5 Reasons I Joined MintBuilder Precious Metals Direct Sales Opportunity

5 Reasons I Joined MintBuilder Precious Metals Direct Sales Opportunity 2021

So I want to talk about why I joined Mintbuilder. I actually quit for a couple weeks and did some other comparison shopping with different precious metal opportunities and decided to go with Mintbuilder for the long haul.

I’m going to build it solidly. So if you’re interested in mintbuilder, I’ll leave a link under this video article you can sign up under me and I’ll teach you my number one lead generation secrets – so let’s go over the five top reasons why I chose Mintbuilder. 

The first one is the website. The website is very professionally done. It’s very engaging. There’s a very nice shop on it. There’s an about page on it. There’s also an international page. If you scroll all the way down, you can see international shipping, you can click on that it’s just really well done. I’m very impressed. It looks like a solid website, a complete website with many different pages. It’s not just a landing page, a one page landing page, which a couple other precious metal opportunities have. 

Which leads me to number four the international countries, like I said, there’s parts of Asia, there’s parts of Africa that Mintbuilder ships to – countries that I’m really impressed that they ship to Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates, as I just did a video for the United Arab Emirates because I’ve been running some precious metal Pay Per Click ads. And I’m getting some amazing click through rates from the United Arab Emirates. It is because their economy is basically crashing because no the price of oil is declining and so they’re looking for other investments. 

Gold is very popular there – so I’m really glad that Mintbuilder ships to the United Arab Emirates. They also ship to parts of I think they ship to Taiwan, parts of Africa Trinidad and Tobago you know you can look at the list yourself it’s on the main website but over 30 countries – really impressive.

Number three the Commission’s are amazing, very simple, very straightforward commission structure you basically get paid 10% Commission’s on all of your personal customers that order on your website and then you earn 50% Commission’s down five levels on the commissions of your members. 

So five levels down if they get their own customers then you get a 50% of their Commission’s down five levels. Now this is great. The $39 income platform membership, they do have a smaller I think it’s a $14 membership, but I think you need the $39 membership to access that income opportunity platform to get this compensation. 

Moving on to number two, if you look at the shop, you not only see coins and bars but you see numismatic collectible assets you see watches, you actually see hardbacks. Very old currency, I think they’re called Idaho gold backs. Just really phenomenal. 

You know, Matt, the CEO really knows his precious metals. He was a day trader in the 90s and started international silver network in 2010, and then mintbuilder in 2018. So he’s been around precious metals for over I believe for 10 to 15 years, and that leads me to number one:

The CEO Matt Barkes, really makes this company worth joining, because he’s very hands on. And, you know, he’s helped me personally on Facebook, which a lot of other CEOs just don’t have the time or they don’t care or whatever, they don’t reach out or anything. 

But I gotta tell you a quick little story when I temporarily quit for two weeks, and I was looking at other opportunities, he personally reached out to me on Facebook, and he wanted to know how he could better improve his company, because I quit. I was really blown away by that. 

Like I said, I’ve been in network marketing for over six years and I’ve rarely had a CEO reach out to me, you know, they’re too big to touch and they don’t talk to you.

So it’s really a nice hands on approach by Matt and I got everything that I wanted implemented and it worked out and I was like, you know I’m coming back to mintbuilder because just with Matt and all the different the wide selection of gold, platinum palladium, you know, I’ve been looking for gold bars for a long time and palladium and platinum unheard of in direct sales.

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