Automating MLM Business When You’re a Busy Professional

Most of the people that join me today in my business are busy professionals, they understand that I can show them how to automate their business. In fact, I’ve been automating MLM since 2014. The first thing I did to automate my business back then was I had an app that automated my direct message on Twitter. So when I got a new follower, they would get an automated message from me. Something that said, we’re looking for busy entrepreneurs who want to work from home, click the link, take the free tour, and then I would put my landing page link of my company in that message. 

I started to generate 20 to 50 leads a day, just using Twitter and that message, because I would follow every day a couple thousand people, and that message would go out to more people. The landing page was already provided for us – to the distributors, and it was just a simple signup form that a prospect could fill out. 

They could take a look inside the business and then they would get a series of emails from the company. Now this was already set up. There were only two companies I think that were doing it back then. There might be a couple more now. But I’ve never done MLM the old traditional way, the old school way. I’ve always been an MLM business that I could automate

So basically, I got signups doing that method. The Twitter message was automated. And then the company emailed my leads for me. So there you go, that was all of the recruiting done for me. I just had to generate enough leads to start getting signups. 

Now I tried calling my leads and emailing my leads the first year, and it was just a headache because I felt like I was pushing my opportunity on them. The best kind of leads, or prospects are people that find you on the internet. So I started to create content. I created a blog, I started writing MLM articles, and I started putting my landing page link under those articles. So someone would find me through Google, or the other search engines read the article and they were already looking for a business because they found me. Then I would have my landing page link at the bottom of the article, they would sign up, take a free tour, and then eventually sign up. 

They say it takes 7 to 15 times for someone to actually sign up. And with this automated email system that we have still today, you can get signups every week if you generate enough leads. I’ve had three people sign up with me in the last two weeks. I showed them how to generate leads. I showed them how to use their landing pages that are already personalized for them when they sign up. 

I said, just generate 20 leads a day, work your way up to 20 leads a day, and you will start to get signups. And literally all three of them have already gotten enrollments and paid affiliates in their business, and they’re like, this is crazy. I can’t believe it’s this simple. I can’t believe it’s really automated these days. 

Because the people that usually join me, they have been in other old school network marketing companies, where the only thing you got was a replicated website where someone could go look at the products, but then they would have to call them and talk and they would do three way calls and home parties, and hotel meetings and all this ridiculous stuff that you really don’t need to do. 

All you have to do is learn how to share your landing pages. I share my best lead generation sources to my team when they sign up, there is no guessing, I’m not trying to sell them another training package when they sign up, I just give them my secrets right away because I want their success.

So this business is actually very ideal for busy professionals who only want to put in maybe a half an hour to an hour a day. I literally wake up in the morning, I shoot a video like this, and then I transcribe this video I put it on my blog. You don’t even have to do that. And then I look at my advertising that I have on my pay per click networks where I generate leads overnight from around the world.

You’re not subjected to just promote in America or whatever country you’re in. You can promote those landing pages anywhere in the world and the company will drop ship directly to those people, you don’t have to hold on to extra inventory like they did in the old days. You don’t have to buy thousands of dollars worth of product every month to rank advance. 

You simply just buy your personal supply every month and that’s it. You can start as little as 40 Pv a month which is literally like $69. You can also start the first month for free right now. The enrollment fee is waived. So take the free tour, click the link under this article, see the landing pages, start getting the emails from the company and know that all of this is automated. I did not create it, the company created it. The websites were created for me. 

We have over 15 websites to choose from different themes, different colors, you pick the one that you like, you start sharing it, you start ads to it, you start sharing it on your social media. generating leads and you will literally start getting signups. 

I hope this helps automating MLM has never been this easy. It’s still a hard business to get going, you have to generate enough leads to start building a team. Then you have to get your team to start duplicating the same system that you use. Not everyone’s going to do it and that’s normal. That’s very normal in business, you’re only going to get a handful of leaders. 

But network marketing pays so well you only need two or three leaders to really start making good money. So teach your team when you start getting reps and paid affiliates and enrollments in your business, send them a welcome letter and say this is what our team is using to generate leads. That’s all you have to do and then plug them into the Facebook group and give them the comp plan, give them the presentation PDF, keep it very simple, because simple duplicates, complicated does not duplicate, and it’s all about duplicating a system. 

So your team starts growing their own teams, that’s where all the money comes from. You can’t do this on your own. You can’t just sell enough product out of your house to make a good income. You want to automate it, all you have to do is share your websites. 

When someone orders from Africa let’s say, the company will ship the products directly to the people that sign up on your websites, you get a commission, we get paid weekly and monthly, eight different ways. It’s never been simpler. And that’s why our business has grown 1,000% in the last few years, because not many companies have this kind of system in place for the reps. Thanks for reading! Please subscribe to this blog!


Erik Christian Johnson