Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Uzbekistan 2024

top mlm companies in Uzbekistan best network marketing businesses ranked

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan can make major money using multi-level marketing (MLM). Network marketing for Uzbekistan citizens can generate multiple revenue streams including powerful passive income profits while you sleep.

Look No Further, This Is Now The Top MLM In The World

But what MLM company should you choose to join in for network marketing success if you live in Uzbekistan? Here are our favorite MLM businesses to consider joining if you are an Uzbekistan resident in 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Uzbekistan For 2024

1. LiveGood

2. My Daily Choice

3. Valentus

4. Nu Skin

5. Avon

6. Mary Kay

7. Amway

8. BeachBody

9. Usana

10. Market America

There are other top MLMs to consider joining if you live in Uzbekistan as well such as Tupperware, Sisel, Primerica, DoTerra, Coway, Farmasi, DXN, Mannatech, Medifast, Young Living, TLC, or Youngevity.

MLM Helps Anyone Make More Money

I help people from Uzbekistan work from home. So today in this article, we are going to talk about lead generation. I am excited about this article because I know there is a lot of you that are stuck at home, you’re scared to go out, you don’t want to interact with people, but you need to make money. 

And maybe you are getting compensated or supported by an organization that doesn’t pay you that well. I am not going to say the name of the organization, but you probably get the point that most people don’t make a lot of money if they are at home. 

So we are going to talk about lead generation because I have been doing internet marketing since the previous decade. I have generated over 60,000 leads to several businesses, all from the comfort of my home. I have never really gone out and talked to people about my business. I have never called leads. I rarely called anyone about my business. I have never really pushed my opportunity on to people. That is the bottom line for independent reps and affiliates in Uzbekistan. 

So when you have Asperger’s, you are not really extroverted, you don’t really feel like hitting the pavement or knocking on doors, telling people about your wonderful opportunity. Whether you sell a product or a service, it is just really hard for us. 

So I learned how to generate leads because leads are basically prospects that are interested in your business. So the more prospects that are interested in your business, it improves your chances of getting people in your business. 

So how do you do that if you are in network marketing in Asia? I have a very simple formula. A lot of people complicate it when they join a network marketing company. For instance, they think they have to get on webinars and training calls every single day and they take notes. And that’s fine. I mean, I think you should take notes, I did to learn about the profession of network marketing. 

But when it comes to prospecting, it boils down to one simple thing: and that is getting enough people looking at your landing pages. A landing page is a signup form. And a lot of affiliate marketing programs have it. A lot of network marketing companies have it. And it’s just a simple one page website. 

You’ve probably seen it before. It’s a signup form. It’s not even a website. It’s a signup form. You put your name and your email and your phone is optional. And once you click Continue, then you’re in their system. They can email you and you can look around and see whatever they had, you know, whatever enticed you to join to check it out, it could be a video about the products. It could be an MLM sales training tip or something. It has to be something that gets you into their network marketing or direct selling affiliate funnel. 

That is what I have used for the last six years are landing pages to build my network marketing businesses, and now with other affiliate marketing programs, but the bottom line is they have to have landing pages because I don’t want to design them. 

A lot of people in affiliate marketing will use a service called ClickFunnels, but it is like $297 a month where you can create your own sales funnels, but I haven’t had to do that yet. I always join companies that have a landing page and a sales funnel already built for us. 

So when someone takes a free tour on my landing page, that’s what I call it free tour, they don’t have to buy anything, they just click continue after they put their name in their email because they want to see more information. The company then emails them for me. 

So it’s very, very important right off the bat to get into a company that has a built in sales funnel and landing pages. So I’m in several network marketing companies. I’ll leave a link under this video/article. You can check out all the companies most of them I believe have a marketing funnel. I’m not in all the companies I list but there’s something that attracted me to those companies, but most of them do have a sales funnel. 

So the bottom line is getting enough Asian people to sign up on that form. And that is your formula for MLM in Asia, getting enough traffic to your landing pages. And how do you do that? Well, I don’t know about you, but as an Aspie myself, I have social anxiety. I don’t want to meet new people. There is no way I am going into house parties or home hotel meetings to grow my business. I don’t even want to be on the phone and I don’t even want to be on social media. 

So how did I get enough traffic to my landing pages? The first place is blogging. Now you can set up a WordPress blog, not the free WordPress com version but an actual WordPress platform blog. For instance, you could go over to Bluehost and sign up for hosting and then you can launch the WordPress platform, and that’s your blog, there’s plenty of videos on that, but I won’t get into that. 

But the bottom line is you want to create content. It’s called content marketing. And what marketers do is that they write articles about a certain product, or they do a top 10 company list, you see the top 10 reviews all over the internet. Basically, people write up an article about 10 companies or 10 services or 10 whatever. And then at the bottom, they say, you know, click this link to see our number one choice. 

That’s the basic system. And then obviously, that choice through that button, or through that link is your offer. And I did that back in 2014 with network marketing, I did an article for the best MLM companies for 2014. I reviewed each company as unbiased as possible, meaning you don’t really have an opinion on any of them, you just kind of do a neutral review. 

Then at the bottom of the article, you say click here, or click my link, whatever, some sort of call to action that you want people to do. Then you put your product or opportunity through that link. And so you want to create a button or a hyperlink to your offer. Now, I know that some of this blogging talk is a little technical, you could always Google how to create a hyperlink in your blog. Basically, you want to highlight that word in your blog, and it’ll turn blue or green. And that goes to another website, that’s a hyperlink. 

So you basically make a word active or phrase active, that turns blue or green, and then it goes to another website. And so when you get enough people reading that article, you’re gonna start getting more leads. And when someone signs up on a landing page form, like the ones I have, I get an email from the company that says, great job, you generated a lead, or a prospect is interested in your offer or someone just registered. It can be many different types of emails, it depends on the company that you’re promoting. 

So, and it’s great because it’s a little jolt of dopamine. Every time I get an email that I generated a new lead it just gives me a little dopamine rush. But the biggest dopamine rush comes from the congratulations email from companies. Those are the people that actually bought the product or the service, and you really want to look for those emails. They’re the ones that you want. Leads are great, but leads ideally lead to orders. 

The bottom line is, you need to get enough traffic to your offers. You can do reviews. You can just talk about your industry. I did hundreds of network marketing articles: How To Grow a team – How to automate your MLM business, etc. Because I like it automated, I want to spend most of my day doing what I want to do. And that doesn’t mean being on the phone all day. Or being on Facebook, stalking people about my opportunity. People just hate spam, and they hate pushiness. 

So I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to push my opportunity on anyone. I want them to come to me. And I attract people to me by using content. So blogging is number one. Number two is YouTube. So if you’re watching this video, at the end of the video, I would say click the link under this video to check out my number one online opportunities. So you would click that link and it would go to a blog page that I created. And you can see the list of companies that I’m in. That is the pure sense of attraction marketing. I attracted you to me with content. 

So it’s either called content marketing or attraction marketing. And that’s the way I’ve built all my businesses for the last six years by creating content, it takes a while for the content to start climbing in Google. But what you want your content to do is rise to the top spot in Google. And it might not go well depending on how competitive your topic is. There’s a lot of big bloggers out there. It might take you several hundred articles to get one or two on the first page of Google. 

But sometimes that’s all it takes. I had one article on the first page of Google for CBD oil. And I was getting orders literally every day. So that’s it guys. That’s how you generate leads is that you line yourself up with a company that has landing pages. And then you ask them if they have an email system that emails your leads for you. What kind of sales funnel do they have? Do they have any upsells? Does the funnel of emails have upsells? Meaning do they recommend other products? Can you make a higher commission with upsells?

A great affiliate program would have several upsells. So it greatly increases your chance of making more money. And if you’re in network marketing You know, you want to have a product, a high end product where you can make $200 to $400 per sale, ideally. 

But always start with one business, one online business. Even though I promote five, I’ve slowly built up to that over the years. I started with one and I laser focused on it, I probably wrote 200 articles just on one company. It’s a lot of work, but it paid off in the end, you’re not gonna see a lot of results in the beginning with content marketing. But eventually your content will start compounding and you’ll get more and more of it on the internet. 

But, pretty soon your articles are going to be everywhere, and your videos are going to be everywhere. And if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can always transcribe your video and put the words the text from the video onto a blog article, and then slap the video in the middle of the blog article. That’s what I do. 

You can see that if you look at my articles through the link under this video. And lastly, I talked about blog, YouTube. The last one is paid advertising if you can afford it. pay per click advertising is the best because people click on your ad because they are interested to buy so you can start creating ads. If you have money. I suggest you start with a low bid and a low daily amount that you’re willing to spend $5 a day or $10 a day and depending on your keywords, start at 15 cent clicks and see if you get any clicks. If you don’t, you can slowly increase your bid amount. 

There’s a other videos on that as well. But those are the three ways to generate leads from home. You don’t have to go out and knock on doors. You don’t have to stalk old friends on Facebook. You basically don’t need social media and you don’t need email, you don’t need anything. You could basically automate this. Just create content one hour a day in the morning, and then you’re done for the day. That is what I do. I have gotten a system down where I do a video, then I transcribe the video, I put it on my blog as an article, put the video in the article, because that keeps people on your blog longer, which increases your SEO. Google likes that when people spend more time on your blog, and then I’m done for the day. So I hope this helps with your MLM business success.

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