Automating MLM Business with a Simple Duplication System

Automating a MLM Business with a Simple Duplication System

So I want to talk about automating a MLM business with a simple duplication system. Network Marketing is all about duplication. And what that means is that you want people that join your team to implement or duplicate a system that you give them. That is the bottom line. It can lead to significant income over a couple years if you get a large enough organization, duplicating a very simple system, and the leaders know that.

So when someone signs up into a leader’s organization, such as mine, we either have a private Facebook group where you can see the tools that we use to generate leads, or we send you a welcome letter that has lead generation techniques in it, email scripts, where to generate leads, how to talk to them, if you want to do that, or just let the automated system do its magic. It’s up to you. 

But if you want to have success in MLM and automate it, to work only one or two hours a day, the bottom line is you have to have a simple system that your team can generate leads with. 

When I started network marketing in 2014, I didn’t have that. I didn’t have a system to plug people into. I was just blogging, using Twitter doing these crazy things and people were just like, I can’t do what he’s doing. And network marketing is all about moving products, and you can’t do it by yourself. You can’t sell enough product on your website, or out of your house by yourself to make any significant income. 

The big income in network marketing comes from many people generating leads, doing simple little prospecting scripts on Facebook or wherever but doing something that’s simple that anyone can do. Most of us have a Facebook group, most of us can spend an extra $5 on an ad $10 on advertising or a hundred dollars on solo ads or whatever. But the bottom line is you have to generate leads and get prospects signing the landing page that we offer. 

So if you’re not in a company that has landing pages, if they don’t have an automated email system that helps you recruit them, click the link, take the free tour, see our emails and action because all of this is done for us. 

The landing pages are high definition. So you just target people that are looking for a business opportunity. And you give them one of your landing pages. We have I think fifteen landing pages to choose from – many different styles and colors, really trendy, really cool and they work. So the bottom line is when you start to generate enough leads, you will start to get signups because the company is emailing those leads for you. 

Now I’ve done this for the last six years, I’ve generated over 60,000 leads. I’m an introvert, I’m busy doing other things, I don’t have time or want to be on the phone all day. So I literally just started to have the company email my leads and lo and behold, you know, after a week or two, I would start to get signups. 

It takes 7 to 15 times for someone to usually sign up after they take the free tour. So you’re looking at a couple weeks – there’s a delay. When you generate leads, they might sign up a month from now, but the bottom line is consistently generating leads every day and you will start to get signups and then when you get a sign up, when you get a paid affiliate or a free affiliate, you can send them a welcome letter and teach them the lead generation technique that basically got you in. 

So if you got in the business because you saw an ad on Bing, then you’d probably teach them how to run an ad on Bing. If they signed up with Craigslist, you could show them how to run a Craigslist ad, however they got in. 

Right now the best leads are coming from the popup on my blog and some Bing advertising and I show you how to do it in my other videos but I love Bing because people are clicking on my ads. They’re already looking for an opportunity when they click the ads, so I’m not pushing my opportunity onto anyone. 

I’m not on Facebook, just stalking people and waiting for them to, you know, come online so I can just attack them with my messages and that’s pretty much what a lot of people do, and that’s kind of what gives MLM a bad name.

But when people are looking and they find you, those are the best leads. Pay per click is the best way and Craigslist to get people to start clicking on your link because they are interested. You’re not having to push anything on them. They were attracted to you. That’s why it’s called attraction marketing. It’s the only way that I have built my business for the duration of the time I’ve been 

In the first year, I was kind of spamming, desperate, kind of putting my links everywhere I could and pushing it on to people. But eventually I learned attraction marketing. I started writing articles, creating YouTube videos and people started to find me when they would search for business opportunities on Google. And so they were already looking when they found me. 

For example, when CBD oil became mainstream in 2018, I already had several articles on CBD oil. They found me online and they were ready to buy. I had eight signups in one day in 2018 just from a blog article. I didn’t call them. I didn’t reach out to them. I didn’t buy them. They found me. Their wallets were ready in their hand to buy. 

So those are the best leads – people that are already looking. So spamming your links in Facebook MLM groups isn’t really going to work because everyone’s doing it. What does work is when people find you before you find them, that’s the bottom line, teach a very simple system that anyone can do and your business will take off. That’s how that’s how the big money is made in network marketing.

 All the leaders have a very simple recruiting technique for their whole team to implement. Now, not everyone’s going to implement what you give them. That’s just normal. That’s the name of the game. That’s how business works. Some people are going to do what you ask them to. Some people are going to just forget about you and quit the business. 

You have to just keep recruiting until you find a couple leaders and you will find a couple leaders and it will become a very exciting time in your life, to see duplication – to see your team actually recruiting their own people is the best feeling in the world. That’s basically the hidden gem of network marketing is duplication, when you see your first person, get their first person, you have duplication, you’re officially in the business of network marketing. So click the link under this article. Thanks for reading and we’ll talk to you soon!

Erik Christian Johnson