6 Words that will Change Your Network Marketing Business Forever

6 Words that will Change Your Network Marketing Business Forever

Today, I’m going to share with you the six words that will change your network marketing business forever. 

After five years 90% of people who join network marketing will have quit 90% and the reason is the number one reason is they don’t know how to market their business. 

See a lot of people think they have to study the products and get it down to the exact science and know every little detail about their products, when in fact, it’s not even about your products. products are great in most network marketing companies, they have scientific boards, they have doctors, they are on the advisory board, they have plenty of great experts to help formulate the products. 

The products are great in most network marketing companies, but that is not how you promote your business though, products can come and go, fads come and go. 

You know, CBD oil was hot in 2018 everyone’s heard of it now it’s at the gas stations. So why would they join your business if CBD or any other product is not a fad anymore or is not popular? 

The leaders understand it’s about the income opportunity. It’s about extra income, everyone needs extra income. So here, I have a story for you. My mentor, Robert Hollis, who’s made over $50 million in network marketing in the last 32 years, has a very simple story and a script. 

Here it is: So he joined network marketing in like 1983 or 87, something like that, and he was having trouble. His sponsors kept telling him to do things, but they weren’t doing it. So he was basically their guinea pig and he ran around, doing all these hard things that, you know, really no one should be doing to grow a business, you know, Cold Calling Strangers out of the phonebook, knocking on doors, just being really spammy, pushy and annoying. 

So he was desperate, because it wasn’t working. His sponsors were just like, hey, try this. Try that. But, the sponsors were not successful themselves, okay. They didn’t know what they’re doing. 

So Robert went to the event for the company, and he was watching this show, the presentation, the event and the leaders were walking onstage, getting their awards, and they’re making tons of money and Roberts like, yeah, who cares? I can’t do that. You know, these guys are making millions of dollars. I can’t do that. 

But one guy in particular came up on stage and he was from Pakistan or something like that, and he had broken English and he accepted his award. There was something about his story that really intrigued him. Robert thought, I want to talk to him after the show. 

So Robert came up to the man, and this guy was successful, he bought his family a new home, he bought his parents a new home in six months in the company. 

So Robert goes up and goes, What do you do? How do you grow your business? And the Pakistani said, you know, where your sponsors and Robert is like, Oh, you know, they’re not here or something like that. 

And, Robert, is like, you know, that doesn’t matter. What do you do to grow your business? And the Pakistani looked him straight in the eyes, and just said, all I say to people is: You wanna to make money? Yes. No. 

That’s it. Robert is like that’s all you do? Yeah, I say you want to make money? Yes, no. And that’s it. Then if they say yes, then, you know, the Pakistani would give the tool to that prospect, back then it was probably a VHS tape, but you got to hand over your prospecting tool. 

Today, we have landing pages that capture people’s emails and their names. Then our company literally emails your leads for you. It helps close them because leads or prospects need seven to 15 times to see something before they actually sign up. 

And so today, there’s a lot of automation. There’s websites already done for you. You pretty much just have to invite people to look, that’s it. You don’t have to memorize every ingredient in your products. You don’t have to memorize the compensation plan. You don’t have to memorize, you know, the whole story of your founders. 

All you have to do is say, Hey, you know, do you know anyone looking for extra income? And if someone says, Yeah, then you say, Okay, I want you to watch the videos first and see if this is something that you can share with the people that might be interested. Will you do that for me? 

So you basically ask the people for a favor. I want you to watch the videos first to see if this is something that you want to pass on to your friends who might be looking for extra income. It gets you off the hook. They’re not like well, you know, what is it? If they say what is this? You say watch the videos. It’s very simple. 

The prospecting script is so simple. It doesn’t matter how old your company is, if it’s new, if it’s old, if it’s CBD, if it’s skin cream, if it’s diet shakes, it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants extra income. That’s the bottom line. 

You can grow any network marketing business you want, you can join it. That’s what the leaders do. They can join any network marketing business out there and make it work because it’s not about the products, at least, as far as prospecting goes, of course, the products matter. 

I’m not saying Oh, the products don’t matter, you know, of course they matter. You know, you’re going to get 20 to 30% of people on your team are going to be just customers. That just happens naturally. 

But for prospecting purposes, you don’t even mention your company name because if you mentioned your company name, they’re going to go Google it. Then they’re going to find tons of scam review articles on it. And that’s the oldest internet marketing trick in the book. 

Bloggers will write articles saying that a company is a scam, because they want you to click on it, it’s clickbait. And then they’re not even in the company. They say, well do this instead, here’s my number one opportunity in something else – do that. So they hook you in. 

New people in network marketing, they don’t know that those are fake scam articles. And they go, Oh my gosh, I can’t join that company. There’s five articles that say that it’s a scam! Now, those are fake scam articles. That’s clickbait, they want you to click on their articles. 

I’ve done it. I’ve created scam reviews. And I got a lot of negative heat for it. And I decided not to do that anymore because I don’t want negativity. I don’t want to attract negativity to grow my business. 

So I just say you want to make extra income? Yes, no. It’s really that simple. And you can grow any business out there. So I thank Robert Hollis for sharing this with me. And I’m passing it on to you. Because I don’t want you to fail anymore in network marketing.