Are Solar Panels in South Carolina a Good Investment?

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In South Carolina, we get around 100 days of complete sunshine, with around 200 total days with some sort of sun (whether complete or partial).

If you’re looking at greener ways to run your household, you might’ve thought about installing solar panels. But since we only get complete sunshine a third of the year, is it even worth it to turn to solar power? The answer is yes to solar energy in the Carolinas!

Here are the reasons why solar panels in South Carolina are a good investment.

You’ll Save on Utilities

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll get from installing solar panels is lowered utility bills. When you don’t have to depend on the grid so much (or at all), you won’t be shelling out as much money to keep your lights on and your appliances running.

What’s even better is in the state of South Carolina, net metering is allowed for many solar customers. This means that if your solar power system generates more energy than you can use, you can sell it back to the utility companies!

You’ll Get Tax Breaks and Rebates

Even though the cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically in the last 10 years, it can still be quite pricey for installation. This is why a lot of homeowners are still hesitant to make the switch.

But there are many rebates available, if you know where to look! For example, the state offers a 25% tax credit for the cost of your solar power system. There’s also a federal tax credit called the investment tax credit (ITC), which lets you deduct 26% of your installation costs from your federal taxes.

In addition, it’s common for utility companies to offer rebate programs. For example, you can receive $1 per watt installed!

If you’d like more help, a top solar panels company can help you take advantage of all the tax breaks and rebates available.

You’ll Look After the Planet Better

There’s no doubt that we’re destroying our own planet by using non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels. Not only do these damage our environment, but they’ll also eventually run out.

When you make the switch to solar in South Carolina, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll be able to rest easier knowing that you’ve decreased your dependence on non-renewable energy.

Have Solar Panels in South Carolina Installed

Getting solar panels in South Carolina (or any state for that matter) is a fantastic investment. It’s true that the initial cost can be quite high, but the reality is, the price of solar panel installation has dropped significantly in the past decade. Plus, once you’ve made the investment, it’ll pay for itself when you save a ton on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

So if you’ve been on the fence about solar energy, it’s time to take action and go solar!

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