5 Powerful Network Marketing Tips And Tricks To Finally Succeed

5 Powerful Network Marketing Tips & Tricks to Finally Succeed

Do you want to finally succeed in network marketing? I have five powerful tips for you on how to really do it this time and succeed in network marketing. So stay till the very end because I have some bonus tips for you.

So network marketing is a very powerful business. It’s allowed me to work full time from home for almost four years, and recruit over 2700 people personally into my own businesses. 

So I know what works and I am going to go through these tips that can speed up your success and you can stop wasting time and money – and going around in circles, trying to find something that works in network marketing. 

I’m going to just lay it all on the line, be very transparent with you. So the very first thing is to plug in to the training of the company and of your sponsor. Your sponsor probably knows what they’re talking about. 

One: Plug In

So you want to follow what they teach you, and if you’re in a good company, they’re gonna have weekly training. You should plug into the training because it is a mindset change. 

Network Marketing does not operate like any other business out there. So you have to plug into a different mindset. It also will raise your vibration, and it will give you a sense that you can do it as well, because most leaders are relatable. They give you a sense that, hey, if they can do it, I can do it. 

So it’s a great way to increase your belief and to get you red hot on the opportunity and to really fire you up. They also have their own style, so you can get different angles, different perceptions on what you can do to grow your business, it will open up avenues for you on how to recruit and prospect, and you’ll find what works. 

Okay. So that’s the first step is to plug into the training. Because a lot of people make the mistake of joining network marketing and thinking that it’s just gonna be easy, you know, kind of like a lottery ticket, that it doesn’t take any work, that it’s not a real profession. 

In fact, it is a real profession. It’s over a $200 billion a year industry with over 100 million distributors worldwide. There’s classes on it, there’s even college classes on it. There’s events, there’s webinars, you name it, there’s tons of training on it. There are lots of great ebooks and there’s lots of great MLM trainers on YouTube. 

There’s plenty of education for you. But if you don’t know what network marketing really is, you have to expand your perception, because prospects are going to know that you don’t really know what you’re doing, and they’re not gonna join you. 

So you really want to understand network marketing before you even start promoting your business. That would be like me going to a Porsche dealer and talking to the car dealer guy, the salesman. And he’s like, Oh, I don’t know I just work here. I wouldn’t want to buy a car there. I want to go somewhere where someone is very knowledgeable about Porsche’s and buy from them. 

Same thing with network marketing. If you think it’s a lottery ticket, then you’re going to attract the get-rich-quick crowd that thinks it’s a lottery ticket as well and no one’s going to succeed with that mindset. So plug into the company training, and to your sponsors training right away and start taking notes. 

And, when you learn something new shoot a video about it. Just regurgitate the information just like we do in college classes. You know, we just memorize some facts and figures – then we get exams, we get tested on it. Same thing with network marketing, but you can get videos and blog articles out of it, because leaders create content. 

YouTube is a very powerful tool to attract prospects to your brand, continuously for many, many years to come, and you’ll start to get fluent in the language of network marketing. If you shoot your own network marketing videos and talk about it and read about it and digest it and continually be surrounded by trainers. That’s number one. 

Two: Pain Point

Number two is what’s your pain point? Why did you start network marketing? Is your job a dead end? Is it something you know, personal? Did you get a divorce recently? Did you lose your job? You know, your back has to be against the wall to do network marketing. 

It’s not easy enough for you to just casually do network marketing and be like, you know, I just want to make $100 a month. I mean, sure, that’s great. If that’s really what you want is only $100 a month that’s fine. You can do whatever you want when you join. 

But if you want to make serious life changing income, income that’s more than what you made at your job, then you have to dive into this all the way. Most people that make it have their backs against the wall and they have a burning desire to make it because you have to do this continually for a few years, ideally the rest of your life.

And if you join because you think it would be fun and easy, and think it’s not a real profession – it’s just as serious as going and getting your doctorate and becoming a surgeon. It really should have that type of meaning for you. It should really just make you really want to go for it. 

My back against the wall story was I was flipping burgers for a living making $11 an hour. I was approaching 40 years old and I just did not want to do that anymore. I was an alcoholic. I had a heart attack when I was 32. My life was going nowhere and I had only one year of college. 

I knew I couldn’t do anything else besides general labor and flipping burgers for a living. And I looked into network marketing and saw that leaders made over $100,000 a month – because I wasn’t going to be a rock and roll drummer anytime soon or any of the other harebrained ideas I tried doing when I was younger, to try to get rich and there’s just no money in anything. It’s very competitive. 

So network marketing. It was an open playing field for everyone. In fact, the college dropouts and high school dropouts actually can make it in network marketing. The average Joe can make it in network marketing and make big money. 

These people do not have any specialized degrees. They’re not flaunting anything that you can’t find yourself. But your back has to be against the wall. You have to go all in. So what’s the pain point? Do you want to buy your family a home? Are you looking to get out of a very small apartment? Or is there a new child on the way that you have to support? Does your spouse have a disease and you need to pay for the hospital bills? 

Network Marketing can be your financial vehicle to completely transform your life, but you have to go all in. So what’s your pain point really think about that. Moving on number three is generating leads, and traffic. 

Three: Lead Generation

So without traffic you don’t have a business, you need to get traffic to your websites every single day, to your offer. So, there’s many ways you can start doing that. The first way is the easiest, and that’s what the leaders say you should do is contact your warm market – friends and family, contacts from all the way back to kindergarten.

Now, you can talk to anyone that you know, from your past, and the leaders tell you to write a list down and people, everyone you know, and then go through the list and rate them one to five, five being that they’re business minded and they might do well in network marketing and go from there and contact them. 

But you have to learn how to contact people and talk about your business. So that’s the warm market, the cold market are strangers. These are people that you don’t know, and you can attract them by doing paid advertising. You could do classified ads, you could do pay per click ads. You can start creating content like YouTube videos, and blog articles. Like I mentioned earlier. 

The bottom line is you have to get lots of traffic to your websites. The big corporations know this, and you still see ads and commercials from billion dollar companies all the time. They never stop. Commercials will never stop. Even though these companies are 50 years and older. Because they need to keep bringing in new customers. 

It’s the same thing as a network marketer. Your job is to promote products. So you can’t just do it for a little while and bring in a couple people and then stop and think that those two people that you brought in are gonna make you wealthy. It doesn’t work that way. You have to keep recruiting and recruiting and recruiting. 

Just like I recruited over 1700 people. I learned how to get lots of traffic to my website every single day. I started a blog. I started writing articles every day. I did videos every day. And then I got into paid advertising. But I constantly get 20 leads a day or more – and that’s the thing you have to do. 

So, figure out how you’re gonna get traffic to your websites, that’s the bottom line. All the leaders have huge YouTube channels. They have their own websites. They’re huge on social media. A lot of them write their own ebooks and they do training. They do webinars, because people join trainers, and leaders are trainers. 

Back to the Porsche dealer, you want to join someone who knows what they’re doing. Because you want to put your business into their hands. You want someone that can lead you to the finish line. So that’s why you should learn about network marketing. Not only so you can talk about it, but so you can help others get to the finish line. 

Because in network marketing, it’s a selfless profession. You want to help people get to the finish line, even before yourself. Your team is what’s going to make the majority of the money of your income. You can’t make $100,000 a month by yourself. It takes a team. That’s why they call it network marketing. 

You eventually will have thousands of people on your team. And you get a commission from everything they do on your team. All the leaders have, you know, 2000, 5000, 20,000 people on their team, all either ordering products or growing their own team, and the leader gets a little commission from all those people. 

But in the beginning, it’s just you. So it’s gonna be rough. It’s gonna be hard. And you’re gonna have to learn how to generate traffic to your websites, without spending all your money and getting mad and quitting. You have to find a technique or two that works. 

I share my number one lead generation technique with my team. They can do it. If they don’t have any money, then they gotta do something else. They can learn how to do Facebook prospecting. But I’m all about paid advertising and running ads, and doing Pay Per Click ads because people are interested in my business. When they see the ad, they click on it, it was their idea to click on it. I didn’t force my opportunity on anyone. 

Same thing with my content online, people find me first. And they talk to me about my business because they read an article or they saw a video. I’m not calling random numbers out of the phone book. I’m not stalking people on Facebook. I want people to come to me, and that’s called attraction marketing and I do that using content marketing. So look those two terms up if you want to know more about content marketing or attraction marketing, very powerful concepts. 

Because network marketing is not about being salesy anymore, or spammy or annoying, and a lot of people are marketing their businesses wrong. So learn how to do it, right? Because you don’t want people to call you a spammer – and you don’t want the industry to have a bad name. 

Four: Duplication

So moving on to number four is Duplication. So back to the network. It’s not what you can do, it’s what your team can do with you. You can’t make big money unless your team is duplicating a system to generate leads and get traffic to their websites. So it’s all about duplication. In fact, when you bring in a new rep, they haven’t really started to become a business builder until they recruit someone themselves. 

Like you can be happy that you recruited someone. But the real time to celebrate is when that person brings in somebody, then you have duplication. Okay? Anyone can recruit somebody. The business doesn’t stop there. You have to get them to recruit their own person and then build depth

And what I mean by that is you want to have them duplicating a system down many, many levels. So you help Bob recruit Chris, and then you want Bob to help Chris, get Tim, and you want Chris to help him get Sally and anyone you know, you want to go down five levels, 10 levels, you want that system to duplicate all the way down. 10 to 20 to 40 levels. And that’s how you build an organization, a big organization. 

So you need systems. Most of the leaders have a very simple prospecting system. A lot of people will have a simple script for Facebook, you know, hey, go post this on your Facebook, you know, and if they have a rebuttal, use this script. So that’s about as simple as you can get as far as duplication, but you need a system that anyone can implement. 

Five: Longevity

Number five, the last step I want to talk about is this is a long term business, but it’s not as long as your job. You know, your job could last 20 to 30 years. Whereas network marketing, you could probably get the same income in three to five years depending on your work ethic, and how bad you want this, and how easy your system is to duplicate.

So five years for life changing income, but a lot of people when they join, they don’t know what a realistic expectation is. And they think it’s a lottery ticket or they don’t think it’s a real business. So they want success, like in a month. 

I’ve had people over the years they join and they say, Yeah, I want to make 10,000 a month in six months. But they don’t have a warm market. They don’t have any money. They don’t have a blog. They don’t have a YouTube. So they don’t get traffic to their websites, meaning they don’t make any money. 

But their expectations are way up here. They want to make 10 to $20,000 a month, in six months. Well, you have to build a team because you can’t do it by yourself. So depending on how good you are with people, and how easy the system is to duplicate, it all depends on those things, i.e. the quality of person you bring in, what kind of system you have for them to easily implement and go from there. 

So, the fifth point is longevity, three to five years, but some people could take 10 years. So back to the pain point, what’s your pain point? Why are you going to do this for the next five years? Because you have to do it consistently. What is drawing you to network marketing in the first place?

Back to the pain point, your back is against the wall. You’re gonna make this work no matter what. And find something you’re passionate about doing to keep going. This has to get into your DNA, into your blood. You don’t have to talk about network marketing in your videos. You could talk about whatever your hobbies are, what makes you excited? 

So when you do a video every day, talk about something that really excites you, then at the bottom, below every video, you can put your landing page link to your opportunity to generate leads, and when you do enough videos, then you’ll start getting leads that way. 

But it takes a year or two to, you know, build up a YouTube channel. Content takes a while to grow. That’s why leaders say start with your friends and family. But eventually, you’re gonna run out of friends and family to talk to and you have to break into the cold market and talk to strangers or attract them with your content. 

So think about a YouTube channel. And if you have extra money, you should really treat this like a business and put money into it and reinvest the profits. That is what I do. It is a tax write off. I am not scared to drop a couple hundred a week on ads, do what you have to do to start generating leads 20 leads a day, start recruiting people, and then send them a welcome letter with your number one lead generation technique so they can start generating their own leads. 

That is it for today guys. Those are the five tips and tricks to finally succeed in network marketing. Share this around, share this with your teams and we’ll talk to you soon. Please subscribe to this blog and read more helpful MLM articles.