracts people already in that company. So you’re not really acquiring new customers. 

So the first thing you want to do is think about what people are typing into the search engines looking for a new business. So when I create content, like videos, like articles on my blog, I am making articles or videos with titles like how to join a new MLM opportunity, how to pick a new company, how to create passive income with MLM things like that. “How tos” are very powerful and they attract a new clientele. So think about that. 

But the, the main thing that you need to think about is duplication. That is the magic secret in network marketing that allows you to make passive income every single month, because you earn passive income from what your team is doing. It’s not what you’re doing, because that’s still action. That’s active income. When you’re working really hard, creating content, prospecting, recruiting, emailing, calling leads, whatever, that’s active income because you’re working for it. 

Passive income is, for example, you have an article on your blog that’s two years old, and you still generate leads from it. You still get customers from it, you still get distributors from it. I have many articles like that on my blog, and that is basically passive income, I did not have to create anything new to attract that person into my business.

Same thing with videos, some of my videos are three years old, they’re still getting views. I’m still getting leads from them. But the bottom line is you want a very simple duplication system that people can implement right away. 

So most leaders have something very easy for anyone who signs up like a Facebook script, email marketing series, something that anyone has, most people are on Facebook and most people have email contacts. So, you need a system in place for everyone who signs up. 

When people sign up in my business, I show them two ways to generate leads around the clock. They literally just need to set it up. It’s a copy and paste marketing system. We already have landing pages already set up for you, personalized for you.

So when you sign up as an affiliate, you have over 15 websites you can share on the internet, all you have to do is copy and paste the ad that works for that particular platform. It could be an email platform, it could be Facebook, it could be classified ads. It could be solo ads, it could be Pay Per Click ads. 

But the bottom line is you need to generate leads every single day. For one you have to continually grow your business to offset the people that don’t get and they leave. But number two, your downline will see what you’re doing. It’s kind of like karma.

When you’re building your business and you’re active and you’re working hard, your team is going to do the same. Not everyone, but people are watching what you do.

So this is something that you have to continually grow. Just like the big corporations are constantly running commercials, because they want new customers, they want to acquire new customers. 

And that’s what we do as network marketers, but you can automate your business and make it passive. Like I said, I have content that people have been looking at for the past three, or four years. If you look on Google, and type in network marketing training, you will probably see articles or videos that are from 2013 and 2012. Those people are still generating leads from those old videos. So it’s really a beautiful thing. 

If you’re serious about making passive income for the rest of your life you want to create content – you want to generate leads, at least 20 leads a day and never stop. And then when you get someone new on your team, show them your best lead generation techniques – free and paid. 

So thanks for reading guys. I hope this helps. Click the link under this article. Take a free tour in our business. You’ll see what I mean by automated and we’ll talk to you soon!