Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Madagascar 2024

top mlm companies in Madagascar best network marketing businesses ranked Antananarivo

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Madagascar have the option of making major money with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Network marketing gives anyone in Madagascar the chance to generate multiple revenue streams, including passive income profits.

I Have Reviewed Hundreds Of MLMs And I Signed Up With This One

But which MLM company should you consider joining in Madagascar if you want the highest chance of success? Here are our favorite MLM companies to consider joining in Madagascar for potential profit in 2024:

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Madagascar For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Herbalife

4. Farmasi

5. Amway

6. Nu Skin

7. Usana

8. Juice Plus

9. Tupperware

10. Youngevity

There are other top MLMs to consider joining in 2024 if you live in Madagascar including BeachBody, Sisel, Valentus, Young Living, Youngevity, Mannatech, LivePure, Medifast, DXN, and Total Life Changes.

How To Generate Leads And Sales In MLM

So there are two types of prospecting for Africans entering the 2024 economy. There is push prospecting, and there is pull prospecting. Now push is something that I did when I first started network marketing. Back a decade ago, I pushed my opportunity on to people who weren’t necessarily looking for a business. And I did that in mass quantities. I automated it throughout Africa. I had a direct message on my Twitter that went out to all my new followers that said, take a look at my business. 

So the African people who did sign up from that, because just by the sheer numbers, I did get people signing up. But the people I attracted were people who weren’t really interested. They were just more curious. They had maybe 60 dollars laying around and they are like, I am going to do this and then they eventually quit. They quit within a month to three months. Because it wasn’t their idea, I pushed my opportunity on them. 

And that is what most people do when they start network marketing. They are so excited about their business. They are so excited about the products. They’re so excited about their compensation plan. And almost every newbie says that their compensation plan is the best in the industry. And then they just vomit over everyone on their Facebook, they burn bridges with their friends and family, their friends don’t want to talk to them anymore. And then it is just a huge mess. That is what a lot of new people do in network marketing. They just push their MLM opportunity on everyone, it doesn’t matter who these prospects are. They use the spray and pray network marketing technique, which leaves in you the no friends left club in multi-level marketing.

Pull marketing is actually also called attraction marketing. And that term was being thrown around a lot when I signed up. Back around ten years ago and I was like, what is this attraction marketing stuff? It turns out that you attract prospects to you and they are ready to buy, they are looking – and how do you target people like that? 

The first thing I did and I did this accidentally was I started a blog and the first article that started to get some traffic was a review for MLM companies. It was supposed to be an unbiased review – I reviewed for companies. I didn’t bash them. I didn’t say one was the best. You know, I didn’t say anything really. I just reviewed companies and then at the bottom of the article, I said click the link to take a free tour into our number one business opportunity, and that link led to my landing page. 

Now a landing page is a signup form, and some MLM companies have it, some MLM companies don’t. But an interested prospect can fill out their name, their email, phone number is usually optional. And it takes them inside their dashboard, like if they were to sign up in the company. It’s a limited view dashboard, but they can see the compensation plan. Our company has four videos by the CEO completely explaining all the steps, everything about the company and why they should sign up. And it’s a great sales funnel, it is already made for us. 

All we have to do is generate leads by getting views to those landing pages. And then you will eventually get signups because we have an automated email system attached to those landing pages. You won’t get the automated email system If you are just promoting our customer website where people can just view the products and buy, not many people want to buy the first time they see something. So I always share landing pages, it gets them into the sales funnel, the email drip system. So I just started to learn how to attract people to me. 

I looked up to a lot of bloggers back then that were doing MLM and they would write articles about network marketing, how to recruit, how to prospect, how to do SEO, how to prospect your warm market, how to prospect your cold market, etc. And under their articles, they would have some kind of call to action. A call to action is something you want your reader or your viewer to do and you have a call to Action under everything you create in Antananarivo. 

So after a while, I started to have about 400 articles on my blog, I had a couple hundred videos on YouTube, all with a call to action, and I started to generate 10 to 20 leads a day. 

As for myself, I am an introvert and I wanted to automate this business. And so I was like, what if I just don’t contact these leads that I’m generating? What if I just let the email system do its thing? Let’s see what happens. In fact, in the first MLM company I was in, they had the same type of automated email system, and my business was going kind of slow. 

I asked my sponsor, how can I speed up my business? And I believe he simply said, generate more leads. And I was like, okay, so just get more people to take the free tour, I’ll get more signups and he was like, yeah. 

That’s why I say in most of my videos, you don’t have to attend these lengthy webinars and do all these training courses when really the bottom line is you just need more eyeballs on your websites, particularly your landing pages and you will start to get signups. 

Now not every company has landing pages and an automated email system. You might have to create your own email marketing system. You could always ask your upline if they have some type of sales funnel, or some kind of landing page that you can use. And you would simply put your username somewhere in that link, and you would get credit when someone would sign up on your page. 

The bottom line is you want people to find you and I basically worked my butt off because I didn’t even know if it was going to work. I just started creating content every day. And eventually it started to become a habit. At first, it was really hard, even though I’m a writer naturally, there were still some days I did not want to write. There were some days I didn’t want to do videos, but I was following the couple guys that had large websites and they were creating content every day. 

I was just copying them. I was praying it was going to work. It took about two years. And like I said, hundreds of videos, hundreds of articles for me to start getting teams. And I’ll never forget the first team I got from Nigeria. And these guys were so beautiful. They were so loving and very articulate. They have a very strong English dialect. You know, it’s kind of British, because I think the British colonized parts of Africa, and India. And so their English is very beautiful. 

And I got a guy that signed up and he was just like, Yes, Mr. Erik. And he just did everything I said, and all of a sudden he started growing a team. And every morning when I woke up, I would have 5 to 10 new people in my downline that he recruited. And there’s no better feeling in the world than having your team grow overnight while you sleep. 

Now, that does not imply that it’s easy and you can just sit back and let your team do everything. You have to be in the trenches with them and never stop recruiting. But ideally, you get content that’s recruiting for you, because there are YouTube videos up still from over a decade ago still generating leads for the MLM trainers that created that content, I mean, content stays up forever. 

If you don’t want to start a blog or YouTube, you can even write posts on Facebook or on LinkedIn. You know, if you do a long enough post, then Google will index it, which means they will put it up on their search engine – might take six months to a year to even two years for it to finally rise to the first page of Google. 

But the more content you create, the better and that’s what the leaders do. And some of them even have ebooks. People read their ebooks and go wow this person knows so much. I want to join that person. And that’s what you want. You want someone to look at you and go, this person is going to lead me to the finish line, they are going to lead me to success. 

And that’s what every prospect wants, especially if they’re serious about growing a network marketing business, long term. They are looking for someone that they can trust that they can put their faith into.

So if you’re jumping companies every six months, they’re gonna look at you and be like, now, I can’t depend on him because I don’t know what he’s gonna do next.

They want to lock arms with someone who is committed, he is going to stay till the very end, you know until retirement or death, or they Will their business to their grandchildren, like Dexter Yager from Amway. 

He was devoted. He was in Amway for like 30 years when he died. His family took it over. So these businesses, you can actually will to your children. It’s total equity. Once you get your business growing, it takes a life of its own. And it’s the most beautiful passive income you will ever get. 

But the first two years might be really hard. But it’s all worth it. In the very end, you will get paid 10 times more than the energy you put into it in the beginning, especially if you do blogging and YouTube – might take a couple years.

But one day, you might get something that’s ranking on Google. And you’re getting hundreds of views every week – and you’re like, wow, I created that back in 2014. I can’t believe it’s still generating the leads. 

And that’s how you can really automate your business. That’s how you can really get it going. without you. You could take a whole week off, you could go on vacation and come back and there would be 20 to 50 new people on your team, some of them from your old content, and you’re just like, this is beautiful. 

I have been doing this for the last six years, and I do have content from 2014 that is still generating leads today. So it is a very beautiful thing. attraction marketing is very powerful. I don’t call people. I don’t call my leads and say, Please, you got to do this. We have the best compensation plan. I’m not doing that. 

In fact, I work about one hour a day, I do a video and then I plop it on my blog, and I’m done. You know, if anyone on my team needs my help, they can text me, they can email me and I will answer their questions.

I will do whatever it takes, but I’m not going to get on webinars. Study MLM. I’m not going to get on zoom and be a cheerleader. That is just not my style. And I’m not saying it’s wrong. I just am an introvert. And I am a blogger, and I am an internet marketer. And I want to automate this as much as possible. 

So if that is something that sounds appealing to you, because you are busy or you don’t want to be on the phone all day or you don’t want to be on Facebook stalking people all day in the chat boxes, then take the free network marketing tour under this article, check it out for yourself. Multi-level marketing is a really good business. MLM is not going anywhere in the business world.

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