6 Reasons You Didn’t Get Signups From Buying Leads

6 Dreadful Reasons You Didn't Get a Signup when You Bought 100 Leads

So I want to talk about the six reasons why your leads have not converted into paid customers or reps. Now, leads are obviously prospects that are looking for an opportunity and our goal is to get these leads to join our business and a lot of people do not understand how leads work. 

So I’m doing this video and article to show you exactly what to do to generate the best leads out there, the highest quality because it will help increase your conversion rate and get you more signups with lead generation. So the first thing is:

One – Generic Lead Magnet 

Number one is that these leads have come from a generic work from home ad. Now a lot of places that sell you leads, they run an ad on their website, or they run an ad on Google ads or Bing Ads, and they get traffic to their ad. But the ad is very generic. It’s usually a work from home ad, You know, do you want to make extra $5,000 a month from home, click on this ad and fill out this form. Then all they do is they reroute that traffic to your website link. 

So the ad is very generic. It’s not about your product, and it’s just a general dollar amount. You know, if you want to make $2,000 extra from home, click on this ad. Right. So the prospect has no idea what company it is, who you are, what the products are, how much it costs to join or anything. So that’s the first factor. 

With buying leads, you don’t know what ad they’re responding to, how well is the ad written? Etc, etc. And that leads me to number two:

Two – Prospect is Broke

They don’t have any money. They respond to an ad, a work from home ad and they don’t have a clue if it costs anything or if they can just start for free and make a lot of money.

A lot of prospects have unrealistic or false expectations on what it really takes to make money online and from home so when they respond to the ad, the work from home ad, there is no mention on that ad how much it costs to get started. 99% of network marketing companies you have to buy products – may not be the first month, but eventually you have to buy a product in order to receive commissions or increase your commission rate or whatever. 

But it costs money in network marketing to become a rep, and a lot of these people that respond to these generic work from home ads, they don’t have any money. They’re struggling, they’re broke. You know, they live in low income communities, and they’re just struggling and they see the ad and they’re like, Oh, yeah, I want to get more money. I need extra money. You know. So that’s fallacy number two is that they have no money, but they’re hungry for money. 

Three – Low Conversion Rate

Number three, the conversion rate on leads from the cold market. Now when you buy leads, they’re cold. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. So there’s no relationship there. And cold market leads, the conversion rate can be as small as .025% – a quarter of 1% conversion rate if you’re lucky sometimes – that means you might have to generate 400 leads to get one sign up. 

So, .025, .050, .075 quarters of a Percent 1% and 2% if you’re completely lucky. If everything works out 2% is good in the cold market. These are strangers. These are people that don’t know you. 

So you gotta take into consideration that you might need 400 leads just to get one signup, depends on your company’s sales funnel and how good the emails are, if you have any marketing around it, you know, if you don’t have an automated email system connected to the landing pages, like our company, then you might not get signups at all. So take into consideration the conversion rate. It’s very low with the cold market. 

Four – No Trust

Number four, the prospect has no trust because they didn’t see you. They didn’t hear you. They just responded to a generic ad on a website that they don’t know about. Therefore there’s no trust and people that join network marketing usually when they join someone you have to establish know, like, and trust. Those are the three you have to know, like, and trust the person you sign up with. 

There’s no trust when a person responds to one of these generic ads, and when you buy leads, they don’t know you. So, no trust equals no business. People want to work with people that they feel like they know, trust and like. 

That’s why some of the best leads I get come from my blog or my YouTube, because people can see me, they can hear me, they can get a sense of who I am. So those are the best leads. That’s why leaders tell you to talk to your warm market first, friends and family, because they know and trust you. Those are easier to sign up for. So that’s number four. 

Five – Fake or Too Old

Number five, the leads or the leads are old or they’re fake, or they’ve been sold too many times. So when you buy 100 leads, you know, they could say that the leads are fresh, okay, that’s fine. You know, they could say on the ad, these leads are only two days old or less, or the same day. These leads are the same day. That means that they responded to the ad and signed up the same day, and then they sell the leads to you right away. 

But still, there’s no trust. But even if the leads are fresh, even if the leads are fresh, they’re still generic. It doesn’t matter but there are companies that sell fake leads. If you go to Fiverr or some cheap site like that and try to buy really cheap leads, they could be six months old, they could be a year old. They could have been sold a dozen times. You don’t really know how, who these leads are and how many times they’ve been spammed, you know, business opportunities. They could be leads from a year ago. 

So that’s the other factor is that they’re just old and some scam company is reselling old leads. So those that are definitely not going to sign up. I mean, you can buy old leads for a couple cents, and sure you can try them out if you have a Mass emailer and you want to send 5000 emails to old leads, then buy 5000 old leads, but you might only get one or two signups if that, you know, so it’s all about quality. It’s not necessarily about quantity. 

Six – They Need More Exposure

Lastly, number six they need more time in the sales funnel, it takes seven to 15 exposures for someone to pull the trigger and sign up. So when they first see something, or when they first get an email from your company, if you have an automated email funnel like ours, it’s going to take a few emails for them to go. Okay, I’m gonna log back in and upgrade to become a paid affiliate. That’s what I’m gonna do. 

But it’s rare guys  – that 10% will sign up right away. You know, when I get signups they’ve at least been in the sales funnel for three days or more. The average time is three days to two weeks, and it’s rare for someone to sign up immediately. And it’s rare that someone signs up three months from now. But I do have both. It’s just more rare than three days to one week or two weeks. 

So not all leads are created equals guys if you’re buying leads, you have to take all this into consideration. Not all leads are created equal. You can’t just go to Fiverr or some place, some cheap place, and you know, if they’re selling 500 leads for 50 bucks, be leery. You got to really ask yourself, how old are these leads? Are they real? You know, where did the person selling them find them? Was it from a generic work from home ad or was it more specific. 

So I’ll talk really fast about the best leads again. If you do want to buy leads, I recommend that you just generate traffic to your landing pages instead of buying actual leads from somebody. You want to get traffic to your landing pages, so you know for sure that you’re getting real, real time clicks from the internet. 

One way that I do that is Google ads. They’re called Pay Per Click ads. And so you design an ad, you create an ad, and then you run it on Google. And then what keywords you use to run the ad really makes a difference in getting legitimate people that want to join you. 

So when I run an ad, my ad will be something like the best network marketing business of 2020. Right, and then I got some fine description, words underneath that. But that’s the title, best network marketing business of 2020. And then my keywords would be something like this. Best network marketing business, best not the best network marketing companies, best network marketing opportunity, network marketing opportunities. 

So all of my keywords are for people that are looking on Google and are ready for a new network marketing opportunity. That’s why those keywords are the way they are. If you do generic keywords, like just MLM or just network marketing, you can get everyone but you’re going to get MLM haters, people that don’t know what network marketing is, people are just looking and kicking the tires. 

But when you use keywords, I call them “buying keywords” like Best New MLM opportunity keywords, then you’re going to target people who are already looking. They’re looking online for a new MLM company. That’s why I use keywords like that. 

So I like that because when I get a new lead from Google, or Bing advertising another one bing owned by Microsoft. It’s their search engine bing, it’s a little more expensive than Google. But once I get a lead from pay per click, I know it’s fresh because someone just signed my landing page to take a free tour in our business. So I know it’s a brand new lead. 

There’s none of this when you buy leads, you’re depending on the vendor, and the quality of their leads. You don’t really know what they’re selling you. But when you do a pay per click, or you do a classified ad on Craigslist and you get a lead, you know, it’s live, you know they’re fresh, and you know that they’re looking because they clicked on it. 

You don’t know that when you buy leads, they could be totally fed up with all the spam they’re getting. And when you finally email them or call them, they’re like, stop calling me. You guys keep calling me. And you’re like, well, I just bought these leads, I don’t know. 

So you don’t really know what people sell you. But you do when you do pay per click, or you do classified ads. Or you create videos like this and leave a link under your video. You can generate leads that way. 

Or you can do blog articles, and when they find your article on the internet and they read it, they’ll get a sense of who you are. Like my blog, there’s a couple images of me on my blog, like Hi, I’m Erik. I’ve recruited over 1600 people in my business, click the link, if you want to find out how I do it, you know, that kind of thing. They find me through my blog articles. 

Leverage Your Leads

Just to tell you the power of blogging, in 2018 I did some CBD articles, best CBD MLM companies, and in one month I recruited 54 people, just from my articles. They didn’t reach out to me, they didn’t call me. They wanted CBD. And they found me on the first page of Google, and they’re like, sign me up. Those are the absolute best leads, but you have to write a lot of articles. Blogging is very hard. 

Lead The Way

That’s why I recommend classified ads or pay per click. But I wouldn’t buy leads. There’s selling leads for $3 to $4.50 each. And if it takes 400 leads to get one sign up that’s about $1600 for one sign up, you will go broke by the time you get five people in your business or 10 people. So think about doing content like this. Content Marketing is king. And do pay per click, learn how to run Google ads. I got some training, lead generation training on my homepage. So check that out to leverage leads and lead the way to increased sales!