5 Powerful Ways to Get Duplication from Your Team in Network Marketing

So, I want to talk about duplication because without duplication, you do not have a team and you do not have exponential income. Network Marketing is all about building teams. That is where the big income is. That is where life changing income comes from, and excitement from tons of people and just the great feeling of helping others succeed. That’s what network marketing is all about. 

But, first my story, when I started network marketing, I was a lone wolf, I thought I could just do it all by myself, and make lots of money without talking to anyone and I failed miserably. I was able to recruit people, but as soon as I got them in, they were quitting, because I didn’t have any of these steps in place that I’m about to share with you. 

So share this with your team and take notes, because it’s gonna be really good. Stay tuned, because I have six years experience, I’ve recruited over 1700 people, I know what I’m talking about, I do have a large team. And these are the best steps to get duplication, because it’s not what you do. It’s what your team does. 

One – Tribe / Vision / Mission

So number one, is you want to have a tribe or a vision, you want to have a tribe that your new affiliates can plug into, you have to have a vision that is going to pull your whole team to the finish line. So you have to be really just, you have to have a clear vision. What do you want to do with your life? What are you doing to help others get there as well? 

So a tribe mentality, it has to be something that your new reps can plug into. It could be a Facebook group, it could be your YouTube channel, it could be somewhere where people can meet and interact. So basically, it’s like a Facebook. But you have to have a strong vision. 

All leaders have a strong vision, they want to do something, they want to make millionaires, they want to help people get out of foreclosure. They want to help people get out of the living paycheck to paycheck scenario, whatever it is, you have to really be passionate. If you want to lead other people to the finish line, you have to have a very strong mission. All right, so that’s number one. You have to have a tribe or a vision or both. 

Two – Super Easy System

Number two, you have to have a super easy system for all your new reps to implement. Everything is done with systems especially today. Like I heard the other day it was great. It was a great webinar where this leader in our company said that everything works with systems. 

Like McDonald’s wasn’t necessarily about the hamburger because we can all make a better hamburger than McDonald’s brand. But what makes them a $170 billion company is their systems, they have a system for everything you’ve probably noticed when you go into McDonald’s, that everything is on a timer, from the French fries to the burgers to everything, everything is systemized that way. 

There is no error, no room for error. It’s a beautiful thing. Anyone can open up a franchise and know that they are going to produce quality because everything is on a system. Everything from the franchise manual to the timing on the french fries, it’s all systemized so you have to do that for a team in order for them to build so you have to plug them in to a very easy system. 

We have several systems in our company. For one we have an automated email recruiting system so you just get your leads to sign up on the free tour landing page, then the company will start emailing them. That’s very powerful. 

Number two, most people are on Facebook. So most successful teams are using Facebook recruiting and prospecting. I have a very simple system. I literally have a copy and paste Facebook system for all my new reps. I have scripts for Facebook, because over 2 billion people are on Facebook. You might as well learn how to do Facebook prospecting, because it’s free. 

I have paid advertising as well but it’s not duplicatable. People are like, Oh, I can’t do that. I can’t spend hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars more on this business. It has to start growing for free. And Facebook is free. So that’s what I’m using for my team. 

I don’t want backlash. I don’t want people to be like you know, I did your paid advertising. It didn’t work. You know, I spent a lot of money and I’m gonna quit. You don’t want that. So I don’t recommend paid advertising unless that’s what they’re used to using. 

I do Facebook prospecting for my team, because it’s the easiest. It’s free and everyone’s using Facebook. So that’s number two is the easy system. Okay? It’s a script. It’s the lead generation recruiting system we have. It’s sharing your landing pages, keep it super simple. That’s what duplicates. 

Three – Exact Steps to Rank

Number three is knowing the exact steps to rank. So you want people to know exactly how many people they have to recruit to hit a certain milestone or a rank. Again, this woman on the webinar yesterday, she only has her team get to a very small step. It’s 500 business volume. 

Now 500 BV is recruiting about five directors in our company. So you don’t have to recruit all those people. You know, you can recruit two people, and then teach them how to recruit two people, you can give them scripts, you can say, all right, you’re gonna have to recruit two directors to hit this milestone, you’re gonna have to recruit two executives to hit 500 bV. 

Okay, something like that, something very easy that they can visualize, or you have to bring in to get 500 bV. That’s it. Just get them to a milestone, and then they can start growing and expanding all the way to the top rank that they want. 

I want to be 100k in my company. Therefore I know I need to work with 25k leaders. I have to develop four 25k leaders on my team, so I’m literally visualizing it. I have a whiteboard, I can draw up the numbers to get exactly where I want to go – and you have to do that for your team. 

There’s three things your new rep wants to know, how much it costs to join, how much the products are, how to break even – and then number three, how to get into profit. You need to know the numbers, you need to memorize those numbers. If they’re like, yeah, I came in as an executive. How many people do I have to recruit to break even? You have to memorize that. If they come in as a builder, how many people do they have to recruit?

You want your reps to get a check within a week or two. So you have to get them plugged in. Get them to start sharing Facebook scripts and posting images and get them signups within a week. So, success loves speed, you got to work fast with your new reps. So that’s the exact steps. That’s number three. 

Four – Stay in the Trenches with Your Team

Number four, is you have to do the work, you have to recruit just like your team. If you go into management mode, they’re gonna realize that you’re not recruiting. They’re gonna be like, wow, Erik’s just a manager. He’s not doing anything. He’s just kind of telling us what to do. But he’s not really on Facebook. He’s not really recruiting. You know, why should I be busting my butt when my sponsor is not doing anything? 

So don’t ever go into management mode. You can recruit, you can recruit just like your team is recruiting. And then you got to help your team recruit. Okay, but don’t ever just stop recruiting and micromanage your team, they hate that. 

What you can do is you can start creating content on YouTube or a blog or social media. This is what leaders do. It looks like they’re not recruiting, it looks like they might not be out on the field, recruiting people. But what actually they’re doing is they created content that is generating leads for them, and they contact their leads. 

I get leads from articles I wrote four years ago. So it might not look like I’m out at Starbucks prospecting people. But I’m getting leads every day from the old content that I wrote, or old YouTube videos, and leaders have tons of content on the internet. So they never stop recruiting and growing your financial standing.

Most people will come up to MLM business leaders now because leaders are seen everywhere on the internet. So prospects come to them and say, hey, I want to join you. I saw a training you did in 2014. I love your style. I want to hook up, then the leader goes great. Let’s get on a chat, and we’ll see what you need. Let’s create a game plan. Let’s let’s connect and we’ll go through it. Alright, so you want a game plan for your new reps. 

Five – Get Excited

Number five is you got to be excited. You have to really believe that network marketing can take you all the way to the very end to the finish line. You have to truly believe in the business and network marketing. You have to know that you are sitting on a million dollar business and you’re excited because you want to help other people succeed. 

It gets to the point where you become selfless and you’re a servant leader, and you’re serving your team, you are helping them succeed. It’s not even about you anymore, because the more people you help, it will come back to you. All right, the more people you help you will be more successful. It’s a byproduct of helping people, the more people you help, the bigger your incomes gonna be. 

But if you just focus on trying to make money yourself, you’re not gonna make any, and that’s how a lot of people start network marketing. And that’s fine. I did it, a lot of leaders do it. They’re struggling financially, their cars are gonna get repoed, their houses gonna get foreclosed on and they hit the pavement, because they need to get money. 

But eventually the leaders evolve and they learn that they will make more if they help others, and it’s a great feeling helping others. But it takes time to evolve into that servant leader, but that’s what you want to aim towards. So those five steps are going to help you to get duplication. It’s going to help you build a team. 

The last thing I want to mention is that the more you learn, the more you can earn. So constantly fill your head with positive information. It could be company webinars, it could be company training. It could be: I am money affirmations on YouTube. That’s what I’m listening to all day long. If I’m not on training, I’m listening to affirmations. 

I don’t listen to music anymore. Music is a waste of time. I don’t care if you think it helps you relax, if you listen to it too much like Mike Schiemer used to before he quit. Take a hot bath if you want to relax, or go for a walk. But everything that goes into your ears and through your eyes should be positive and uplifting because you have to rewire your brain because we have a lot of poverty thinking. 

All right. We were brought up with poverty thinking a lot of us, you know our parents were like money doesn’t grow on trees and turn off the lights when you’re done. Turn off the water. Eat all your food. 

My dad used to say that – we got into a battle one time, he was like, you gotta eat those last two pieces and I’m like, it’s gristle, I’m not eating it. He’s like, you gotta sit here until you eat it. And I sat at that table for an hour. Eventually, I put it in my mouth, pretended I was chewing on it. Then I took a napkin and spit in the napkin, but pretended I was wiping my mouth. 

Because my parents were, you know, even though they may have made decent money, they’re upper middle class back in the 80s. They own their own business. They still we’re like, turn off the lights, you know, or eat all your food. So we have to unplug from the matrix and rewire our brains. 

So start listening to I am affirmations on YouTube or on Michael Schiemer‘s channel, find a two hour four hour one and just replay it all day long. And then it will just be in the background rewiring yourself subconscious. That’s what you do. Mindset mindset mindset. Then it will start to show in your life you’ll start getting paid more, more higher quality prospects will come to you and want to join your team because you’re changing your mind. 

Some people don’t think that we’re connected to the universe but we are because once I started doing those I am affirmations all people that were in my business in 2016 are rejoining. They feel my vibration rising, and it is true. We’re all connected. So I’m raising my vibration as much as I can. Because I want to grow my business. I want to be a millionaire. All right, you should do the same thing. I love you guys. Share this with your team, hit the subscribe button, hit the like button. I will talk to you soon about more MLM tips like duplication and team management.