3 Steps to Getting Rich in Network Marketing

3 Steps to Getting Rich in Network Marketing

So there’s three steps to become rich in network marketing. The first thing is you want to buy the big pack. When you join network marketing, you want to buy the big pack because for one, it solidifies your mindset and makes you really believe that you’re gonna do it, you’re liable. You are responsible for your success. 

When you buy the big pack, you’re all in. The other thing it does, is when you get new reps joining you, they’re gonna ask you, what package should I buy? I hear that all the time. And if you buy the smallest pack, you’re gonna sound like an amateur and they’re gonna go Okay, well, I’ll buy the small pack, and subconsciously, they’re thinking, Well, my sponsor might not have a lot of money if they bought the small pack to join. 

So when you go all in, that means buying the big pack, because most people are going to ask you what you bought when they join, and you want them to buy the biggest pack, the other thing is, it basically ties you to the business. If you spend $600 or more on your first pack, you’re going to be like, Alright, this is it, I’m going for it. I’m going all in. 

So that’s step number one, you have to go all in and you have to go big, because your team is going to ask you what to buy. Plus, it makes you liable for your success more, because anyone can come and go, they could buy a $40 product, and there’s no skin in the game. They’re like, Well, you know, I joined for $40. It’s not a big deal if you know, quit. 

But if you buy the $600 pack, you’re like this is a real business. I’m all in. And that’s the other thing is that most people don’t treat network marketing seriously. They don’t treat it like a real business because the products are so inexpensive, but you can also get the big packs and if you do that, it will change your mindset, you will actually believe that you’re sitting on a real home business. 

Because even though your products might only be $200 a month, there’s people in network marketing that make over $100,000 a month in network marketing legally. It’s better than a franchise. It is better than a brick and mortar business. You’re not obligated to a lease and merchandise and equipment. 

With network marketing, you can literally make a million dollars a month, just ordering $200 of product each month, and people don’t really see the power of network marketing when they join. But if you buy the big pack, and they say what pack did you buy? You say, I went all the way, I bought the big pack because I am a serious professional. And this is a serious business. So the more skin you have in the game, the more you will stay in and make it work. So that’s number one. 

Two – Learn the Profession

Number two, you have to learn about network marketing. It doesn’t operate like any other business out there. It’s its own beast, its own animal. It’s counter intuitive. The things that worked in the corporate world do not work in network marketing. 

For one, you want to become selfless. You want to help your team get to the finish line before yourself, you actually want them to beat you in the business. Whereas in the corporate world, you step over people to try to get to the top and it’s all about me, me, me. 

But, in network marketing, you want to put all of your focus on your team and help them learn how to recruit their own teams. That is where the money is. It’s going after people that want to build their own businesses under you.

Business Builders is what you’re after. Customers are great, you should have a customer base, but customers can come and go, and you only make income off of one person from a customer, whereas a business builder, a business builder can bring in 10, 20, 50 people, and you get a little commission from every single person that comes in, especially if they start recruiting their own people, you get paid on that. So you want to recruit Business Builders, you want to go big, and learn everything about the profession. 

Three – Teach and Inspire

The third thing is you want to inspire your team. You want to teach your team how to grow their own businesses. And the people that make it the biggest in network marketing have the biggest hearts and they have the greatest stories. 

Most people that make it really big, are super awesome people, very sweet, open hearted. They have a rags to rich riches kind of story. For instance, 12 years ago, I was a drunk. I was getting drunk twice a day. I wasn’t eating food anymore, and I was very close to dying. I had friends that were like, dude, you’re gonna die in a year. 

And now, I work from home full time. I have for the last three years, all due to network marketing. I got my health back. I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last half a year, and my life is phenomenal and it’s all due to network marketing.

If I didn’t have network marketing, I would still be flipping burgers for $11 an hour – in a greasy hot kitchen working 14 hours a day. You know, that’s not a life. Network Marketing really did get me out of that situation. It not only got me sober, basically, but it got me out of the restaurant industry. 

I literally had a heart attack while at a job my first week, I was hung over, I was dehydrated. And I was flipping an omelet and I had chest pain. I turned white and I started profusely sweating and ran to the bathroom and vomited. Then I was shaking on the ground, and a waitress had to call 911.

So my life is completely different today, and I want to help people succeed in network marketing. It’s probably the least expensive business that you can operate today. It’s way cheaper than a franchise. Don’t even consider opening up a brick and mortar business right now with all the small businesses getting crushed by the lockdown. Your best bet is to work from home and work on the internet. So those are the three steps to get wealthy. 

So the last bonus tip is that you’ve got to recruit a lot of people to find a few leaders. Network Marketing pays very well, we get 50% commissions in our business, plus all the other little commissions you get from building a team. But you want to recruit enough people and keep recruiting until you get three to five leaders. 

So, most people are not going to do much, and you have to understand that that is human nature, a lot of people are not going to do anything, but at least give them your number one lead generation technique, get them going and inspire them, okay, and motivate them. 

Not everyone is going to do the same thing you do. So you have to find what they’re passionate about, and what they want to use. For instance, there was a guy that joined my business and he didn’t want to run advertising and I was like, Okay, so what do you want to do and he was like Facebook ads and I was like, okay, go for it. It’s not what I do. I’m not an expert with Facebook, but go for it if that’s what you want to do, I’m here to support you. 

So you don’t cram everyone into one box. One box does not fit everyone. So you want to find out what they’re passionate about and what they can do to grow their business. But make sure everyone knows that they need to generate lots of leads, and get a lot of eyeballs on their websites. 

That’s the bottom line. Without traffic, you don’t have a business, okay? So inspire them with your story and inspire them by your action. Don’t just go into micromanagement mode and not recruit anymore and just hammer away at five people on your team every day emailing them and bugging them. 

You want to inspire them by recruiting your own people, and then they’ll see what you’re doing and they’ll copy you. A lot of people will copy what the leader is doing okay, and some people quit. There’s nothing personal – people come and go all the time in network marketing, but you only need a few leaders to emerge and go all the way to the finish line with you. 

And that can start making you over $100,000 a month to a million dollars a month. There are people in network marketing that make over a million dollars a month. It’s possible. It’s totally legal. And it’s all dependent on you and how you inspire people and grow teams. That is how you get wealthy in network marketing.