Automating MLM Business with Cold Market Lead Generation

So I want to talk about automating a MLM business with cold market leads. Now why the cold market? Because you will run out of friends and family to talk to about your business, you will run out of people to talk to on Facebook, you will hit a wall, you can only talk to so many people on Facebook, and it’s usually just the people that follow you, that are friends with you, that you talk to about your business. And most of those people, they don’t have any network marketing experience. 

But, they’re the easiest to sign up. That’s why the leaders usually say start with your friends and family, your warm market list. Warm means they’re open to what you say to them because they know you and they like you. They trust you, they love you. And so it’s an easy market to get into. 

So the leader says, make a list of your hundred friends and talk to them or post on Facebook. But the real leaders generate leads in the cold market, strangers, people that they don’t know. And why is that? Because it’s unlimited. 

There’s millions of people looking for a home based business opportunity every single day around the globe. And you can access those people with content, with YouTube videos, with paid advertising anytime you want. It’s the fastest way to start generating leads. And then you just let the company email your leads for you if you generate leads with your landing pages that our company supplies.

All the prospect has to do is sign the form and it takes them into the automated MLM email marketing dashboard. They can look around. It’s called a free business tour. If they’re interested, you know, they might not pull the trigger the first time they see the dashboard, the compensation plan or the videos by the CEO, they might have to think about it – might take seven to 15 times for that person to sign up, and you can’t get them to sign up if they only see your website one time.

That’s why the automated email system that we get with the landing pages, basically converts the recruits, because it recruits for us. I’m not saying it does everything for us. But I’m saying that if your prospect starts getting a series of emails from the company, they will start to sign up, because the emails go out every day, every other day, then once a week, and then once a month for up to three months. 

So it’s a very powerful system. It’s helped me recruit most of the people that I’ve signed up. The only thing I learned how to do basically was generate enough leads to start getting sign ups because the more leads you generate, the more signups you’re going to get. That’s just the way it is. It’s simple math. But MLM loves numbers. MLM loves momentum. So the more leads you generate and teach your team how to generate leads, then you will start creating momentum and passive income, your whole team will start creating momentum. 

You can start getting more signups because those emails are going to list a lot of the leads that take the free tour. And if you only generate 10 leads, then those emails look kind of boring because only 10 people have taken the free tour. But if you generated 2000 leads with your team, then those emails start to look really enticing – and you get more signups that way, because the emails will say that 2000 people took a free tour just like you, you better sign up and capitalize on this action. That’s more exciting. 

So it is really a lead generation game. And like I said, I’ve recruited most of my people with just my youtube channel and with my blog articles. I review companies – I talk about MLM training and at the end of the article, I say take a free tour into our number one business. And then people see my signup form. They take a free tour, they start getting emails from the company. 

And, anywhere from three days to two weeks, they sign up, not everyone signs up, you have to generate lots of leads this way. You can even reach out to your leads and call them if you want, you can email them if you want. I just generated so many leads that I’m not going to crash my gmail account by emailing them all manually, and I don’t want to buy AWeber. I don’t want to get into email marketing myself because it’s already done for us. The company does it for us. That’s why I love this company. 

I will never do an MLM company that does not have an automated email recruiting system in place – that’s how the Leaders generate leads forever. Because they might run out of friends and family. They might have talked to everyone on their Facebook, but they have blogs that are generating leads. They have YouTube channels generating leads, they do webinars, they write ebooks, and those things are out there for years. 

There’s still videos on YouTube on the first page from 2012 from MLM leaders, so they’re generating leads from those eight year old videos. It’s incredible. So content is really king. It takes time to get it going. In the meantime, you can do paid advertising to start generating leads, I recommend you generate 20 leads a day, work your way up to 20 leads a day – might take you a while. I’m not saying spend all your money and I’m not saying go buy cheap leads on Fiverr or anything like that. 

If you’re on our team, I will show you my Number one lead generation secret. And then from there, you can teach your team the same lead generation secret. And that is how you get duplication. That is how you start growing a team very fast. So thanks for reading MLMers!